Hello everybody! It is Brian Devine here with Top Line and welcome to the Top Line Live at Five and I’m excited to have you here today. I’m really enjoying doing this so please interact, ask me questions even if you’re seeing this as a recording. Ask your questions and we’ll do your best to get back to everybody.

So today, what we’re going to be talking about is how to how to really get down to what we call an “H.S.O” a “Holy Smokes Offer.” Now, we talked about that on a previous one. A few people kind of asked us some questions about it, wanting to get one more detail about that because when you’re looking at creating an offer especially if you’re going to be interrupted marketing and by interruptive I mean, the people that you are trying to get to take a look at your offer, to look at your ad are not in the process of searching you out. In other words, you are placing your offer in front of them when they’re doing something completely different.

You have to give them a Holy Smokes Offer

Now in order to explain that a little better, let’s take a look at Google AdWords. If you’re going to be running a Pay-per-click campaign on Google AdWords and Pay-per-click just means that you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Well, what they’re doing is searching a specific set of keywords and then Google is displaying your ad based on those keywords.

Now, that’s not really disruptive so you are not interrupting anything they’re doing because they’re actively searching for you. So if you are a dentist and you run an offer for a special teeth whitening and somebody searches teeth whitening in their area and your ad shows up, well you’re not really interrupting, are you? Now the thing is that those two work very well and the better your offer that, you are a success. Now, when you are working with something more like Facebook or display ads and display ads with the ads that you’re going to see everywhere you go on the Internet so whatever the website is: CNN, NBC, Ford’s Fox, all of those places. They have what you call ads. Now again, if somebody is going to history.com and they are looking up information and then you show your special whitening or on whatever the offer is, you are interrupting what they’re doing so it better be a phenomenal.

Same thing with Facebook so if somebody is on Facebook and they are looking at cat videos or they’re finding out what’s going on with their family, they are not looking for you so you need to make them an offer that absolutely stands out because you’re not the only one that is making them offers on Facebook. As we’ve seen in the recent history with Facebook, they are now limiting the amount of information that people are going to see and get if it is not directly from some of their connected to, some family friends things like that. That means that we have to be even better about the offers that we make so Holy Smokes Offer, an H.S.O is something that makes somebody stop in their tracks as they’re scrolling around their feed on Facebook and there’s so many smokes.

I got to know if that’s real and then when you take them to whatever the landing page is. Now landing pages, where they go from clicking on yet to your offer or what we call a landing page and that page needs to be an actual page specific to the offer. Please do not ever send to your home page. That is, you’re almost guaranteed to lose them because to ask them to then go find an offer to find out if whatever you were suggesting was your offer was real, you’re going to lose them.

So you have to make it very very easy for them to make a decision. That means that on the landing page you make the offer exactly the same as it was in the ad so don’t change your language. Make sure that your ad offer is exactly the same as your landing page offer. Then, tell them how to get it. Make it really really simple and for me you can kind of test different things.

You can test your headlines, your offers, your ads but a Holy Smokes Offer has to stop them dead in their tracks. Now what’s fun about working with a platform like Facebook is that we can target specific people. We can say I want to show an ad to someone who is engaged to be married or someone that is recently divorced or a mom that has children within a specific age range and based on that information we know what type of offers are going to get their attention.

Now if you are in the dental field, you’re the dentist. You’re going to want to offer someone who’s recently engaged teeth whitening so that they can have great photos for their wedding and that’s a great way to get them into your practice. If you’re an orthodontist, if you’re going to do the same thing–weddings, well how about ads on this one? And you give them the (I forgot the name of, the like propel or ortho excel) get them their treatment very quickly so that they not only have white teeth because obviously you want to give them tooth whitening treatment. They can also have straight teeth so they have them even better smile for those pictures that are going to last forever. So these are the kinds of things that you talk about. You’re a chiropractor, maybe you want to focus on pregnant women with back pain and then you have a specific service that helps them.

Then when you’re more into sports, you can do wonderful things for knee injuries then you target people that are specifically into sports and then you want to show for the dental industry. We almost always target women because they’re the ones that bring the family in. As a chiropractor, you’re going to want to separate your offers based on men and women because different images and offers are going to work differently.

So that’s what we’re talking about with a Holy Smokes Offer. Make sure that it absolutely gets their attention; have them stop whatever they’re doing because you are interrupting. It makes them say “Holy smokes! I got to know if that’s real!” and they click on your ad.

There are lots more you can talk about when it comes to the ad page, the landing page and how you can go about all the different things that you can do within Facebook and as far as targeting. So if you’d like to know more about targeting, about real time bidding with all the display ads that we’ve discussed a little bit, even Pay-per-click, please let me know. I’ll be happy to walk you through any of those details and next time if you’d like, I can do a screen share where I can kind of show you how it all works and get right into the nitty-gritty. If that seems like something that’ll be a value, please let me know. I’d be happy to do it.

That’s it for me. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to seeing you next time on the Top Line Live at Five. Bye for now!

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