Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five and 2019. My name is Brian Devine here with Top Line. And today, we’re going to be talking about something that has really come up a lot lately. We’re going to be talking about sort of the Lego affect, the Lego secret behind good effective practice marketing.

Now obviously, with the holidays over and probably a lot of us have spent some time with Legos. I know our families sure had been playing with Legos and it really got me thinking about sort of the building blocks of marketing and the fact that when you start kind of building Legos, it starts out seeming really simple, really basic and it is going to turn into something. And then as you have your foundation as, as you have that basic building block in place you start adding all the extras then you end up with something amazing. And that’s what I want you to be thinking about when you are considering all the different options when it comes to your online marketing, you have to be thinking about it like Legos or building blocks. Because, without that solid foundation, without having the main key things in place, it doesn’t really matter what all the bells and whistles are because they’re not going to hold up. They might work a little bit for a little while, but they will fall apart and they won’t be as effective as they could and should be.

So what are these building blocks? Now, you’ve heard me talk about him before and I want to be talking about them over and over again for 2019 because these these are the basic foundation of all of your marketing and especially when we’re talking about what’s happening with online marketing today. If you don’t have these basic blocks in place, you’re in trouble. So think Legos. So block number one is your website. Now, there are companies that will tell you to have a super expensive whiz-bang crazy over the top website in order to be effective, not true. It is absolutely false. What you need is an effective website and an effective website doesn’t mean you spend a lot of money. It means you thought through the process. It means you thought about “What do I want people to do when they come to my website?”

Now, most of our clients, what they want is a phone call right second to that, fill out a form so that we can get back to you and then third, we’re going to give you a little information so that you’re going to feel good about making that phone call. That means you have to prioritize where you put information and how you display it and that means your website has to have your phone number high, bright and to the right. I mean you just like just make that your mantra and if you ever have somebody show you a website that they’re like, this is amazing. It’s a $20,000 website and their phone number can’t be found within five seconds. This website is worthless, so you have to really think about that process and then obviously if you want people to be able to contact you, make that easy so phone number or fill out a form, and make everything so easy and intuitive that people will contact you.

So number one, your website is the basic foundation building. Block number two is your social media and we have come to this point in our lives where social media is a huge part of all of our marketing and it doesn’t mean that you have to personally post constantly over and over again to every social media platform on the on the planet. No! What it means is that you should have a system in place that will consistently put out good content onto your social media platforms such as Facebook. That’s probably the only really big one that matters right now. Instagram is really climbing up fast. Twitter is still there, but it’s not nearly as valuable as Facebook, so there’s lots of places you can post, but make sure that your Facebook feed is active and that means posting twice a day every day.

Now, if you can’t do that, there are teams like ours that can help you. However, the very least you do is make sure you post twice a week without fail. You just take 10 minutes on Monday morning or even Sunday night and you take your 10 or 15 minutes and say, this is fun content. This is good, interesting content. I’m going to schedule that for the week. That is better than leaving your Facebook page just empty for weeks or months or worse years. Believe me I run into that more often than I’d like to admit, so we want to make sure that you have your website, your social media, and then the third building block which is your reputation and that is online. Now, that doesn’t mean that having a great reputation, sort of word of mouth isn’t valuable. That’s still valuable. What we’re looking for is ways for people to find out about you and get that information online and most importantly on their phones, so have a system in place so that you’re consistently getting reviews because if you don’t even have at least six to 10 reviews, people are going to move on. Even if they’ve been given a referral, they move on. They go to look for someone else and I don’t want that to happen to you. So make sure that you have those.

Now, it doesn’t mean go out and get 10 and stop if you’ll reviews are not current people move on. So that’s why you have to have these basic building blocks. That means that when we start doing the fun stuff like you know, running Facebook ads and very targeted offers and you know, we could even have people that are in your competitors, the office and we can say, hey, we’re going to market just to those people and bring them over to you. Once all of your foundation is in place, all of those other pieces start to really work well. And if your foundation is not in place, even if you get this great momentum and you have all of these ads running and your offer is great, it will start to decline. It won’t work as well if you don’t have that foundation to support it.

Okay. That’s why I wanted to cover today. You’ll probably hear me talk about it an awful lot because those building blocks, the Lego secret to practice marketing is so important. I don’t want you to forget about it and get too excited about all the shiny objects because those shiny objects work way better when you have your foundation in place. All right, that’s what I want to cover today. I hope you found some value and hopefully you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it. Please feel free to share it with anybody that you think might find some value and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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