Welcome, welcome, welcome, everybody to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine here with Top Line! We are going to be talking about your social media posting and more specifically how much is enough or how much is too much.

This is a topic that comes up a lot because we offer a service to help practices keep their social media active, to have content going out on a regular basis and all of the research that we have amongst all of the different offices and among all of the different marketing firms that we coordinate with and work with. We all kind of see the same things happening over and over again, that if your Facebook especially.

The ideal number of posts on social media is two times a day.But if your social media accounts are not active, they are not being posted to on a very regular basis. It doesn’t look good for your practice. It makes it look like you’re not really engaged. It’s just one of those things that when you have a great office atmosphere, that you can’t say well because I’m buying these new magazines. I am getting X number of new patients but you know you need the new magazines in order to keep the people happy.

It’s the same thing for Facebook, for Twitter, all the different social media avenues that you might have. That you have consistent content being posted there. So, that you are just filling in the baseline requirements of what people expect today.

That’s what it’s kind of strange now. We do a lot of work for our clients on social media. I don’t particularly like social media. It’s not something that I take part in on a regular basis for me personally. But, man, I sure as heck use it for business and I use it like crazy for our clients. Because, it is something that you really need to have and you need to have a good perspective on it. So, there are all kinds of reports and informations you can find out there that’s going to try to tell you how many posts you should have and then how many is too many. Look. Because I am in this industry because we work with dentists, chiropractors, orthodontists. We’re actually expanding its other avenues.

Right now, we are seeing very consistently that two posts per day every day is just right. It’s that sweet spot because what we see is that when you’re posting three times a day and it is relevant content it is interesting to your viewers that third time per day, that once we get to three, we’re getting really good engagement. It is showing your content more often to more people and that means that if we are consistently posting for you two times a day and you post once or twice a week on your own. Then, you’re hitting that magic three number pretty consistently.

Now, if you’re not posting at all, at least, you know that something is happening on your Facebook. Your Twitter and Google+ and all those places, you know that it is happening no matter what. You can just count out being done and that is really the key. It’s just knowing that it’s being done. So, that when you have something extra to add, it is going to have a bigger way. It’s going to do more for your practice. So, make that sort of the guideline for you. That two per day is really great having. If you have a Facebook page and you’re posting less than once a week, please get on that. Start posting on a more regular basis Just there’s all kinds of things.

If you have questions about ideas, please give me a call. I love talking about this stuff. There’s tons of ways and ideas and concepts and things that you can do to make your life easier when it comes to posting. So, if you are posting less than once a month on Facebook, you’re in trouble. Please don’t do that. If you have like a Twitter account or all these other social media avenues but you’re not active close them because if you have a social media account that hasn’t been posted to 1, 2, 3, 4 months or more you look like you’re not in business anymore. That’s what people start to think. So, we don’t want that. So, I would rather just blanket you with great content constantly on all of these markets. All of these social media avenues or not have them and focus on just Facebook.

So, if you’re overwhelmed and you don’t know if Instagram or Facebook or Twitter or Google, where should be the post. Facebook is were you want to be right now. Just make sure you post instantly. If you’re like ‘I can’t do two times a day.’ There’s no way. Then, post at least two or three times a week. You’ve got to get that consistency.

So, I want to show you this. Because we’ve had people – actually, before I show you. We’ve had people that are very concerned about the idea, that if somebody’s going to, if we’re going to post twice a day, every day that the people that are getting our content are getting it twice a day every day, they’re going to get sick of us. But, here’s the thing. The people that have liked our page that are going to see some of our posts, they’re seeing one to three percent of the posts that you place. So, that means they’re going to see one or two or three a week. They’re not seeing one or two a day. It’s just that’s how the algorithm works from Facebook. So, you don’t have to worry about overwhelming them because no one actually goes to your Facebook page after they’ve liked it. They’re just expecting your content to come to them. They’re not going to you unless you do something to drive them to your page. So, they’re not going to get overwhelmed with that.

Let me transfer this because I want you to see what’s possible. Because, this is just a sample page that we put together, where you can kind of get an idea of the kind of content that really works well. It makes sense for your market. You want to put your logo in there, it’s just kind of fun and it just fills up your page. We’ve got all these like tips for braces we’ve got all kind of good stuff. The 1 2 3 – you have all of these really great. The three healthy meals a day. Brush twice a day. Floss once a day. I mean all of these are just designed to make sure that you have content going out constantly. It works and we do this. We have it for all the different industries in which we work.

Okay, so that’s what I want to cover today. I want to make sure that if you’re hearing that you know if you post more than once a day you’re in trouble. It’s not how it works. It really is consistently at that 3 number. You don’t want to post four times a day every day with content that people aren’t engaging with and as long as you stay at 3 or under and people are engaging once in a while Facebook, actually appreciates that you are putting out content that people want.

Okay. So, that’s pretty much what I want to cover today. Let me know what question you have. I’d love to talk to you more about it. If you have any questions, let me know how we can be of service. I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me! Bye for now!

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