Are you using your phone more than you should?  Then at least you can put it to good use with some really great marketing apps.  Most of these in the list below are great.  The only changes I would recommend are to use VooPlayer instead of Wistia because it offers more interactive tools to use along with all the same statistics of Wistia and Join.me instead of Zoom.  I like it’s simplicity and the free version will likely cover all of you needs.

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We’re huge fans of automating our processes. Automation allows us the time to do more cool stuff, like create videos, podcasts, or live chats, and it makes it easier to do our day-to-day business as well. So, with this in mind, Michael, Abby, and Allison shared some of their favorite tools that help boost performance  in marketing and sales on a recent episode of SpinRadio. Here’s a breakdown of the tools that could be game changers for you in 2017.

1. Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager will help you collaborate with business partners or agencies while keeping your business and personal pages separate, allowing multiple people to access pages and ad accounts.  If you need to keep access restricted to the people working directly with specific accounts, this will help  you keep tabs on who’s doing what where. Bonus? You can even set up different payment methods for different accounts.

2. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is an online search tool that allows you to analyze search terms or keywords from Google. Do you need help finding keyword phrases and variations? This is the tool for you! The free version of the software will generate up to 750 long-tail keyword variations for any term you enter, and you don’t even have to create an account. You can transform these variations into content, beef up your SEO, or other use them to assist you with any other marketing strategies you might dream up. If you’ve been burned by other keyword search tools before, you can rest easy, knowing that Keyword Tool will work for you 99.99% of the time. We like those odds. 

3. VoiceBunny 

Are you not feeling very confident about your ability to move people to action with the power of your voice? That’s ok. VoiceBunny is here to help. This service acts as matchmaker between audio artists and people with scripts. Just tell VoiceBunny what you need recorded, and they’ll tell you how much it will cost, and how long it will take to get made. Then, they’ll allow you to choose the voice actor yourself, or they’ll match you up with the one they feel would be best for the job. Bam! You’ve got a super slick and professional bit of sound. This is great for creating intros and outros for your podcasts or videos. 

4. Wistia 

You’re probably familiar with Wistia; they’ve offered  video hosting services for businesses for over a decade. However, in addition to their top-notch hosting services, they step things up a notch by including marketing tools, tips, and analytics to help you get the most out of your videos. It’s not just a place to host your videos, it’s a place to gather information and commune with other folks. They even offer what they call “the world’s most detailed analytics”  for the number nerds among you. (No judgment—we love analytics, too!)

5. GraphicConverter

If you you’re looking for an image editor, GraphicConverter is a fantastic choice. Since the mid-1990s, it’s made editing quick and easy, allowing you to retouch, edit and transform images with a full toolbox of effects and filters.  As the name implies, it will also convert images between different formats. If you need to change that GIF file to a JPEG, GraphicConverter has you covered!

6. SnagIt

SnagIt allows you to take screenshots and screencasts. Images and videos are a great way to liven up your communications, and this tool makes capturing them simple. Share them with team members or clients, or just use them to make memes. Regardless of how you use the captured images, SnagIt keeps it easy; their All-in-One Capture feature allows you to  grab your whole desktop, a region of the screen, a window, or even a scrolling window, all with one click. 

7. Zoom

All too often we find that we’re not all in the same place at the same time. (It’s one of the great parts of being part of a ROWE.) However, when it’s time to come together, whether it’s a staff sit-down or a client meeting, Zoom makes it happen. Zoom offers the ability to effortlessly conduct webinars and meetings with multiple people, all in HD voice and video. Some of our favorite features include multi-person screenshare, mobile-app, low-bandwidth handling, and an easy to use interface. You can join by telephone dial-in if you’re not near your computer, so there’s really no excuse for missing the staff meeting. You can even record the meeting, just in case you need to refer to it later! 

8. ScreenFlow

Screenflow is a great but lesser-known solution for Mac users who are looking for a new option for screen recording and video editing. It will enable you to record video and combine it with any screen recorded content.  The editing feature allows you to add in images, text, or a soundtrack, so you can let your imagination run wild. Want to knock their socks off with your next promotional video? ScreenFlow will help. 

9. Candidio

If you don’t have the time, the tools, or the inclination to edit your video footage, Candidio will help. They’ll help you develop a video strategy that’s specifically tailored to your needs, your audience, and your budget—they’ll even provide you with a detailed shot list, so you know that you’ll have the footage they need to create the video you’ve planned. All you have to do is  send in raw video shot on the Candidio platform, and they’ll take it from here. Once the video is edited, they’ll help you create a distribution strategy, so you’ll know that the right people will be seeing your video at the right time. So simple! 

10. Keyword Explorer

Our beloved friends at Moz have created a new and improved keyword tool; Keyword Explorer will help you to find and prioritize the keywords that will best encompass your targeted audience. For an annual fee, you can get thousands of full keyword reports per month, and you’ll have access to their clean, user-friendly interface to help you stay ahead of the SEO game. They offer useful metrics, a huge, high-quality database of already vetted keywords, and a SERP analysis breakdown that will give you the skinny on link and social data on each ranking position.

11. Hotjar

Curious about who’s clicking on your website and how far they are scrolling down the page? Hotjar will give you the scoop quickly and efficiently, offering up all-in-one analytics and feedback through their revolutionary feature Heatmaps, which visually represents your users’ scrolling behavior, clicks and taps.  All of this info will help you know what’s working (and what’s not), allowing you to optimize your site accordingly. 

12. RavenTools

If you’re not already auditing your site regularly, you should be. Monthly or quarterly audits are required to make sure that your websites are properly optimized and operating at their peak capacity. We’re big fans of RavenTools here at SpinWeb; we love their awesome site auditor as well as their very useful online marketing tools that can generate comprehensive marketing reports in mere minutes. RavenTools will save you money and time, and they’ll help you keep your site optimized. That’s a lot of value from one tool!

13. ScreamingFrog

We’ve mentioned our fondness for auditing, right? Here’s another awesome auditing tool—ScreamingFrog. The name is awesome, and tool is, too. You can directly download the tool to your PC, Mac, or Linux machine, and it will crawl your website, evaluating its SEO as it goes. It’s a free download, but if you want to crawl more than 500 URLs, it’s in your best interest to spring for the licensed version. 

14. BuzzSumo

Are you wondering how your content is being received? BuzzSumo is a software program that will show you what content is being shared, how often it’s being shared and then tie influencers back to that— you’ll be able to search up to 12 months of data instantly. With this information, you can then go to the person who created this content and strike up a conversation; maybe you can get them to post on your blog. You’ll have access to detailed analysis about the sharing of your content across social networks as well as the ability to set alerts so that you’ll be instantly notified when your keyword is mentioned anywhere, anytime. 

15. HubSpot CRM 

We’re big HubSpot fans from way back; we use their CRM to break down the walls between sales and marketing. Hubspot CRM’s user-friendly interface and detailed reporting is the stuff that analytics lovers’ dreams are made of, and their unlimited users, usage, and data ensure that you’ll be able to test your site’s limits without ever finding the edge. All the information and communication with your team and clients are stored in one spot, so you won’t have to scramble to find everything you need. 

Hopefully this roundup will point you in the right direction toward the tools that can level up your marketing or sales strategy, so you’ll be ready to start 2017 with a bang. Curious about implementing these apps into your marketing or sales plan? Talk to us! We’re happy to help!



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