Welcome, welcome, welcome, everybody to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine here with Top Line. Today I want to do something a little bit different. I’ve been trying to think about what we can offer and provide you with that will give you like just some things you can take advantage of right now. You don’t necessarily need any help to do it but something you could really just kind of dig in and play around with and see if it’s going to help your practice.

So, as I was jotting down ideas, I remembered that there is a tool that we use on and off. Now, this is not our main tool but it is a really nice little tool that will solve a main problem for you which is how do you come up with enough content for your social media accounts and for your blog and anywhere else where you’re going to need content in order to stay relevant and stay in front of your prospective patients. Also, to be just relevant in the eyes of Google, so, that you have authority around your site, around your social media and everything else. This particular tool, I’m going to switch my screen, so, I can show it to you, that this particular tool is called Content Studio.

"contentstudio.io is a nice little tool that'll help you to come up with content where you need to stay relevant."Now, I have no relationship with them. There’s no affiliate sales or anything like that. It’s just a tool that I have used in the past and I still use it once in a while. It’s actually a pretty nice little clever tool but essentially what it does is it helps you find content and then will automatically post it to your social media accounts. If you would like, it will also post content to your blog, to your website, so, that you have constant new information coming into your website. That is really good for search engine optimization. I’m just going to scroll down here real quick. Because, you can see that they have a discovery tool, so, you can find content that makes sense that you want to use. It will then publish, so, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, but it will also go to your website.

So, if you want to connect to your website, you can do that as well. Then, there’s all these little tools to help with engagement, things like that. But, I want you to at least see that there are these tools available. It really walks you through quite nicely what options you have, you can compose, you can write it and just think of this whole suite.

But, the advantage to a tool like this is that discovery and composure. So that, if you have someone on your team that is writing content for you, that is putting out social media posts, that is going to put content on the blog, it is so easy to use that anyone can do it. Even the planner is really well laid out. It’s just a nice calendar that just makes your life easy.

That’s kind of why I wanted to talk about today. Because, I know people have used other tools things like HootSuite and some of the those bigger tools. Obviously, we use them as well. But, they’re a lot more complicated. You have to really know what you’re doing in order to make them work, whereas, this one. It’s really pretty straightforward and even has third-party integrations if you want to go crazy.

But, the other reason that I wanted to point this out is because on their pricing schedule. They have a free plan that actually will get you just about everything you need. So, you can have two social accounts. So, if you have a Facebook and a Twitter you’re good shape. Now, it doesn’t include your blog. Alright, so you can get a little bit of details here, so, WordPress, Medium, Tumbler things like that. So, it won’t do that but it’s going to give you pretty much what you need to kind of get things started. You probably don’t want automation, you probably don’t want it to just automatically post. So, it’s better that you wouldn’t have that necessary five hundred social posts a month. I’m sure that’s plenty for you posts per month, to your blog. Obviously, that doesn’t have any. You can do custom feeds, you can do one of those. Then, you have a limited number of surgeries per day.

But, again the concept here is give it a try. See if this is going to make your life a little bit easier. It is absolutely free to do that and if you find that this is fantastic and you want to upgrade and start connecting to your website and things like that, then, you can do that. So, again it’s contentstudio.io. I just wanted you to at least get an idea of what’s out there. This is just one tool of the many that we use and it’s the reason, I thought of it today is because it is free for you to try it out and see if there’s going to be some advantage for you.

Okay, so, that’s what I want to cover today. Let me know what questions you have, what we can do to be of support and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now!

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