Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to Top Line Live at Five. My name is Brian Devine and today we are talking about gamification in your practice marketing. So let’s start with kind of what gamification is.

It’s really finding ways for people to sort of play on your website or within your marketing and have them really engaged. So gamification can mean a lot of different things but I want you to kind of understand the basics which is that getting people to have some fun to do something that does not feel like they’re just walking down a marketing path, that they’re doing something that’s a little more unique a little bit more fun and there’s lots of benefits to doing that.

The key is that they are interacting with your marketing directly and they’re doing it sort of in a fun interesting and hopefully very different unique way. So what kind of options do you have? You’ve got contests and giveaways and you’ve probably heard of this for years and that’s nothing new but I want to make sure that you’re thinking about it because you can run contests and giveaways on Facebook now and it’s very straightforward to do. You can do it on your website.

Include "gamification" in your marketingThere’s all kinds of ways to do that and I want you to know that it used to be really difficult to run on Facebook because they have all kinds of rules and regulations and hopes you get a jump

through those are all gone away in the last, actually, the last couple of years. So I want to make sure you know that you can run contests and giveaways.

Things like photo contests and video contests, post contests. Repost all kinds of things you can do that will benefit the practice and then give something really nice and fun to your patients or prospective patients so that you would be one option. Then think about charitable donations. Is there a charity in your local area that really can use some help that you would probably be donating to anyway? If you combine that with gamification, then you get to say on your social media on your website everywhere that “Hey we’re going to be making a donation to this particular charity and we hope that you are excited about it as we are” and we want to get to this level of a donation or to do that you do something that’s kind of fun and you ask people to jump through some loops now.

Maybe it’s sharing post a certain  number of times, maybe it’s getting to a certain number of likes on your Facebook page. There’s all kinds of ways that you can get people to sort of play with your gamification side and have it fun and then you’re getting something on the practice side. And then, obviously the charity is winning too so you make sure that the charity is involved through the whole process. Don’t kind of surprise them at the end. Get them involved through the whole thing because they will start promoting what you’re doing as well because obviously they would like to be able to get the biggest donation possible as well so this is a win for everybody. The charity obviously wins because they get a nice donation from you in multiple ways than one. You end up with new people that are noticing you out of that. They wouldn’t have noticed you otherwise. You get the good feeling of donating to a great charity and you have all this great new activity around your practice so this is a great way to gamify your marketing.

Now, the last piece: this is kind of new and we’ve been playing with this a little bit lately using software that actually puts a spin wheel. I don’t know if you’ve been to a dental convention or the amount of convention chiropractor convention lately but a lot of the booths that are trying to sell you to something, they’ll put up a big wheel right and you spin the wheel and within all those little sections, there’s something really great that you might win more often than not.

You’re going to win some little tchotchke thing but there’s usually something pretty darn good that you can win. Now why did they do that? Well, they understand that people are more willing to play a little game and  possibly get something really good versus just giving you their information and talking to you. So getting them to get started by using that big spin wheel has been proven to be very effective. Well, we can do that on our website. We can do that.

Well, I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s pretty exciting, what’s possible with gamification these days so what you can do is you can have this wheel where you’ve probably known over the years you’ve had certain number of offers that have been successful or that people really appreciate. So maybe, it’s a teeth whitening or it is a, you know, special on occasion. I’m blanking “Oh you know, new toothbrush, maybe it’s some kind of an adjustment, maybe it’s massage.” There’s all kinds of things that you can do so if you have offers that you’ve used, you could put those sort of into the virtual wheel that would be on, let’s say, on your website and then you can set up like what percentage you want to have, get different offer.

You can make sure that everybody wins something or you can say “Hey, you know, most people are going to have maybe 5% are going to be you know, no one wins anything so that it’s really, it really is a game and in order to play the game have to put your email in there. So you are building your list. You are finding new people that are saying “Yes, I’m willing to interact with you in order to get something pretty cool.” This is a really fun way to do it and because the software is now available and it doesn’t cost thousands of dollar anymore, it’s really very inexpensive that you can run that on your website and start getting people to play to gamify with your marketing rather than just “Here’s the offer. Take it or leave it.” It’s “Why don’t you spin the wheel. See what happens and then you get people to sort of get involved in your marketing.

A really fun way to do the thing that I didn’t want to get ahead of myself on is that now, this software has actually come a long way where you can actually post this game on to your social media. Let’s take Facebook just as an example but this can be posted anywhere that you have a social media account. Now if you have never sent a Facebook link or post and you sent them to someplace else, maybe you wanted to send it to an article from you know, a popular website that people really respect and has a lot of authority. You know, like Oprah or CNN or American Dental Association. So there’s all kinds of places where you might be sending people through these links. Well, this software helps you to create a specialized link where they click it in within your social media. They go to the page that you wanted them to go to but then your gamification spinning-wheel shows up over that website as if you are connected to the website.

What you’re doing is you’re borrowing the authority, the value of the website that they went to and then connecting it to you in a very powerful way especially since they again put their email in there in order to spin the wheel and take advantage of one of your offers. So this is just some of the fun things that are going on right now. I’d love to get your ideas, thoughts, comments. if you think this is a great idea tell me. If you think this is terrible and like the worst thing ever I want to know that too. I want to have that conversation. Let me know what your thoughts are, your questions, your concerns and if you have any questions or need, any help, give us a call. Let us know what we can do to serve you.That’s it for me. Thanks so much for your time. Bye for now.

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