Referrals are now coming from social media and they're coming really fast.Hello everybody! Its Brian Devine here with Top Line and welcome back for the Top Line Live at Five and yes we are actually on time. It is five o’clock. I’m excited to be here on a Friday afternoon and please, join us in this. Ask us questions and let me know kind of what’s going on what we can make sure that we talk about on the next one so that we get all your questions answered and how to move your practice forward.

So, what we’re going to talk about today is it’s basic. You’re probably noticing a trend. I’m talking about Facebook a lot and one of the main reasons that I am talking about Facebook a lot is because it’s been in the news so much, and they made some pretty significant changes to how they do things and how you get your message across to the people that you want to reach on Facebook and probably the biggest thing that has changed and it’s got my industry sort of all up in arms is that Facebook is no longer even distributing you know, our Facebook fan page posts to the tune of you know used to be me if we can get five to seven percent of the people that have even bite your page to see it.

We’re happy and that has actually started to go down so now it’s getting harder and harder to get your content shown to these people for free. But that doesn’t mean that Facebook is no longer a valuable place for you to spend your time, your effort and your marketing dollars.

Now, why do I say that? Well, one of the trends that we’ve been seeing and this is something that struck me just recently… My wife was on Facebook and she needed a referral at Ford for something that she needed right away and instead of trying to find a trusted friend or advisor and asked, you know, if they have a referral, she just posted it on Facebook and dropped something really quick and say “Hey, they will not really fall for this” and then you get a ton of people responding and what’s amazing is that people responding and they might not even have gone to this person or it’s just someone that we’ve needed once.

The point here is that I went to ask so instead of “Hey, is this unusual that most people do this?” and apparently, lots of people do this. This is sort of the trend is that you can get a quick referral, you can get the information you need for Facebook super-fast so that’s why referrals now are coming from social media and they’re coming really fast so that means that your Facebook page, your fan page is probably more important now than it’s ever been.

Now I want you to be thinking about this. There’s because there’s two avenues for us to be to be really considering when it comes to the fact that now people are getting referrals directly from Facebook. Number one is that if you have created a really strong sense of community in your practice, where people are just advocates for you, where they wouldn’t want someone to go anywhere else, when they get that question on Facebook, “Do you have a referral?” They will go out of their way to not only refer you but they will make a big effort to make sure that people go to you because that makes them feel good, makes them feel important and they want to know that their friends take their advice so the better job for you to do is really create a massive fantastic experience in your practice.

The more likely you are to get that referral on Facebook when somebody says “Hey they want to have a referral for a dentist or a pediatric dentist, chiropractor, whoever it might be.” So I want to make sure that you’re thinking about that. Really create an experience so that when that time comes, they are absolutely jumping in and they’re sending links saying “Go look at this page, go do that, we’d love that.”

Okay, and then the second thing that I want you thinking about is, when was the last time you posted to your Facebook fan page? Because if it’s been a week, two weeks, a month or longer, you might lose that referral. So let’s say somebody says “Hey, does anyone have a referral for a great dentist, great chiropractor, great orthodontist in my area?” and they get ten people that jump in and say “We got to go to this doctor, that doctor, whose doctor? Well, they probably just got three, four and five referrals.

Now, we’re going to check out your Facebook fan page because guess what, they’re already on Facebook. So, if you haven’t posted recently or there’s been some comments with no responses from your office, well, they’re going to go to the next one. You just lost that referral, so that means that your fan page is more about not only getting your message out and how do people find you. It’s about making sure that you keep referrals that you get and getting them on Facebook now is easier and faster than it’s ever been.

So if you have any questions about how all this works, what we can do to help and support you, we’d love to talk to you but please you know like it. You know, ask your questions. Let us know what we can do to help you out, and I look forward to seeing you on the next Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now!

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