Welcome, welcome, welcome to Top Line – Live at Five! My name is Brian Devon with Top Line. Man, I am very happy to have you with us today. We’re going to be talking about something that I think is super important and it’s always overlooked. Something that I’m working on constantly in my business, looking for the right way to get people’s attention and to keep it and then that sort of spilled over recently where I thought we need to be doing this for our clients because when you take something from one industry and my industry is, you know, digital marketing. When you take something from that industry that sort of known and understood and then it’s used over and over again and you move it into an industry like yours as a practice owner, it can have a huge impact because the people that you’re engaging with don’t already, you know, they’re not already comfortable. They don’t use it all the time so it really can have a good at back. What I am talking about? Lead magnets.

Lead magnets are giveaways to your prospective patients that has a high perceived value.

Lead magnets are something that you can give away to your prospective patients that has what we consider a high perceived value. Meaning, it’s something that they really would like to have. It’s really good, it’s nice and they want to consume it. They want to have it but it’s a very low cost for you so it’s not something that’s going to, you know, you’re going to start shelling out all this money. If people are taking you up on it, meaning when you start promoting it, if you have a lot of people that are like, “Hey, yeah, I want that. I want that.” We don’t want it to cost you anything or at the very least we just want to cost very very little so that you can make sure that you get a great return on investment.

Now, how do you get a return on investment? When you’re giving something away to prospective patients. It’s very straightforward. In order to get the thing that they want, they have to give you something. Normally, we’ll ask for name, email and phone number. Now, in my industry, in the digital marketing world, we tend to not even ask for the phone number because we’re going to put someone into what we consider an auto-responder where they’re going to get an email from us over and over again and they’re going to get options and offers and ideas and helpful tips and tricks but sort of on and on until they raise your hand and say, “Hey, you know, what I think you can help me.” or they say, “Hey, you’re not the right fit. Please stop sending me these emails.” And then the system just stops doing it.

For a practice like yours, it makes a lot more sense to not have as much activity but to ask for the phone number because we want you or someone on your team to be able to pick up the phone and call and say, “I noticed you grabbed this free thing that they grabbed and wanted to know if you had any questions and if it made sense to set up a time to chat with the doctor or set up a free consultation. Whatever it is but you get to do this in a very light comfortable manner where you’re saying, “Hey, I notice you’re interested in this. Would you like to take it a step further?” – is really all you’re doing.

Now, I’m going to show you a couple of ideas. This is something that we are putting together right now and this concept here is, it’s going to work for orthodontics, for dental and I’ll show you some four for chiropractors and I want you to see what options are available because the idea behind this one, is that this is a “Top Ten Tricks for Crafting The Perfect Selfie Smile” and it’s topical, right? People are taking selfies now more than ever and we don’t need to get into how that has happened in our society, where we are so self-absorbed that selfies is even a word but it is. So, let’s just take advantage of it and not question, you know, what that means for our society. So, here we are and where you see, we’re asking for name, email, phone number you fill that out.

Click on this and they get taken to a thank you page or a congratulations page where we then say, “Hey, we we’re so thrilled that you took advantage of it. You should be on its way.” and hey maybe we’ll even, you know, say “Well, if you really want a great smile why don’t you take advantage of our special offer going on so you can do that as well. Let me show you what it might look like if you’re a chiropractor. So, you’ve got that where we have a “15 Minute Routine for Improving Low Back Pain” and you notice that we tend to stick with very simple clean backgrounds. Very straightforward. One-two-three, name, email, phone number, you know give me the thing. It is that I want and here’s another one and this one is for a “Headache and Neck Painkiller Guide”. Alright and so if somebody is, you know, struggling with with headaches and neck pain then this is going to be perfect for them and then last but not least we have the “Whiter Teeth from Home” and there’s the four steps that they can take to improve their whitening and then obviously on the other end you can make them an offer for a real whitening and that’s kind of a concept here.

Now, let me show you. I’m going see if I’m going to pull this over. Let me show this to you. This is just a little screenshot here. This is to give you an idea of what the – why am I not thinking of the word, the PDF but they would get right, the three easy low back pain routine and; Then, what we do is down here, we customize it so we put your logo, your phone number and your address down here and; Then, we actually will put a picture of you right here. So, we completely customize it. So, that whenever someone looks at it they’re reminded who they got it from and who would, you know, who did this really nice thing for them and then obviously this can be shared. So, if they’re sharing this and it’s got your name, address, phone number and a picture then that can be extremely extremely valuable.

Let me show you. Let’s look at the selfie. One see if that will come up. They could did so there’s ten tricks to making your smile look amazing right and then the same thing we’re down here. We’ve got a nice block where we can put your logo, your phone number and a nice picture of you goes right here. So, it’s all kind of ready to go. Just designed to make your life easy but; Again, you now have a great lead magnet a way for you to say, “Hey, can we give you something cool? We think you’re going to like this. Give us your name and your basic information and we will get that to you.” Now, this can be used on your social media. You can just send out a link say, “Hey, we thought people might like something to learn the ten tricks on great selfie or you know, for this one, the easy three low back pain routine” So, we have that all kind of built right in and you can do that on your social media or you can run ads.

So, you can run a specific ad to any of these particular campaigns and you’re giving something away but in return you’re getting valuable information about this person. So, you know that they’re interested in in selfies. That means, they’re interested in their smile, you know, that they’re having back pain. So, that is absolutely a high value lead.

Okay, so that’s what we’ve got in place and; What I am interested in doing for you, is that we are in the process of putting these out there and what we are willing to do is if you are interested, if you would like to try one of these in your practice, just let me know. Send me a message here on Facebook, YouTube, wherever it is that you found us or give us a call at 720-989-1932 and let me know say, “Hey, I saw the lead magnet special and I’d love to take advantage of it and we will do that at absolutely no charge. We’ll give this to you. We’ll give you the pages that I showed you, the thank you page that includes the little upsell and then obviously the PDF that you’re going to deliver and it’ll all be in place for you and then we’ll talk about how you would like to deliver it. We’ll show you some options and help you along the way so that’s a value to you. There’s my lead magnet, right, so I’m trying to give you something of pretty high value that has a relatively low cost because we are building these all the time, to add you to a queue and build one for you because we’re building so many. I’m happy to do it so there’s that low cost for me.

So, that’s the whole concept of a lead magnet is that high value to you but low cost on my end and that’s what I want you doing in your practice which is why we’re going to be giving this away. So, please take advantage of it get in touch. Send me an email, a phone call, the message, whatever it is that you can do to get in touch and I will set this all up for you and then we’ll show you exactly how to make it work.

Alright, I think that covers everything. Let me know what questions come up and I look forward to seeing you one more time on Top Line’s Live at Five!

That’s it for me! Bye for now!

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