Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five. And I am playing around with some new software. And as I was saying, you probably could imagine that it got me thinking about some things that might work for. So that was just some fun stuff that I’ve been playing with. Obviously with the software that I’m using today to kind of test out live streaming.


It got me thinking about all the different things that you could be doing in your practice and also what you can and should be doing because of holidays. I mean Halloween is probably one of the more fun holidays here in the United States. And what’s really fascinating is it’s also one of the highest grossing holidays, which is probably why you’re seeing the sales cycle for Halloween, keep moving further and further back. So they have a longer time period in which to sell you stuff. But that means you get to take advantage of it too. So I want you to thinking about what can you be doing, what can you be offering, how can you be changing things up a little bit on your website, on your videos that takes advantage of the holiday of Halloween, and then of course Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year.

There are all these different holidays that you can and should be taken advantage of. And then I’ve done a video previously and I’ll probably do it again because I think it’s really important and that is that you can be doing all of these really fun and silly holidays. The ones that are like, grandparent’s day and smile at your neighbor, Damien. There are all kinds of really fun and silly holidays that you can take advantage of. And the reason that you take advantage of is it gives you a reason to run any kind of promotion. We call it reason why marketing and it works so much better when you can say we’re making this offer because. And then whatever comes after because isn’t all that relevant. The fact that you were saying we’re doing this because kind of eases people’s mind that there’s a good reason for you to be offering something special and there’s no catch or scam or anything along those lines.

But essentially this was something I just thought it had sort of that Halloween feel and I was kind of fun to be able to do that. The cemetery intro, so you can be doing this stuff on your website, if you’re going to be doing live videos, there’s ways to do that. The other reason that I’m playing around with this new software and you’re seeing all this kind of craziness is because this particular software is allowing me to live stream to both YouTube and Facebook at the same time and we’re going to test it out how that’s going to work. We want to see if the flow rate, you know works. If everything looks good, sounds good, and I will kind of report back as we find different tools that are going to work really well for this.

And the main reason that I want you really considering not only the fun videos for each holiday, but the live streaming like this and creating these kinds of videos is because by creating this one piece of content and talking about something that you’re interested in, that you’re passionate about, that serves your community, that people are going to be engaged with. I’m going to learn from. When you do that, you can then turn that one video into tons of different content and that means that if it can be a YouTube video, Facebook video, it can be an Instagram video. Any place where you can post a video, your website, and then you can have that video transcribed and now that can be an article. It can be a podcast. You can then take that article and turn it into a PDF, a downloadable file. I mean it just starts to expand and expand. You can even take little quotes. You can turn them into memes. You can push those out, but I really want you thinking about how all this can work and how it can benefit you.

There are tools that help you automate all of it and make sure that you are just seeing and found everywhere and then you become the obvious choice in your market and that’s what we’re all about. I think I’ve covered everything for today. Let me know what questions you have and how we can be of service and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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