Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five. My name is Brian here with Top Line. And today, we’re going to talk about salesmanship. Yes, sales in your practice. This is something that I talk about a lot. The reason that I’m talking about salesmanship and the fact that every single person in your practice needs to understand that they are in sales is because we’re in a world now where there is a tremendous amount of competition, and more and more competition is coming. It’s not reducing, it’s getting harder and harder to capture and keep those patients .And one of the things that should be done in every practice to ensure that you not only get, attract and keep those patients is for every single person to understand that every communication they have with your patients is a sales communication.

And back in my days of going into hundreds of offices year after year, one thing that I talked about a lot is the idea that sales is not a bad word, so if you want to call it something else, please feel free to call it something else. You don’t have to call it sales, if somehow that makes you uncomfortable. Now, what I would usually talk about in the offices where I’ve come and we would do lunch and learns and all that great stuff is to ask if anyone is either married or ever been on a date. Hopefully, everybody in at that point has raised their hand said yes, and the reason I was asking that question is so that the follow-up is and were any of you selling in that date or to get to the point where you were married. Then that’s when everyone gets a little uncomfortable because the answer is yes.

If you’ve ever put on makeup, you are selling. If you have ever talked about what is important in your life, you were selling and again, if you just feel like sales and selling is a bad word, call it something else if that makes you feel better. The point here is that everything that you do in order to get the date in order to get the second date, to get to the point where you are married and have a wonderful happy life is you are selling yourself to the other person so that they want to be with you and that’s what we’re doing, and again, call it something else that makes you feel better. When everyone on your team is on the same page and understands that every communication that they have with a patient is a sales process. Then what happens is your entire system now gets really solid, really clean, and really clear so that your patients have an amazing experience from start to finish.

That first initial phone call is probably the most important call that your office has going to get and if the person who answers the call takes it like a transaction, you’re in trouble because another office is going to hire somebody that is going to treat it like a sales call the way that it should be. And is going to treat them with care is going to make sure that they feel wonderful and is going to follow a certain script to ensure that they come in and that is where the experience starts.Alright, so again, that first phone call, probably the most important phone call you can have and it cannot be transactional. You have to really make sure that that is a sales call that the person answering the phone knows that’s what it is and is trained on it. Then the patient comes in, hopefully right now, obviously I hope you have systems in place, steps to follow in order to get them to come in, because that’s harder these days than it’s ever been.

Now, this person who is going to greet the new patient has to understand that as a sales call, because this person has come in now, they’ve taken time out of their day. They’ve come out of their way, they’re uncomfortable. Now, you have to make them feel great about being there and there are all kinds of things that you can do. They’re following a script helps, but again, treating it like a transaction is a problem because that means that when I come in and I offer some great special holy smokes offer to get them to go to another office, because they didn’t have a wonderful, incredible experience at your office. They’re very likely to take that offer and go somewhere else and you don’t want that.

So make sure that you were thinking through that process, that you have everyone the will that will actually talk with a patient. Understand that they are in sales and if you want to talk about some other words, but usually when you explain to people that everything about influence, about getting people to like you, to feel good about you, to enjoy a process that is essentially sales, that’s what good sales is. That sale is making you feel gross and slimy. That to me is not sales. A good sale is when you really create that experience. You do everything you can to give that person what you know that they need and what is going to be good for them and their lives and that’s how everybody wins.

So again, make sure your entire team knows that they are in sales. Now, if you have somebody that’s maybe in a lab that isn’t ever going to interact with somebody, maybe they’re not in sales and they just need to do their jobs really well for you. However, I want you always thinking about that process. So how are you handling that in your practice I’d love to hear about it. Let me know and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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