Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five. My name is Brian Devine here with Top Line. And today, we’re going to be talking about the chat button that you could have on your website. So, we can do some pretty amazing things on websites today and what’s been happening over the last few, probably maybe closer to six months, is that I’ve been finding that most of my clients are getting phone calls from companies that are saying, you need to have a chat feature on your website and if you don’t, you’re in trouble because the competition down the street has it and that’s all you need to know in order to get one.

Well here’s the thing, your competition down the street might have it, but we’re not telling you is that they’re probably not using it a whole lot. And one of the features that these companies are pushing on you is that it is a managed chat feature on your website. What that means is that you are paying to have somebody who is sitting by a computer and managing probably, you know 30 or 40 of these chatbots at any given time. Not about just a chat button on your website. So when somebody comes to your website it opens up and says, “Do you have any questions? How can we help you? And then it starts to interaction and it’s with a live person.

Now, there is some value to that. However, it is pretty expensive when you think about how long is going to take before you actually get even one conversation out of it, let alone new patients and most of the time if you just automate it, you can get the same results, which is kind of meager, right? You’re not going to get 20 or 30 people filling out this little chat button, but because everyone has it, yes you probably should. So there are two options. Number one is you can just put a chat button on your website and maybe have your staff monetary and there are ways to have it just sort of show up and paying and you can log in right there on your desktop at work. You can have it on your phone. As I was thinking through the process, it dawned on me that, why not use the Facebook ChatBot to have a conversation with somebody who visits your website that has questions and you can kind of predesigned all kinds of answers to some pretty simple common questions.

Here’s the amazing thing that I really. It just dawned on me that we should be utilizing because of the fact that it would be a Facebook chatbot. Once the person who has come to your website, they’ve started a conversation with your chat Bot after the second interaction. They are now on your chatbot list and whenever you want to reach out and contact the people that have come to your website and chatted with you, you can and that is a major advantage over any of those other systems that are having a conversation. Because of the fact that you are paying for somebody to be there live and listening, I shouldn’t say listening, watching to see if somebody is on your website. Once they have started engaging them, they’re going to try to get some information from, what’s your name? What’s your email? So that we can contact you, but most people when they’re chatting, they don’t want to give you that.

Now here’s the thing, when you use a Facebook chatbot on your website and somebody engages with it, they’re immediately added to have that chat pod, an autoresponder, meaning you can reach out to their phones at any given time. And when I say phones, I mean literally because of the fact that most of the people that use Facebook will put the Facebook messenger app on their phone when you reach out to everyone that has contacted you via your Facebook Messenger Chat Bot on your website that you will show up on their phone. It is amazing and it really just kind of dawned on me.

Now, Manychat is just one of the tools that’s available. I highly recommend it and you can just get started for $10 a month for their pro version. And I think for just some basic little widgets like what you’re seeing here, you don’t need a pro, but you’ll see here where if you want to run ads and he pro code checkbox comments, all of those are going to require the pro version. Otherwise, he tried out for free and sees if it’s going to. Give you what you want. Now, what you’re going to be doing is you’re going to log into your Facebook account. You’re going to then go to Manychat. It’s going to automatically ask you to connect to your Facebook and you’re going to let it. Then you’re going to go here where it says growth tools, and you’re going to see widgets, right? You won’t see ads because I’m a heavy user. I’ve got some access to things that that you wouldn’t see, but you will see widgets and what you’re looking for is one of these witnesses here. Now, I would recommend that you probably just do a button or a box. Now, what’s kind of cool is that you do have these overlay widgets, meaning it will kind of slide in. It will show up kind of out of nowhere when somebody is on your website, on a specific page, and there’s some value to that because it’s going to get the retention.

So if you wanted to do that, you would simply say, okay, I’m often a window that slides into view from the edge of the screen. All right, you know what let us go with that one. So you would click on it and then you would name it something and then he would start just filling these basic steps out. Okay, you’re going to put a background and it’s going to show you what that, which it looks like. All right, so here it is, and you’ll see that you’re logged in, is going to say send a messenger. You’re going to put your headline, you’re going to put little other texts in here that says, Hey, do you have any questions? We’ll be happy to answer them on Facebook chat, send a messenger, and then once that happens, you actually have them on your list.

Now again, it’s the second interaction. So they click on send to Messenger. They are not on your list yet. You have to engage with them, they have to answer questions, get a little back and forth, and then they are on your list. And then what happens is you’ll have your audience so you can come here and your audience and you can just do a quick broadcast to that audience. So I don’t want to go through every single step, but hopefully, you’re kind of seeing a button sizes and you’ll see a change here. I always recommend that you kind of keep it large and you can change the text. You want to receive this and messenger, send this to me. There are all these different things. I mean, these are all the different ways that you can. You can engage them on your website. No. Again, this is your website, this little box here. It slides in and they can then have a conversation.

Now, once you have this all set up, I’ll just go ahead and, and do next. You can do a thank you message, but then you want to take them over to a Facebook chat and then you’re going to be doing what is called flows. And once that happens when you start having a conversation based on things that they put in. You can send them information, you can ask for their phone number and the sky is the limit. So I want to make sure that you saw what is possible here because again, your website to the background, this slides in and then you could have that conversation backchat. You could automate some of it because the way that these Facebook chatbots work is you can set up all these preconfigured messages and say, you know, do you want to ask about this or this? Yes or no? And if people liked more detail about that, I’ve got a ton of these kinds of prebuilt, but I don’t want to make this video too long and maybe I’ll do that next time and I’ll show you some of the prebuilt ones. But the point here is that you can have an entire conversation that feels very authentic. It is on their phone and at any point, after the conversation, you would like to reach back out to that person you can and you are reaching out to them on their phones.

So that’s what I wanted to cover it today because it’s just an absolutely amazing and powerful tool that’s just sort of dawned on me when we have other tools to have conversations on websites and they’re pretty robust. They work really well. But it does require some human interaction. There has to be somebody in the office that is actively monitoring website activity. You have to have it on your phone. But because this Facebook bought, because of the way it works at the end, when you are ready to say, you know what, this person needs to talk to a human being, you can actually say you could click at the end, say, click here to talk to a human and then if it’s outside of normal business hours, you just say, okay, we will get this over to our office manager and as soon as we are back in the office between these hours, we will get in touch with you. And then you have this conversation. Now, through that Chat Bot software that I was just showing you called Manychat and away you go.

Alright, that’s what I want to cover today. I hope you found some value in it. Please share this video if you think of anybody that might also find some value and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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