Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five. My name is Brian here with Top Line. And today, we’re going to be talking about something that I’ve very excited to bring to our clients and talk to you about, and that is what I am calling our crystal ball of marketing online.  Why am I calling it this crystal ball? Well, one of the things that we struggle with as a community, as you know all marketers, is what happens when you do this, you kind of make some assumptions and you run a bunch of math. But the thing that happens is because we’re able to do so many different things and there are so many opportunities and ways to bring people into a marketing system that it starts to get a little overwhelming. And if you make one little change here, it’s hard to figure out what’s going to happen down the line because that one little change can have a huge impact over here and it might be a very positive impact or it can be a hugely negative impact.

And so that’s kind of what you’re always playing with. So we do a lot of testing and we made sure that we keep things relatively simple so that we know that this ad got this result and we know that this offer got this result and now we use this particular ad for that particular offer. Our results are going to keep improving. And so that’s the kind of stuff that we’re constantly playing with. And then we’ll make a little change here to a headline and see what that does. And then a little change here and there. And sometimes we’ll even say, hey, you know what, how about if we also include this little extra offer and we call that the bump offer on the thank you page. And we do that to try to incentivize people to take that extra step and to call an office.

Sometimes it works great. Sometimes we don’t see a whole lot out of it. But what we are really excited about right now is this tool called GERU. Now, I purchased this software, back in 2015 when it just sounded too good to be true. And it was too good to be true, just didn’t work, at least it didn’t work to a way that it really made sense for us to use it on a regular basis. But here’s the thing, it has about to launch their new version and in it is going to be amazing. And that’s why I’m calling it the crystal ball. You’re going to be able to very predictably say, if I do this, what happens to my profit? What happens to my expenses? What happens to the traffic volume, the ratios, and it just calculates everything for you.

Now this is going to look a little bit crazy because this is sort of the big case scenario. If you are running a very complicated campaign and you had all kinds of traffic sources and funnels and videos and email follow-ups and upsells, down sells. Now we don’t recommend that you go this crazy, but I want you to kind of see what is possible. But here’s the thing that is the most interesting is this right here, you would put all of this information in here and what happens is you get to see based on all of the information that you have available, you get to say how many visitors come from Google, how many come from Facebook, from other sources. So I’m retargeting and there’s so many different ways to get traffic and so you keep putting these numbers in.

Then, when it starts to do is it extrapolates how much you’re going to spend on your traffic, what other costs you have. So merchant fees, so you can even include that. We also know that whenever you get started with the patient, if they’re going to use a credit card, well let’s go ahead and subtract some of those fees so that we’re really not guessing. We are absolutely giving you accurate data. And then any other expenses that might be included that you might want to put in there. And then that gives you a total expense. Then it gives you a nice little summary. But here’s the thing, EPC is earnings per click, so it starts to track for every single click that you get on a campaign that you’re running, it’ll tell you what you’re earning on that. It’ll do a cost per lead.

So every time somebody comes through and they raise their hand and say, this sounds great! Want your offer; we know what that costs and then the cost per action. So what does it cost to get somebody in the lead, but they actually took that action that came into the office and they started treatment. And then of course they revenue. So it will show you, it’ll break down revenue; it’ll break down your profit because it’s doing that entire math for you. And then of course, if it will also break this out for the year, both revenue and profit, and it just do this sort of automatically for you in a way that is extremely powerful. Now, I don’t think you want to see kind of all of this craziness over here, because it really can.

I just want you to see that it can track everything, but the most important thing is where are you getting your traffic? And it will track more than just throw in your numbers and then hope for the best. So what you’re doing is you are giving yourself an opportunity to have a very predictive model where you get to say, let’s go ahead and we know that we’re getting these results. We know that we’re getting this kind of a return. Now, let’s add this. And based on what we know, we got to put some numbers in place and then here’s what you can expect. And then that way you get to some people. Let’s scale it up, let’s increase our ad spent. Let’s not do that because our costs are going to go up. Justify the extra effort. And that’s a really powerful thing to have.

So we’re very excited and this is going to be coming out probably it looks like about the end of end of September. We’ll have full access to this. So if you have any questions about it, if you’d like to see it. If you want to have this for yourself, it is a geru.com. I don’t have an affiliate link or anything. If you are interested, check it out and if you’d like us to do some modeling for you, we’d be happy to. So let me know what questions you have. I think that covers everything for today. So that’s it for me. I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. Bye for now.

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