Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five. My name is Brian here with Top Line. Today, let’s talk about reputation marketing. And if you have a system in place in your practice to get those reviews consistently, easily and without having to worry about your staff, having to learn anything crazy or new in order to make that happen. Now, the reason I bring this up and you’re probably going to hear me bring this up more often than not is because when we run campaigns to generate new leads, new patients through the door, we need certain things in place and one of the most important things that we need is a strong online reputation. That means that you have at least six reviews. Ten are usually better, but more importantly than just having a good number of reviews on Google, on Yelp, on Facebook.

More importantly is to consistently have them coming in, so that if somebody is looking you up and they want to find out if you are legitimate and if you are a good place for them to go. If you’re a match, then they’re going to want to see that you have new reviews coming in and a steady flow. You don’t want to have like one month where you get 50 reviews and then you’re like, all right, good. Got my number; not going to worry about anymore. That doesn’t work anymore. It used to work, but not so much anymore. People want to see that you are for real, that you are consistently creating such a great experience for your patients that they are willing to write those positive reviews. Okay, so the whole point of the conversation today is making sure that you know, there are easy, simple ways for you to get those reviews.

And what I had put in the text here for this particular video was how can you get those positive reviews by learning to ask a simple five word question and in a moment I’m going to cover exactly what that is, but I want to make sure that before we covered that five word, a question that we cover a few other things first. And that being that you don’t have to do anything crazy or high tech in your office to get reviews. If you have a postcard on your front desk that has a link to where you’d like to get people to leave you reviews, handing that out to people that are happy. That’s, that is a good start. What we don’t recommend so much anymore is sort of the bribe, right? So when you’re in the medical field, different states have different rules , and sort of saying if you give us a review and we’ll give you $5 gift card to Starbucks, now we used to do that and worked really well.

They made sure that we train staff to say if you give us a review and then you will get this. And the reason that you know the language matters is because if you said, if you give us a good review, then you’ll get this. That is a problem and it’s sort of this fine line. So we have figured out a way to eliminate that completely. And that comes down to that five word question that I’m going to show you in a moment before that again, there are simple things that you can do in your practice that doesn’t weigh down your staff. And that again, postcards, I’m having something on the wall, something that is on your desk. What I do recommend is that if you’re going to put like a little placard on your desk or on your wall that is asking people to give you online reviews, then move it periodically and the reason for that is, and if you don’t believe me, I’ve got a little trick for you.

But what happens is when you move things around, not only will the front desk start noticing it more and glancing at it because maybe it’s in the way and they’ll look at it. It’s going to get other people to look at it. But what happen is people that are in your office over and over again, they start noticing when things are not where they expect them to be and they’ll look at it again. So that’s why you want to move things around. Either you want to prove the theory or you want to disprove the theory. I want to let you. I want you to tell me. All you have to do is take a picture that you have sort of in the back of the office. Move it to the front and take them on in the front of the office and move it to the back and I promise you will have people going. That’s new when you get that and it’s not new, it’s just you moved it so people are noticing it again.

Okay, so the five word question and that simple, simple question that if you can learn and use our system, you will be able to get consistent reviews like clockwork. And that simple question is would you sign in? Please? That’s it. And we take it all over from there. And the reason that we decided that we needed to build something that was that simple for the staff to take on is because we already know the staff is overwhelmed and then to try to train them on how to ask for reviews and how to get people compelled to want to help you in to say, Can we get your feedback on your visit today versus can you give us a real online review? Like we, we were teaching all this stuff, but we’re still asking an awful lot of the staff.

So when we’re able to say, would you sign in, please? That’s all I have to do. Now, if you are in an orthodontic office, then you might want to shift that to, would you sign out please still five, five, five word question, still easy to do. Now the reason being is when somebody is coming into a dental practice, into a chiropractic practice, it usually you don’t already have a sign in system you don’t like, they’re not already signing in and then it goes into your data management and then everyone starts reacting. Most of those offices don’t have that, so it’s great to be able to add that. And we have a virtual clipboard and all kinds of really cool stuff where you can track who’s been waiting for how long and all this great stuff. If you’re an orthodontic office, you probably already have that.

So most orthodontists offices that we work with, they already have a sign in so the kids can just come in, they sign in and then they’re on the, on the spreadsheet and they know that they’re in, they’ll come game. So what we do is we say, would you sign out please? That way on the way out, you just say, would you mind signing out please? And then we instantly send out everything that you need. I want you to see that we can change it to sign in, sign out. So we can change the language here. We’re just asking for name, email and phone number and we typically don’t make the address required, but we do make the mobile phone required.

The reason being is that when we send out a text that will ask for feedback, it gets opened and in utilized much more often than an email. We’re talking when we send out, usually about one out of five, five text messages, we will get a review. Whereas with email it’s on a good day, it’s one out of 20 on a not so good day we’re going to but one out of 50 so the numbers are much better on mobile. So we really want that mobile and then there’s this little agree to be contacted and we’ve got all the, the basic stuff that kind of covers your butt and so you’d be okay, okay there. And then they click sign out and they walk away. So if you’re a dental office, you’re a chiropractic office and you put a sign in, then we would just put a delay.

So you know, we wouldn’t ask for feedback on their visit for maybe two hours or if you’re like you don’t want to be about 45 minutes, whatever it is. And then we can do a full follow-up system, be email, text message to make sure that you’re not only getting that one review. Maybe you need some reviews in places that are like super pages, insider pages, yellow bought all these different places where we can start sending out those emails. And here’s the really cool thing is that if somebody comes in, let’s say twice in one week and they fill out this form, the system will not send out a another set of text messages and emails. It will do it once every six months.

So we’re not going to drive people crazy. Okay? So I just want you to kind of see, that there are simple tools. We have a beautiful way for you to do this. It is so straightforward. And if you can just say, would you sign in? Please, you will be golden. Okay? That’s it for me. I hope that you found this valuable. I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Lines Live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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