Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody. It’s Brian Devine here at Top Line. Welcome to Top Line Live at Five. I’ve been playing this song for trying to get the, you know, cool features to works so that we can really make sure that we do everything just right for you all.

 What we’re going to be talking about today on Live at Five is tracking. And now I’ve talked about tracking in other videos, there’s something that kinda came up to me today, talking with another client, which was around, not just tracking the digital media that we do because when we do all of our work, we’ve got all kinds of dashboards. In fact, it gets overwhelming.

We have so many different places to go and ways to track. We’ve got all kinds of things including tracking phones, we can do recordings,  everything that you could imagine when it comes to digital. We have, and we can track it, and then we can actually put it into dashboards.

Now, for our business,  we actually have a place where we go and it’s up on the screen somewhere else all the time that is giving us the display of how many emails have gone out, how many have been opened, how many have bounced. I mean, they didn’t go anywhere or somebody, you know, opted out.

And then, we also have, you know, house revenue. So, at any point I can take a quick look at this dashboard and I know how were doing for the month, and we can make adjustments and we can do them fast because these dashboards is being updated all the time. No matter what day of the week, or what week of the month or month of the year, we know what’s going on so we can react accordingly. And we do the same as we run all of our campaigns, in search engine optimization and whatever it is that we’re doing for our client. We track all of that, and it kinda dawned on me when talking with this client that each office, really needs to do the same thing for your staff.

If we’re running a campaign, and we’re sending leads, and things are happening and you’re getting everybody excited and motivated. Are you giving them some kind of a dashboard, or do have a whiteboard, a place of keeping track of everything?

Let’s take referrals, something as simple as referrals. Almost every office I talked to, say that their biggest source of new patients are referrals. Now, we obviously put things in place to help ensure that you get those referrals. But when we talked to these offices, and we ask them what their process is, they don’t really have one or if they do, they don’t have anything tracking those results.

So, they think that something’s happening but they’re not tracking in a way that you really could and should. And I’m talking about low-tech. I’m talking about having a white board, some place where you can put a list of the people on your team. How many referrals they’ve helped generate or just, if you wanna keep it nice and simple, you could just put something on there that says “how many referrals you’ve gotten this month?” And if you are below the target that you need, everyone is on board, everyone on the team understands that in order to grow, in order to get to where you wanna be, in order for everyone to be able to prosper you have to get that number of referrals.

And then, each quarter you can increase it as things go better. And if you’re finding that you’re not consistently hitting the number, you’re not getting the number of referrals that you’re expecting, that you’re anticipating that you need, then make some changes to the process that you have in place to get those referrals.

Now, I know this all sounds really simple and, and it’s not the normal kind of high tech, exciting stuff that I usually like to talk about. But it just really struck me today that even though that we have all these cool things that we can do to show all of these information. That when it comes to running the practice, when it comes to something as simple as making sure that you are getting the referrals that you need, you have to track it. Otherwise, you’re just sort of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. I don’t want that for you.

I want you to know exactly what’s going onto your practice. I know you can do this. So, please just comment, and I want everyone to give me some feedback. So, as you do this, come back here and let me know how it’s going. Let me know what you’ve decided to do in order to track, what you decided to track. So, is it referrals? Is it new patient calls? Is it new patient calls to the number that show up like, are you trying to reduce the number of no shows? All of these things can be tracked and should be tracked, so that you can improve them. And as you improve them you’ll find that you, you don’t necessarily need more and more leads, you need to handle the leads and the current patients in such a way that everything works better, faster, clear and more efficiently.

Alright, that’s it for me. I want to make sure we cover that today. Let me know what questions that you have. I’d love to get your feedback and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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