Website QuoteHello everybody! It’s Brian Devine here. All right, so it’s Brian Devine here with Top Line. Welcome to the Top Line Live at Five and we’re gonna be doing these for you so that we can get lots of great information out there and talk to you about how to build your practice and make it exactly what you wanted what you deserve.

So the question that we’re gonna be talking about today is, it’s really about referrals because I want to make sure that we’re on the same page that referrals, not only are they fantastic but they’re just not enough to get your practice to where you want it to be anymore and there’s lots of reasons for that. So we’re gonna talk about what that is and let’s see if we’re on the same page so if you agree you know like and tap like and share and if not tell me why because I want to make sure that we’re on the same page and we’re talking the same language.

The main thing that I want to cover here is that some offices that I’ve worked with, they’ve had about 80% of their practice has been built and grown through referrals which is fantastic because nothing beats a good referral, right? If you get a great referral and somebody calls in based on the referral, it’s so easy to get them to turn into patients so that is absolutely ideal.

But here’s the thing, is that, you don’t want those referral sources to dry up. Now some people are really good at getting patients to refer and that is absolutely outstanding so they make sure that you have a system in place for getting patients to actually continue to refer. But, it’s when you have an office that continues to refer to you if that should dry up, if that person should retire, get hurt, sell the practice or just change their mind where sometimes they bring in someone into the practice to do what you do so I want to make sure that you know that referrals just aren’t enough to grow a practice anymore.

The other thing that you really need to make sure that you keep in mind is that when people even want to get a referral, they’re gonna do three things and you’ll notice a trend here. I promise to talk about three things a lot because things do tend to break up into threes but they do three things right off the bat and what’s interesting is that they do these three things right there on their phones now. In other words, they don’t have to wait they go home they don’t have to think about it to do something later. They do it instantly.

One of those three things, number one is that they look at your website. All right so that’s great. Well that means, that you better have a mobile responsive website. Okay, so the next time you get a chance go to your website on your phone, see how it looks. Make sure it’s easy to read easy to navigate and then think about what are the main things that people are going to want or need if they’re on their phone and they’re going to want to see that on your website. What does that look like? What is that going to be? So make sure that you’re really thinking that through because with the technology today, that when we have these responsive sites where based on the size of your screen it will show you different information, you can say “Okay, so when I am doing a website and it’s only going to be seen. This part is gonna be seen on a mobile phone. What do I want to deliver to them? So it’s fast, it’s easy, and then Google wipes it. All right, so think that through.

So make sure that number one: your website is absolutely clean, it looks great.  Think of it as sort of the entryway to your practice so you want to make sure that looks great, professional and then it is absolutely ready for mobile phones.

Number two, you have to know that they are going to be looking at your online reviews so there’s a lot of research out there about how just a half star rating increase can have a huge impact on a practice we’re talking like a 19% increase in revenue. Just a half star rating online can have that level of an effect so really make sure that you are in control of your online reviews and that you are marketing with them so more than just knowing that you got some, make sure that you have a process in place to get them, a process in place to then market with them.

Get them on your website, social media, YouTube, every place possible so that you’re taking full advantage of all of the reviews that you could possibly get. So if you are struggling with reviews or you’re not getting the consistent number of reviews, let us know we can help you out with that and we love doing it because it sort of is a baseline that if you just get a 4.7 star rating you will see amazing results so we want to make sure that we help you.

Then, number three. What else do we have to do well we have to make sure that your Facebook fan page is active? Right now, you’ve probably heard some of the hubbub lately about Facebook basically saying “If you are not a family or a friend of someone on Facebook, it’s gonna be really hard to get your content to show up on someone else’s Facebook feed even if they’ve liked it. So what do you do? Well, you change the way you think about Facebook and what it’s doing for you if you know that one of the first three things that someone’s going to do is look at your Facebook page. You really want to make sure that you’re active there, right? But it’s not a dead page that hasn’t been posted to or commented on in six months because people gonna see that and thinking “Well maybe, they’re not an active practice.”

So make sure you take full advantage of Facebook even if it’s not going to show up and you’re not going to get as much engagement as you used to. Just be sure that you are getting content on there so when somebody does look you up online on Facebook, they see you there and then of course… reviews! So people are gonna look up reviews there.

Okay, so the three things again: your website, make sure that is rock-solid and mobile friendly; your online reviews, have a good system in place and be in control of it and not just in control but market with it and then the last third is your Facebook fan page. Even with all the changes going on, do not let that slide. Make sure that you have an active fan page. If you’re, posting at least once a day, that’s good. Twice a day is better. No less than two or three times a week so that people know that you’re an active practice because it give them a glimpse into your practice and what type of a personality you have and what they can expect when they come in so don’t miss out on that because if you miss any one of those three things when you get that review or excuse me, that referral, you might lose it and it will go to somebody else.

So don’t miss this opportunity. It is so easy to make sure that you have a great website. Your online reviews are active and outstanding and that your Facebook fan page is active and being posted to on a regular basis. All right, so I think that covers everything for today. Thank you so much for your time.

Have any questions? Please let me know. Leave comments, share, like, and then tell me… Did you think I’m crazy because I want to hear the feedback? I look forward to seeing you next time on the Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now!

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