Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five. My name is Brian Devine here with Top Line. And today, we’re going to be talking about something that I found fascinating today, as I was learning it myself and not so much that I was learning anything new. It was just a really smart way to break down search engine optimization. Now, I have always really thought about two types of search engine optimization and not three and the way that I recently was reading about a way to break this down. I thought you know what I’m going to shift and we’re going to break it down into three because I do think that it is that important.

So what am I talking about? Well, I’ve always thought about on page search engine optimization and that is everything that you can do to make your page easy to read and searchable by the search engines. So that’s how I always explained it. And then there is the second type of search engine optimization and that is off page, which is everything that you can do to get the search engines to come to your website and see it as the obvious choice, as the authority for the particular keywords that you are targeting. And inside of that, inside of the first type, which is that on page, I’ve always considered the technical side and that is, tags and Meta descriptions and like all of this technical stuff. I kind of lump that together in with the on page search engine optimization and the way that it was explained in this article I recently read. I think digital marketer. I think who created this article. It was really well done.

The concept here is that think of the on page search engine optimization the first time as the movie, right? And you have to have a movie for people to see and enjoy in order getting out of the gate. ┬áThen the second type, which is the off page search engine optimization, they said think of that as the reviews of your movie in order to get people to come to the movie. You need the reviews and people talking about it in ads and all of these different ways to get people to go see the movie. So that I thought was really interesting because the third piece is the Technical SEO, which I always lumped in with the first one, the on page because to me just the way that I’ve always worked with it is everything that you do on the site. But the way they explained it was think of the technical side as making sure that you have sort of a projector that works and works really well to play your movie.

So that means that you have the movie, the marketing and the reviews for the movie and then the projector for the movie to make it all come together. And I thought that is a really smart way to go about of it. And again, so I’ve always talked about the on page and off page and just keeping it within those two. But I love this concept of breaking out the technical side, because it is a different skill set and when you are writing the content for a website and you’re doing your frequently asked questions and you’re thinking through the framing and how you’re going to put your tags and give the search engines to come. That is a specific skill set of writing.

When it comes to the technical side which I’ve always thought of as just being on the page because I’ve learned it all. And so I do the technical stuff, as well as the writing. But when you have someone that really understands the technical side, they can go in there after all the writing is done and make sure the tags are in there properly. The Meta description, the Meta titles, remove any erroneous keywords that don’t need to be there in the technical side so that you’re not kind of signaling to anybody what you’re trying to do. And even go further when it comes to the technical side. And to look at the difference between your open graphs, which is how the social media accounts are going to see a post that you might put on your website. So that’s an open graph type of a technical side and then there’s the regular search engine. So there are all these technical pieces that yes, we do and we’ve learned about and we implement that.

I really liked this concept of breaking that out so that you have somebody who’s more on the technical side doing the technical, someone who’s more on the writing side, doing the writing. Then obviously, there’s all the off page stuff which is getting people to come see your movies, so to speak. Come to your website.All right, that’s what I wanted to cover today. And I want to make sure that I got something really valuable out there for you. Let me know what questions you have. I hope you enjoy today’s Top Line Live at Five. And I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That is it for me. Bye for now.

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