Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five. My name is Brian Devine here with Top Line. And today, we’re going to be talking about something a little bit different and that is goodwill. Now, it might sound like a strange thing to be talking about when we’re typically talking about all the different marketing things you can do to build a practice. However, this is one of those things that I think is consistently overlooked as far as just how powerful it can be.

Now, the reason that we’re talking about goodwill is because we’ve gotten very good at helping our clients put out ads and offers and campaigns and make them work in all these different areas and locations and types of practices, but it’s getting harder and harder and it’s costing a little bit more money. I mean, we’ve been fortunate that the huge cost increases that a lot of these companies that do that sort of work that we do, they’ve seen their numbers just skyrocket.We’re talking 40 percent increases in costs, whereas we’re only seeing maybe eight to 10 percent increases, which is really great because that means that our campaigns are consistently working and getting the results that we need without breaking the bank. However, because we’re seeing this trend because we’re seeing other companies like ours struggled to keep their costs down, especially when it comes to Facebook ads, then we know that that is a trend that we need to get in front of them. We’re not going to just say, we’re better than those guys and it’ll never affect us. We know that, if it has affected them, even though we know her better, it is going to eventually come our way. I mean there’s just no way that we’re going to consistently stay at half of the rates that are competitors are spending because they will eventually figure out how we do what we do.

Now, that means that we need to stay ahead of the game and I want to give you a little bit of insight on how you stay ahead of the game. This is something that we are just in the process of testing, so I’d love for you to go out there and do it with us. Tell us what you’re getting and what’s happening, and it’s about goodwill. It’s about doing good things in your community about providing great content, great information to the people that are within your market area that are looking for information. You’re the one who provides it, and then that way when you do make an offer to these people and these people, only it is going to be much better received, which is going to mean that your costs go down, the amount of ads you have to display goes down. All of these good things go along with it.

Now, when I talk about goodwill, I’m talking about things like making people feel good. And it’s all coming from your practice. That means that you can be doing birthday specials and that is one of my favorites, is our workhorse. We love doing those. They just were great. However, eventually you have to shift into other things and that means that if you wanted to, let’s say, do a big giveaway. If vacation or probably more than anything, a charity event. It doesn’t even have to be an event that is held in a physical form. You can just do a charity event online where you basically say, for every person that takes this action or donate to this fund and they just tell us what they are, it is. We will match it up to x amount and once we’ve reached, you know, thousand dollars, we will donate it to this particular place.

And you can run ads letting people know that you are doing this good thing when there’s really not a big return for you than other words. You’re going to be doing this really good thing for charity in your local area. People are going to hear about it because you’re going to advertise the fact that you’re doing it. Then you make sure that you record a video; even live stream them, the process of giving the actual donation. Maybe you have a big printed out something. Get creative with it. Because here’s the thing, when you have people that have reacted and commented and shared and liked the ads that you run, just telling them about this goodwill, about this nice thing that you’re doing. When you then run your next campaign, you can target just those people and say, since you saw that we were doing this good thing, now we don’t tie it quite so tightly, but essentially are only running your ad to the people that have already said, that’s a pretty cool thing that you’re doing that. I liked that.

Now, you’re running an ad saying, if you like that, you might like this. And then the next one is, again, it’s a similar kind of an ad, but you’re sending these ads to people who’ve already shown that they’re feeling good about you and what you do. So please get creative with this. The charity campaign is a great one. You can do all kinds of things. Find out what’s going on in your area. If there is like a run a race, a walk to raise money for a good charity that you feel good about, there are all kinds of opportunities for you so that you get to do something good that feels good. You make sure that you let people know about it in a very positive way so they get to join in on your good feelings.

And then after it’s all said and done, you get to go to those people who raised their hand said, I like you say, well, if you like us, why don’t you try us. And it’s really that straightforward. So I want you thinking about goodwill, what you can do in your market to really set your practice apart and be thinking about that. Because what we’re seeing is this trend where going straight from, I don’t know, you to call in my office is getting harder and harder. Now, we’re still doing pretty darn well, but because we’ve seen the trend, because we know that this is happening, we’re already looking at ways to get in front of it to make sure that you have a little extra edge over everybody else that is still doing the old look at me, buy my stuff, whereas we want to say, look at me because I think you’re going to like the cool stuff that we do. Then, if you do like the cool stuff we do, maybe you’d like to buy my stuff and it’s a much smoother process.Okay. That’s what I wanted to cover today. I hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know how it works for you, what kind of ideas you have, and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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