Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian and I am excited to have you here with us today we’re going to be talking about how to fix a Facebook campaign that might not be performing as well as you would like.

Now, we have a whole checklist that we go through, so, if you would like to get that, reach out and ask me for it. I’ll be happy to send that to you. By far rather than go through an entire checklist, which really can take quite a while, let’s just look at one thing at a time and we’ll break this up over several different videos.

Specify your target audience on your facebook ads to attract the right patients.I thought we would start with one of the first things that tends to go wrong. Now, you know, we looked at headlines and images and all that kind of stuff. Those are the things that are kind of right in front of you that you can start changing and adjusting. More often than that, it is a factor of your targeting. When it comes to Facebook Ads, you have a tremendous amount of control over who sees your ads. You can control when they see it. You control locations and usually we find that we could just do some slight adjustments and changes to the audience and see an improvement and then we move on to kind of the next thing that we’re going to be testing to see if we can get you better results.

Now, let me switch out over here to my other camera and I want to show you exactly what we’re talking. Looking at now, you’ll see here that it’s kind of, you know, this particular one, you know, we’re just in Indiana. We’re kind in the red right. We’re a little small, so it’s a a really tight radius and we might think, “Okay. Well, let’s improve that.” The other thing is that you might be for whatever reason, you might think, you know, what I’m in a location where there are a lot of people who work here. So, I don’t want people who live in this location. I want everyone in this location and suddenly we’ve got a much bigger number. So, we have to kind of look at these things one at a time and see what’s going to have the biggest effect.

The reason that I want to go through this exercise with you is because again you have to think about where you are located and if you’re in an area that is rock-solid jam-packed full of people that are at work and you’re in a situation where it’s going to make a lot of sense for people that will just come to you from work, then, go ahead and change that everyone in this location. This is the one that most people forget that it’s automatically going to be everyone in. But, typically we will change it based on location. Again, it’s going to be. Don’t do this all the time but people who live in the location. We don’t want recently in and we don’t want people traveling. We want people that are going to be there on a regular basis. So, that’s what you can kind of play with.

You can get different bigger numbers and see what’s going on. There you can change the radius. You can change your age, so, you might be under performing because you’re showing your ad to someone who’s maybe too young or too old. Maybe your ad is designed specifically for men. Don’t show it to women or vice- versa. We really do like to run as often as possible, specifically, to do a gender because there’s different images. They’re going to work well, different style of the language. That’s going to work well. So, we want to shift this around.

You can also target languages. So, if you have somebody in the office that speaks a different language, put that in there because that’s going to be a huge advantage for you. You can do detailed targeting. I mean, there’s an awful lot that you can start playing with but I wanted to get you to the basics and let you know that that’s kind of the first place that you’re going to want to start when you’re playing around with how to improve your audience and improve your overall campaign.

Alright! So, that’s kind of the first one that I wanted to show you. We’ve got plenty more that we can go through and like I said, I didn’t want these, you know, videos to be too long. I just wanted to be kind of right to the point, what you can start doing right now to improve your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Alright! That’s it for me! Let me know what questions you have and how we can support you and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five!

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