Hello everybody, it’s Brian Devine here with TopLine and welcome to the TopLine Live at Five. Today is Friday. So I’m wearing a flash shirt, so hopefully you enjoy that but today we’re going to be talking about reviews and not just how important they are.

I think we’ve talked about that a little bit before and we’ll certainly talk about it again because reviews are so important. But today, let’s talk about how you get reviews consistently for your practice because if you go out and get 20 or 30 reviews tomorrow, that’s going to be great for tomorrow, but it’s going to look what’s the word unrealistic it’s going to look unnatural to Google and it could possibly hurt your rankings because a lot of people talk about well… “If you have consistent rate, if you have reviewers on your Google Maps listing, you’d do better in the search results and the maps and that’s true but if you get them all at once it can actually hurt you. So if you’re already in a good position and you get 20 reviews in one day and then nothing for 2-3 weeks it can actually move you down.

So you want to make sure that you don’t do that. Let’s talk about how you can get reviews and on a consistent basis because it’s really not that hard so we’re going to talk about four different ways to do it.

It is really not that hard to get reviews on a consistent basis. Brian Devine

Number one, personally ask. This is the hardest way to do it; probably the most effective because people are going to feel like “Boy, you know I want to do this because you are asking personally.” I’m talking about personally asking, like face to face so it is probably the hardest thing especially for your team members to do because they can be uncomfortable.

Now there are lots of ways to get better at it, one is to practice so if you have a script practice that script to have your morning huddle and practice the script a few times so that way when you’re in front of an actual patient who’s thrilled and happy you aren’t going to be uncomfortable and stumble around. Believe it or not, it is harder to do this in front of your peers than it is to an actual patient so personally asking–absolutely the best way but also the hardest.

Now, one of the easier things you can do when you’re personally asking is to have a little postcard or hand out something to make it easier for your team to ask the question and you’re going to get better results because then that person has something physical that they’re going to be able to leave with. Now, I’ve worked in offices that actually used a little card where they would fill it out right on the spot. The problem with that is you really need it to be digital because when it’s something that’s written it looks nice in the practice and you can maybe scan it and put on your website but unless it is written, and it is attached to that person’s actual account. The value is not as high you really need that to be online and to be attached to that that patients account so that it has massive value in your social standings, so that’s number one personally asked.

Number two, email. This is a whole lot easier, but not as effective. So what you need to be thinking about is what can you do to make it more effective? Have a really clean email that is just sort of copy and paste you don’t have to rewrite it every single time. Always use the same one. Make sure you have the links to the places where you’re hoping to get reviews and I wouldn’t suggest sending out ten; three at the most so it’s usually one or three. I wouldn’t do two. When people have a choice of two, they tend not to choose a choice of three though they only choose the one in the middle. I don’t know why but that’s just kind of the way where hardwired. Have three options for them and make it easy so they just click the link, it go straight to your account and as long as they’re logged in all will be well. Most people don’t even realize they’re logged in especially if you’re on Facebook. You don’t even know how to log out. It’s just they’re just always on it, and that’s why Facebook is one of the stickiest websites out there because people are just always there.

When you do an email campaign you can expect maybe one out of twenty to actually leave you the review and that means that you have to consistently send out those emails. Don’t send out ten in a day and think you’re done for the month send out ten every week. Maybe you’re going to get one or two right so you’re going to get maybe one or two reviews based on 40 emails blowing now. If you want to get more, then obviously you have to send more. That’s means you need to have somebody in charge of sending out of your emails on a regular basis, not that hard to do and it can help so certainly consider that as an option.

Number three. Snail mail–actually putting a letter in the mail hand writing it, putting a signature on it and that actually does do well. Put the links in there. I know it won’t be clickable because it’s snail mail. It’s physical but makes it easier for somebody to go to the site. You can use what are called short links so that you can have a bitly or Google.ly, goo.le I think I can’t remember but Google has a link shortener. So if it’s a really long link and you need you need Yelp reviews today, then you can put that into a Google shortener. Just look up Google Search shortener and it will make it a very short link that you can put into a letter. Again, the key to that is having somebody actually send out the letters on a regular basis and you don’t hand write every single one of them. There are ways that you can actually automate some of that. There is a tool called Thankster. Thankster.com is a really cool little slick tool or you can actually send them your handwriting and then write the email or assuming write the letter on your computer, and it will be sent out in your handwriting; really powerful way to go and if that’s the direction that you want to go then I would recommend someone like Thankster.

Send out cards is another one that has that option where you can have your actual handwriting and it’s not vital that it be your actual handwriting but using a handwriting font where it really does look like you took the time. I will have an extra impact. So that is something that you can absolutely consider, which is the snail mail.

Number four, this is my favorite and this is having your team say, “Would you mind signing in, please?” For those of you that already have an electronic sign-in format where they sign in and they’re automatically entered into your practice management software, that’s what I recommend you. Train your team to say “Would you mind signing out, please?” and then we take it over from there, so I am absolutely plugging what we can do for you. Our system is just so darn easy for your team to do that they actually do it. They don’t fight you on it if you’re going to try and train your team on it personally asking for reviews, you’re going to get some push back and rightfully so it’s out of their comfort zone, and they’re going to feel awkward and it’s hard to get them to do that. So that is going to be a challenge.

With our system, having them just say “Would you mind signing in, please?” That’s it we take it from there. The cool thing is and again if you’re most dealing with back offices that I work with, you already have a sign-in. we don’t want them to double up, so we say “Would you mind signing out please?” What happens is once they sign out, they put their name phone number and their email in there and then we will send them a text message, and we can send it instantly an hour later two hours later two days later. Whatever we’d like and at that point we say “Would you mind giving us feedback on your visit today?” and then they can text and say stop. Maybe don’t get any more texts or they can tap on the little link and from there. It’ll say, “Would you recommend us? Yes or no?” If they should say no, it then takes them to a page that apologizes for not creating a five-star experience, asking them for feedback. Let them vent get all of that negative thought and energy out right there and it stops at that point and goes to you to the office we don’t obviously ask for them to leave a review anywhere else.

We want them to have that opportunity to vent and feel like they’re being heard and listened to. That’s vital hugely important, so we have that built in now. They say “Yeah, I recommend you it’s great.” Please choose your favorite directory. So if it’s Google, Facebook, Yelp will list all those for them to tap on the cool thing is that if they’re on an Android phone and we know that you need Yelp reviews will automatically look for the Yelp app on their phone and try to launch it if it isn’t there. It will then roll over to Google or roll over to Facebook and that will take them directly to your listing and let them leave you a review there. It is the hands-down the coolest way that we’ve found to get reviews on a consistent basis. It works beautifully well and as long as you actually use the tool, you can consistently get three to five reviews month in and if you really have a busy practice, then we actually were talking about getting one or two a day. If you have questions about it, if you’d like to learn more there’s anything else that I can do to support you when it comes to getting reviews for your practice because they are so important, if any of those things that any of those four that I’ve listed sound like something you’d like to learn more about I’d be happy to talk to you and obviously.

Number four, which is the “Would you mind signing in, please?” I would be more than happy to walk you through. That it is a super fun way to do it and it’s very inexpensive. So let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your time today. I really appreciate you joining us on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me.  Bye for now!

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