Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five. My name is Brian here with Top Line. And I am very excited to be talking to you about Google’s latest revelation regarding reviews on your website. Now, what kind of struck me was I found all this information and these titles about Google actually says, if you want to place a what they call a third party review on your website, it’s okay with them. I’d never, even occurred to me that people would be not willing to do that. Now, what is actually happening is Google has made it very clear that if you want to place these third party reviews on places like Facebook and YouTube or I’m yelp insider pages, Google, all these different places where you get these reviews. If you want to display those on your website, it actually has always been okay.

What you can’t do and what you still can’t do, and I hope that you’re not doing, is using what is called structured data. To use other people’s sites using schema markup. Review counts as your own and what essentially happens is yours. There’s kind of a way to say to Google and other search engines. These are my reviews and I’ve gotten, 35, five star ratings and they’re here now. Google is basically saying we are now coming right out and asking you to please not do that. It is sort of dishonest. Now, we’ve kind of played around with doing that and not doing that and we’ve decided not to do that. So, it was kind of one of those things where we figured Google’s going to go that direction anyway and now they have. So the good news is they have worded it in such a way that pretty much everybody is going to be okay because I’d say 99 point nine percent of people in websites don’t even know as structured data is Schema.

So you really don’t have a lot to worry about. But, I just wanted to kind of make sure that we’re here. It is on a Friday afternoon. I might as well get some good news. So the good news, of course, go ahead and place those reviews, give attributes, meaning, tell people where those reviews came from. And one of the best reasons to do that is because Google wants you to, but because it improves your social proof. If you put a review on your website and you say this review came from, and you link to the review, it’s a real. It doesn’t feel like you just are kind of pair of Cherry picking all the best reviews even though you probably are going to put a bad review on there, but it, it elevates that social proof.

So when you are putting reviews on your website, absolutely take reviews from Facebook, from yelp, anywhere else where you’re finding good positive reviews. Make sure that you say, here’s where it’s from, and link back to it, not only because Google wants you to, but because it’s going to help. Really make sure that people see that in is a real honest review and that is going to help them make a decision to pick up the phone and make an appointment with your office.

All right, that’s all I wanted to cover today. I hope you’re having a great week and I look forward to talking with you again next week. Enjoy the weekends. That’s it for me and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. Bye for now.

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