Welcome, welcome, welcome to today’s Top Line – Live at Five! It’s Brian Devine here with Top Line and thank you for joining me today! Today, we are going to be talking about something that you’ll probably hear me talk about over and over again and that is what we call “Reason Why Marketing” and it is exactly what it sounds like. What it means is whenever you’re going to run some kind of an ad and offer a promotion, one of the most effective ways to get people to pay attention to it is to have a reason for it.

Now, a lot of the campaigns that we’ve talked about over the last few days include things like, you know, if you have a wedding coming up or you know if you’re a recently divorced. There’s all kinds of things that you can do to kind of call people out a little bit and tell them that you’re doing something special for them. One of my favorites is birthdays and it just works beautifully because you have an opportunity to say something to do, something really nice and special for someone on their birthday and just make sure that when they call in that you actually wish them a happy birthday. When somebody call this is, “Hey, I just saw this great birthday offer and I’d love to take advantage of it.” Don’t just say, “Okay great. Let’s get you on the schedule.” Stay well terrific, “Thanks for calling! Happy birthday, by the way.” So, don’t forget that one littleĀ thing when it comes to birthday campaigns.

Reason Why Martketing - "One of the most effective ways to get people to pay attention to it is to have a reason for it."Now, what I thought I would do is kind of get you a little bit of a jump start. We’ve been putting together a whole list of the different holidays and things that are funny weird bizarre but all the different reasons that you might have to run a particular special in your practice and; There’s just hundreds and hundreds. So, the process is to go through a list find the ones that you can kind of connect with that you think. Okay, this particular event or holiday, whatever might be. It matches with this particular offer that we were thinking of running and; If you go through this process when you are mapping out your 12-month calendar or maybe you’re only just doing three months at a time, which is totally fine but make sure you map out at least three months in advance. You can then take these ideas. Take these reasons why these these opportunities and then make your marketing talk about it. So, that when somebody is thinking, “Geez, I wonder why they’re running this special.” They know exactly why because you’re telling them.

So, I’m going to switch screens here. Let’s jump on over to this particular little PDF file with, yeah, hopefully, you can see that nice and clear. Now, this is just showing April, May and June and July and these are just some ideas. But you’ll see that, you know, obviously we’re already through some here in April but you know Siblings’ Day, Library, Workers, National Grilled Cheese Day. Can you think of something that matches with National Grilled Cheese Day? If you are in the dental field, I mean, it’s really just makes it easy where you get to say, “Hey, because this is National Grilled Cheese Day or National Grilled Cheese Day is in the month of April, we’re running this great special for teeth whitening or for a special cleaning that includes x-rays.” I mean, I’m just going throwing out some ideas but the concept here is basically the more you can have a reason for the offer that you’re making the better the offers do.

Now, there’s a whole bunch of psychology behind it. If you ever want to read about kind of how this stuff works, Robert Child Dini has a b

ook called “Influence”, I believe it’s called and it’s one of those books that I’ve read maybe three or four maybe even five times at this point and it’s just a great way to understand how we think, what goes on in our brains. So, I do highly recommend that. But, look at this. So, we have a Financial Literacy Month. Boy, that can you think of nothing more perfect than that. If you’re going to play some up, make an offer because it’s about Financial Literacy Month just, you know, really great stuff. Earth Month. National Volunteer. Jazz Appreciation. What else do we have? This kind of Workers Day. A World Press Freedom Day. Cinco de Mayo is always a fun one, obviously. Mother’s Day can’t go wrong. There, graduation season. So, in honor of all the graduations coming, you’re running a particular special. You know, if you’re a chiropractor and you are going to run a special and you talking about back. You connect it with the fact that it’s graduation season and people are going to be standing around quite a bit. So, let’s get you in shape. Let’s not have you standing around in discomfort. Let’s get you pain-free. I mean there’s just all kinds of ways that you can use this stuff.

So, feel free to pause the video take a look here and kind of see, you know, see what’s going to work for you. Donut day. I love that Donut Day, it’s perfect for me. I love donuts and I just I never eat them but so. Obviously, Father’s Day. I would actually like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day. These are all fun and easy to run but the things that are going to get the most attention of the things that are kind of fun that people aren’t familiar with. Caribbean American Heritage Month, that’s just these are just great. So, then you can write seeds will promote promos like summer things like that Postal Worker Day, Independence Day, obviously. Cheer up the Lonely Day like cheer up! I mean what a great opportunity for running some kind of a special.

Okay, so that was just I’ve you know quick list. Obviously, we keep on building the list and keep on growing it and I want you to be thinking about doing the same kind of thing and every time that you are going to run an offer, if you are working with an ad agency, if you’re working with some marketing consultants, then, whenever you’re going to put something out I want you to just consider thinking about what your reason why is. You don’t have to do it every single time. It just makes your life easier and we do know that it will give a little boost to the campaign that you’re running at that particular month. If it ties into something that’s fun interesting or gets people’s attention, so again, reason why marketing in your practice. It is just a great way to get great results and have a little fun doing it.

Okay, that’s it for me. I hope we’ve covered some fun stuff for you today that you learned a little bit. Let us know what we can do to help, to support you. Feel free to ask any questions. Give us a call. Shoot us an email, a message, whatever works best for you and we look forward to seeing you next time on Top line’s Live at Five!

Bye for now!

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