Practice Websites - phone number high bright and to the rightHello, everybody! It’s Brian Devine here with your Top Line Live at Five once again to welcome and I’m very excited to have you today because we are going to be talking about websites. Now I know it doesn’t sound very exciting, interesting or unique. But here’s the thing that I’ve been seeing consistently is that we’ve run really great campaigns to a website that doesn’t have all of the pieces necessary to turn a visitor into a patient.

So we’ve got to make sure that we have that in place and you remember, we’ve talked in some of the other Live at Five videos here about the top three things that people do when they are given a referral and they decide to look you up and again they’re gonna do that on their phones. So, we have to make sure that we cover those through things and those three things are: Website.

So the first thing I do is I check out you on your website so that better be good and then they’re gonna check out your reputation online and that better be rock-solid and then of course they’re gonna look at your Facebook fan page. So please make sure that that is active but I’ve realized that we really didn’t talk too much about the website and how you can make sure that you’ve got all the pieces in place to get a visitor and referral to then call you so what are those pieces? Now I’m going to break it down in just a few because I don’t want this to be like a 30-40 minute training here because I’ve actually done those–the big events, huge trainings on websites. So let’s just try to cover some of the really clear things that you can do and you can look at your current website and possibly just make some quick changes and improve the odds of having someone who visits your website call your office.

So the first thing that we want to do is we want to make sure that you have just a clean, clear professional-looking website, not just a whole lot of random stuff and then things flashing all over the place, just nice clean and clear and we want smiling faces, and smiling faces are proven no matter what the industry they’re proven to get people to feel positive and take whatever action it is that you’re asking them to take. So that means that we want to have smiling faces with people looking at the camera or in in the case of a website, it feels like they’re looking directly at you. You don’t have to have every single picture that way but try to start there, have a nice picture that has somebody looking directly at the viewer and you can kind of mix and match from there but the more people connect with eyes, the better off you are.

So number two is we’ve got to make sure that your phone number is in the top right hand corner of every single page on your website. Do not make people look for it. I’ve had people say “No, you know, most people know they can just look click on the Contact Us page. These is true, but why make them take the extra step? Give them the phone number on every single page because you don’t know at what point they’re going to be surfing your website and they’re gonna go “Okay, I think I’m gonna give them a call. What’s their phone number? So if they’re nowhere near or they’re in the middle of the page but they’re not near your Contact Us page, you’re gonna make them scroll all over the place and then find up the phone number. Make it super easy, high, bright and on to the right. I think I can’t remember who said that first but I have heard that in more than one occasion. That’s a great way to remember it. “High, bright and to the right” is where your phone number needs to be.

Number three: Simple navigation. So we talked about having an easy way to see the phone number every time so that it’s not unclear where the phone number is. We want the navigation to be just as simple and that means no multi-level navigation. So you click on one thing and then another one shows up, and then another one, and then you got it buried and then, you have to find it. Make it really crystal clear and easy for people to find the information that they want. So that means you can have more content maybe on your home page–very simple navigation across the top. What you don’t want is you click something on the top, and then something on this side shows up and then maybe, it’s gonna be over here. Don’t make it complicated. Make it really really simple.

Four. Your name, address, and phone number should be in the footer at the bottom portion of your website on every single page. So the nice thing about a footer is that once you put it in there, it’s going to be on every page no matter what and that is called a citation. That is a way for telling the search engines especially Google, right rigtthat this is the exact name, address and phone number that you are going to be listed under now. Make sure that that is also the exact same listing that you have in your Google My Business Patient. That’s a whole other conversation that we can have but Google my business, the name, address, and phone number there needs to match exactly the name address and phone number you have on your website so that when those two match it is a really good opportunity for you to now show up better in the search results in maps. All right that’s another whole long conversation we can have another time.

Number five is a clear call to action. You know that they’ve come to your website hopefully looking for what it is that you offer–your services but if you don’t tell them exactly what it is you like them to do once they’ve come to your website, they are less likely to do it. Now remember, you only have a very small amount of someone’s attention when they’re on your website, so don’t make it confusing don’t wander or have them wonder what it is that they should do next. Just tell them maybe it’s so crystal clear the way I like to describe it best is you just put on your website, do this to get that. Now once you have that in place, you can play with the language and make it more colorful and more specific to you and your practice and what feels right. But the idea here is that you’re telling them “Do this to get that. Call today to get your free exam.” That’s simple so that’s the call to action.

Now I decide to throw in a little extra. I call the five and a half part of my list here and that is get an SSL certificate. The reason that I’m suggesting an SSL certificate is because Google and Firefox. They have their browsers. Now, make it crystal clear that if you do not have an SSL and (an SSL—a Secure Socket Layer) and it’s a way to protect the information that is being delivered through your website and when you don’t have an SSL, it used to really not matter. I didn’t push this at all until very recently where now they put this big red warning sign that says “Not Secure” and Firefox goes so far as to say you know, “Warning, don’t put information on to this website.” So, I highly recommend that you make sure that you have an SSL.

I think that covers everything. I’d be more than happy to walk you through anything if you have any questions. Please feel free to ask. Let me know what you’d like to learn more about and maybe next time we’ll do a quick walk through a website and you can kind of see all the different five and half things that you want to make sure your website has. That’s it for me. Thank you so much for joining me today have a great night. Bye for now!

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