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Hello everybody and this is Brian Devine here with Top Line Management and welcome to our first Top Line Live at Five, event.

Now, thank you for joining us and I’m really excited to do this because we’re going to cover a lot of really of great stuff here on this Live at Five. I’m going to be looking for feedback, questions, thoughts, concerns, everything else. We want to make sure that this is a great place for you to come and get your internet marketing questions answered. And even, if it’s not necessarily, internet related. I love marketing, so I want to answer all of your questions and help you build your practices to what they ought to be and what you deserve.

So, the question that we’re going to be talking about today is something that I get asked all the time. And that is, can you really get new patients through Facebook? Now, the short answer to this question is, yes. Absolutely, you can. I’ve built a big part of our business around it. So, yeah. Absolutely, you can get new patients using Facebook. The long answer is, you’ve got to know what you’re doing and you absolutely have to understand the Facebook audience, in order for you to have a chance at doing it.

So, we’re going to cover just three basic concepts to help you as you start learning and working on getting new patients using Facebook. So, the first thing you want to keep in mind, number one, is that your Facebook audience is not looking for you on Facebook, okay. They are in the middle of watching videos, learning about their friends, and family, and cousins, and watching videos and just pure entertainment. That’s why they’re on Facebook and they’re not looking for you. So, always start with the understanding that you are an interruption. You’re not a welcome guest. You are a pest. So, when you start there and you understand that you have to now, somehow bridge that gap. You have a much better chance of getting their attention and making your ad worthwhile on Facebook.

Number two: you have to have what I call, an HSO. A holy smokes offer, okay? It needs to be so good that people go. “Holy smokes, that can’t be right.” So, they stop in their tracks and they look at your offer. If you don’t have that, if you have a traditional. “Hey, we’re going to give a free consultation, please click here.” There’s no reason for them to stop. You haven’t given them anything that seems of any value, that’s going to be worth interrupting their entertainment value. Which, is the whole reason their on Facebook in the first place.

So, if we go back to number one. It helps us determine what to do on number two. We’ve got number one, which is that you are not a welcome guest, but you are a pest. So, you absolutely need to make sure that you start there. And then, number two you have to have that HSO. The holy smokes offer. Now, let’s go a little deeper on the holy smokes offer because, I know that some people might not really have any ideas on that. So, let’s talk about what that could be. Number one: if you’re a dental practice, it could be free whitening. I know the very first thing that people say is. “I’m not offering any free whitening.” But, we haven’t gotten to number three yet and, number three is going to tell you why number … That, you’re offering as something as good as free whitening is certainly worthwhile.

What else can we do? Well, we can do maybe, just some kind of a super discount. Or, we can do what I call, bonus stacking. Where if you come in for your first cleaning that we’re going to offer, and then you stack bonuses … You stack great services on top of that, at no charge. So, really make sure that you’ve gotten their attention. That you’ve stopped them in their tracks. And you said. “You need to stop what you’re doing and take a look at what we’re offering.”

Okay, so that’s one and two. Number three is what ties it all together. Number three is that you have to give them a reason why. So, if we’re going to offer a free whitening and we don’t give them any reason why other than. “It’s Monday and we decided to offer a free whitening.” That’s not going to be enough and they’re going to be skeptical and they won’t take advantage of it. So by giving them a reason why. You have now taken that extra step to make them feel more comfortable about clicking through the ad and finding out more.

So, what kind of reasons why can you have? How about a birthday? How about a wedding? How about any type of special occasion that Facebook tracks so you have access to all this information. It could be that, “Hey. It’s January, it’s the beginning of the year. We want to do something special.” It could be Happy Valentines Day. I mean, there is practically a holiday for every single day of the year. So, just pick one that’s fun and then, tie your offer to that particular holiday and now you have a reason for your offer.

Again, number one: you’ve gotta remember that they’re there for entertainment and you are an interruption. Number two: you have to have your HSO. That, holy smokes offer. And then, number three: give them the reason why. Why are you interrupting them and giving them this incredible holy smokes offer.

Once you’ve done all those things…now, you know how to get new patients using Facebook.

Alright, that’s it for me. I hope that you asked any questions that you have. Share the video. Find out what other things people like to cover and we’ll come back here and we’ll do this again over and over again. Alright? So, please put your comments below. Ask your questions. Hit Like if you think that this was of value. And then, we’ll make sure that we keep on doing this over and over again.

Until the next Top Line Live at Five, that’s it for me.

Bye for now.

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