Welcome! Welcome! Welcome everyone to Top Line Live at 5! My name is Bryan Devine of Top Line and today we are going to be talking about something a little bit different… still about social media but I want to talk about the social media covers that are available to you.  And by covers, I mean those BIG images that go across the top of your Facebook page or Twitter page, Google Plus, Google My Business, whatever on these days. All of those areas are an opportunity for you to completely stand out, to separate yourself from the competition. And most of the time, when we see these covers, they’re pretty boring. They might have a nice image and your name, address and phone number or picture of the office.

But here’s the thing. When somebody looks you up and then look at your page, they look at this Facebook page, they look at your Twitter account. They are looking to make a decision on whether or not you’re going to be the right office for them. And if your page looks just like everyone else’s, you’re making that decision harder for them.  Why not make the decision easier for them?  By making that particular, that spot, that sort of billboard something that can be really powerful.

Now the reason that I’m bringing this up is because we obviously we can do videos on your Facebook page so that you know across that top that Facebook feed? Now, it can be a video instead of a static image. But there’s a reason now to really consider putting an image or a video and changing that out every single month. And we have figured out a way to be able to automatically create, not only create these images for you but to have them posted to your social media account.

Separate yourself from the competition by consistently having something new on your social mediaNow, Facebook is the big one that I am always talking about because that’s where the majority of people are and if we can get you to stand out, to completely separate yourself from the competition by consistently having something new on there without you having to lift a finger, why not?

Now, I’m going to show you a little bit of what we’re looking at doing because I’d love to get  your feedback. I want to know what your thoughts are. If this thing’s going to be of value or if you’d like to see it  go on a different direction. This is kind of in its early stages of what we’re working on or what we’re thinking about doing. And I’d love to get your feedback because one of the things that we do when we run ads, is that we always look at three types of ads. We have our our branding ads where we need people to see your logo, your name and you know maybe it’s a specific service that we will show over and over again. And then the other is going to be an offer ad where we are showing a very specific offer to these people and then the third… is the reputation ad, where we are showing people that you are having a good solid reputation.

Because if we’re not in front of them because they asked for us to be in front of them, meaning, you know, we don’t know what it is exactly that they’re looking for until they found you. Then, we want to spread that out. We want to make sure that we have those three different types of ads.

So we start thinking about why not do that for social media covers? Why not make sure that whatever ad or offer you’re running, there’s a parallel to all of your social media. Now I’m going to show you, hopefully we’ll get this to work. I’m going show you this page here. Okay, so there’s the page. This is what we’re thinking about doing is giving away a free social media cover.

Now if you currently do not have a social media cover especially on your Facebook page, take advantage of this, right? Go ahead and do this. I’ll get the link, right now this is just a test page but we’ll get the link under this video. We’ll get it somewhere for you because I would like you to take advantage of this. Get the free one and from there.

We could talk about what you might want to do next. But we are going to give a free one out. We’re going to make sure that if you’re interested you can have it. The key is that these covers are based on research. We’ve seen what works. We’re using the information we’ve learned from running ads we’re moving it over to this social media covers.

And the way that it works is simply you choose a design, you customize your basic details and we send you the actual layout. We could show you how to put that out to your Facebook, we could that for you, there’s all kinds of ways to do it.

But you’re going to be choosing from over hundreds of design templates. You’re going to get really solid results from them. You’re going to be really pleased. Trust me, that was the key, like we couldn’t just give some junk. We needed it to be excellent and then it is free. This is you know, normally, something like this would cost at least five hundred dollars, if not, more.

Just to give you some examples, these are just things that you know, things that have worked in the past. You know, doing things for holidays and discounts. Nice layouts and background, then cut out images and things like that.

So I want you to kind of see that and get an idea of what it is that we’re doing. You would simply click this little link here and fill this out. And you know, go from there. But it would… yeah, we have this nice little videos that’ll walk you through it. So you just fill this out and it will walk you through it. So you put in your contact, choose your design and then you know, have a confirmation page at the end so you know that everything, everything works.

Okay! I would love to get your feedback on this, let me know what questions you have. Let me know if this sounds valuable because what we do know is that when you can stand out, when your social media is really unique and its constantly being changed and updated, you’re giving  people another reason to come back and check you out. And it also gives you an opportunity to map what you might be running outside of social media. If you’re running an offer or an ad, why not mesh that up with your social media? Okay that’s pretty much it. I’m going to make sure that we get a link to you so that you can hopefully, we’ll put it in here somewhere. We’ll make sure that there’s a link around for you to take advantage of. So please give me your feedback, let me know what questions you have, concerns, thoughts, ideas, what you think would make this better, more powerful, more useful for you and I’d love to hear it! Thank you again! That’s it for me, bye for now.

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