Retargeting (Remarketing)

Ethically Cyber Stalking...

orthodontic and dental retargeting image

OK, now we are getting into the super cool stuff that internet marketing can do.  It’s called retargeting or as Google calls it remarketing.  No matter what you call it, it’s amazing technology that allows you to follow people who have shown an interest in your services all around the “interwebs”.  The best part is, it’s no longer crazy expensive keeping the little guys out.

In fact, we have recently added an entirely new platform that puts display ads all over the internet in your market and can bring you website vistors for less then the cost of a postcard. this new program is so amazing and cutting edge, that we put together a webpage specifically to explain how it works and why you want it.  Visit that page by clicking here www.toplineretargeting.com.

What retargeting does is allows us to place a little snippet of code on your website that tells Google, Facebook, or real time bidding systems (those ads you see on the big sites like CNN, FOX, Forbes, etc) that you visited a website or specific page on a website.  Then an ad is triggered every time you end up on a website that allows ads.

Have you ever noticed that when you go to Amazon and look at that comfy sweater you are thinking about buying and leave to go to another site, that comfy sweater is suddenly everywhere you go?  That is called retargeting.

So for the average practice, you can drop the code on your site and if a person lands on your page about Invisalign, you can start showing them special Invisalign offers everywhere they go.  Maybe they were looking at a page on your pediatric website about what age you should start bringing in your child and you start showing them ads that offer a free wellness check for children under 20 months.

It is truly amazing what you can do when you put a little creativity to it.  Think about how powerful it would be if you got someone to your website with an ad about teeth whitening, but they didn’t fill out your form or ask for the coupon.  So you stop showing them the teeth whitening ad and start following them around the internet with an “are you still thinking about teeth whitening” ad and offer.

You might be thinking this is getting a little creepy, and you are not wrong, but these tools exist and are extremely powerful.  So let’s get you taking full advantage of them and get your new patient flow up to where it should be shall we?