Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody! This is Brian Devine here with Top Line Management and thank you for joining us for today’s TopLine Live at Five and you might notice things that little bit different. We are actually running it live here on Practice Revolution Page.

This is a brand new page were. We are shifting it. The reason why we are shifting and making few more changes is because it was driving me crazy that I have all this amazing, super cool,   really nice ways of transitioning videos. We do so much more work with videos for our clients. It was killing me, that I couldn’t actually do, it use it for myself. Now, the reason is that our

Facebook page, the main page for Top Line Management is a business account in Facebook and this business account don’t allow to connect to all of this other tools that we have, we can only do pages instead of the business account and so it’s just driving me crazy that I cant switch screens and do all kind of cool stuffs.

So, here we are. If you have seen another video, I’ll be going to show it here in a minute. We just run the whole thing live and all the way it was working and there was no way for me to give feedback until I replay it. Right now, I see a little green bar that is moving inside the audio so hopefully it is working but thanks for joining us today. We are going to be talking about a really simple way to make life easier if you are struggling posting on Facebook on a regular basis.

We know that if you are going to be seen as an active practice that is engaged to the community that people can connect with on social media, then you have to be posting in all the time. You can’t just post once a month or even once a week. What I actually recommend is you post once or twice a day.

The reason for that is for you to look consistent and busy and you know, the people are checking out your Facebook page when they get a referral. So, if you are not there and you are not active and busy, it is not good for keeping that referral, so what are we going to do there? Well I am going to show you a neat way and I am going to transition here. I am going to switch over to another screen and you are going to see our Practice Revolution Page here. Now, the reason I am showing you this is because I want to give you this quick little tip that is going to make your life easier.

We know that when you post you are going to post in the morning when people are kind of getting starting with their way and they are going to work or when they are starting to work because that is when typically they are looking on social media especially in Facebook. We also know that there is a short window in the middle of the day during the lunch hours that you might build and make some activity

that people might be looking at your post, and at the end of the day you are going to make your post show up then to anywhere between 4 to 5 all the way until 7:30 in the evening. Well, those are usually the busiest times for your practice so to be able to post in is really hard if not impossible. However, there is a quick little trick inside Facebook to solve this problem and the reason I port of it today because I was posting for a client.

Now, I was logging into my super cool amazing software and I realize the much easier solution if you just go straight to Facebook and post there and I am going to show you how it works. When you go in your right in here,I just clicked on posts because it is easier for me to do it here, you just see it here you don’t see the whole other stuff but what you do is you click on there, write your post you like and what

you are going to do is rather than just click on publish and hope that people see it, you are going to click on this little arrow and then schedule. So instead of backdate, save this draft. There is another option but schedule is the really coolest thing that you can do and it works beautifully.  So what you are going to do is just say ”Okay, you know what I need this post to go out tomorrow morning” so we are going to put on the second and we are going to change this to AM. I just click on AM or you can type on it right there and let us say I want it to go out at 7:45 AM and Mountain Standard Time is where we are so here is your time stamp there and that’s it! You click on schedule and that’s it, it will be out post and it will be posted when you schedule it.

So you can post your entire week in a couple of minutes! So if you already have your posts ready to go out, obviously it will just take a minute. If you haven’t done that yet, then it might take you a little bit longer. Obviously, you got to write to post and get that all ready and get the images and things like that. The other thing that I want to share with you, is that you can and should load your video directly to Facebook if you are going to be postings videos to Facebook.

Now posting videos from YouTube, posting a link on your website with a video, it will show an image of the thumbnail of the video but it is not as powerful as if the video is in the feed because it takes up more space. Now, I am going to close this because I want you to see . The good news on the mistakes that we made earlier with no sound is that I can show you what it looks like when your video is loaded directly, right? So this is the entire screen rather than just a little thumb nail with a bunch of tasks. So that is why it has a lot of power.

So how do you do it? Click on here again to write your post, click right here on the little camera, and then choose your file and then you are going to upload that. So let us just do one of this and I am going to show you how it looks like because now, what it is doing is it is loading the video directly into Facebook.

Alright! You are going to see in the little up its showing here its uploading and you can see my ugly mug. That is the power here. It is going to be that big image and then you can play around the thumbnails and stuffs like that, distribution check. All of this is now available to you in a way that it wasn’t if you haven’t uploaded directly and the real value, the real key, let me close this. The real key is taking up all that real in state so somebody is going to see your video. They’re going to see your video right here, nice and big.

Okay! I think I have covered the basics! I want to make sure that I have shared with you the sort of how you can make your life a little bit easier with a couple of little tricks and tips. Let me know what questions you have, what I can do to support you and if you need any help along the way, give us a call, we are happy to answer the questions you have. That’s it for me! Bye for now.