Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five. My name is Brian Devine here with Top Line. And today, we’re going to be talking about the difference between reputation management and reputation marketing. Now, it might sound like not a very big difference, but it is a huge difference. Now, if you’ve seen any of my previous videos, you’ve probably heard me on more than one occasion, talk about the importance of language and language does matter. Now, we can actually spend an entire day just talking about the language that you use in order to start a new case or to treat a patient, and made sure that they’re on the same page with you because language really makes a huge difference. And I want to make sure that we are using the same language and using the right language, especially when we’re talking about your online reputation.

Now, you’re going to see lots and lots of videos from me on the value of online reputation. But today, I want to make sure you are crystal clear on when somebody says reputation management versus marketing management does not make you any money and it does not. Bring you in any new patients marketing on the other hand that are designed to take your online reputation, and make it bring new patients in the door to create real value to be an asset for you and your practice. Now, when you talk about management, what you’re really talking about is how we make sure that when you get a good review, you know about it, how and when you get a bad review that you know about it. And hopefully, there’s some ways to respond and do some medication, but that’s just managing. Now, some of the management tools out there are some of the companies that’ll talk to you about reputation management, again management not marketing management.

They have some ways to help you get reviews. So we’re still talking about maybe just two out of the three pieces, getting reviews and making sure that you know what reviews are out there. The third piece and I would argue one of the most important pieces is the marketing part where you actually take the reviews that you’ve gotten and make them help you bring in new patients. So how do you do that? Well, there are amazing tools that we have access to that we would love to put in your hands. But here’s the thing. What they do is they not only just display reviews, but they make sure your reviews are everywhere that they can possibly be online. That means that when you get to review it turns it into an image. Okay, so now you have what we call it, a meme, right? So it’s an image with your review that we can then post on social media. And I don’t mean just one social media site like Facebook, I mean as many as we can get our hands on so that you, no matter where somebody finds you, they are seeing these reviews and they could see them as an image.

They can see them as texts will even turn them into video for you so that you could have one more venue for people to see these positive reviews. Now, those reviews then could be put on your website, on your YouTube channel, on your Facebook channel, on Instagram, you name it, they can be put there. Then, when you start doing a little bit of extra marketing effort and you start pushing on those videos to help people find them using what we would call search engine optimization or SEO. Well, now you have another layer for people to find you and to find your reputation first and that means that no matter what happens, no matter where people find you, no matter what offers they might’ve found or what kind of a recommendation they’ve been given from a friend, neighbor, or colleague, you become the obvious choice because no matter where they go, no matter where they look and they are finding not only great reviews on you, but in so many different formats that it’s easy to make the decision to pick up the phone and call your practice.

That’s what I wanted to cover today, but I just want to make sure that you know there is a huge difference when somebody talks about reputation management versus reputation marketing. What we do here is reputation marketing, so that when you actually use the tools that we put in your hands and you let us do our thing where we get all of those reviews in front of more and more people that you become the obvious expert in your market.. That’s what I’m going to cover today. I think that covers everything. Let me know what questions you have or what we can do to support you and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. Bye for now.

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