Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five! It’s Brian Devine here with Top Line. I am very happy to have you with us today so that we can talk about multi-step practice marketing.

The reason that this came up for me recently is I’m going to show you this this great book. I don’t have any affiliate links or anything. I’m not associated with Bill Glazer but I got to tell you. If you get a chance to pick up this book, it is extremely well done. The reason that I wanted to bring this up to you is when you are doing direct mail, especially, when you think through your process and you put together a multi-step campaign, you will have much better results than if you don’t. Now, there are times when you’re just going to do a single postcard. That’s going to be just fine, especially, if we’re going to do, let’s say, every door direct mail.

Now, every door direct mail is through the Postal Service where you just send them all of your postcards and they just deliver them to the delivery routes that you’ve given them. That means, it’s just every single doors. Again, now the reason that you might want to do that is because it’s extremely inexpensive to mail when you use the Every Door Direct Mail. However, if you’re going to pay for a list, meaning, you are going to be sending your mail directly to your exact target market and then you’re going to be paying extra for shipping directly to that target market, you want to do everything in your power to increase the odds of getting that phone to ring.

Find campaigns by other industry that no one is doing in your marketplace.When they start getting your mail, one of the fastest and most efficient ways to do that is to have a multi-step process. If you’ve bought the list and you’re going to directly send to those people, don’t send just once. Because, you are just sort of throwing the money away. Please don’t do that. Make sure you have a sequence of three, even if, it’s the same three. I’d rather you have three going out than one because one time is probably going to fail, alright? The very least not good. You’re not going to break either. You’re not going to make any profit on that campaign.

Now, if you think of the process, this is what I want you thinking about when you send. The first postcard it is ‘Offer A’, okay? Then, when you send a second, it’s a letter, maybe it’s a postcard. But, you want them to be very similar to look and feel as to what the first one was. But, not exactly the same. Then, you reference the first one, that Offer A. Now, you are offering Offer A plus B. This is just like that one of the easier ways to do this.

Now, on the third postcard that you send, you are referencing Postcard 2 and Postcard 1. You are now offering Offer A, B and C. Okay? That doesn’t mean that you’re just giving away more and more stuff. We call it “bonus stacking.”

So, the first postcard was that was your holy smokes offer. “This is a great offer, you should call today.” Then, the second one was, “Hey, looks like you didn’t take advantage of the first one. We’d sure love to get you to come in for it. So, we’ve decided to also include X.” So, whatever that might be and it’s something small but it just has that little bonus, that little extra push to get something to go ahead. It sounds pretty good. I’m going to pick up a phone, call. Then, the third one does the same thing. Says, “Hey, you know we offered you the the super special holy smokes offer on the first one. Then, we try to entice you with a little something extra and it clearly hasn’t quite done the trick. How about if we also..” and then, you give them that third thing.

Now, that’s just one way to think through a multi-step campaign. That’s kind of why this outrageous multi-step marketing book, it’s probably good for everybody to kind of pick up and go through. Just cruise through it. Yeah, it’s not one of those like front to back reads. It’s one of those, “Let me read this one. Let me see what this campaign was like.”

Please look at the campaigns that have nothing to do with your industry. Because, that’s where you’re going to find the magic. That’s where you going to find these things that no one is doing in your marketplace, that you get to do first. It probably will work better than anything you’ve ever done.

Okay, that’s it for me. I just want to get that out there in front of you and make sure that you know that when you’re doing direct mail, you should really consider doing multi-step marketing and having at least three different things going out over the course of maybe four to six weeks. Don’t let it go once a month. You want it to be close. So, that you have that top of mind awareness when it comes to did we always do multi-step. So, there’s always sort of a sequence that we are going to put people through. We do it fast, right? It’s because it is instant. Because it’s digital. We’re doing it one-two-three. One-two-three. We’re just moving you through really quickly. But, there is also a way to do it a little bit slower and that’s using retargeting.

Alright, I think that covers enough for today. Let me know what questions you have, how we can be of service and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five! That’s it for me. Bye for now!

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