Welcome, welcome, welcome, everybody to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine, here with top line. Today let’s talk about personalized video and personalized marketing in general.

Now, the reason that I’m bringing this up today is because I’ve had a few people kind of we’ve been talking about how this works and what we can do. The kind of questions that keep coming up are: What do I do with it? How? What kind of videos? Where do I put it? How does it all work? Well, it’s really just up to your imagination. You can go crazy with it! So, I thought why don’t I do something really fast. Really simple today to show you just how powerful this is. Because, when you personalize your marketing, meaning, you can send something out that has a person’s name on it. You are going to get better results than if you don’t. Now, obviously, if you have a great piece of marketing without the name and a lousy piece of marketing with the name, probably, the great piece of marking is going to do better but just by adding somebody’s name, which is everyone’s favorite word in the world, you are going to increase your odds of getting exactly what you want.

Personalizing your videos increase your odds of getting exactly what you want.Now, the reason I say getting what you want because not all advertising campaigns, not all marketing is designed to do the same thing, so, it’s trying to get someone to take an action. If you can add personalization to that process, you’re going to see your results go through the roof. So, I’m going to jump on over here on my other screen. I’m going to show you this very simple little video that I literally created just minutes before I went live here on this video.

Now, what I want you to see is there’s a link up here and it just has my name in it. Alright, so, I’m going to show you this video. It’s just really simple, kind of fun, you know, just say both happy birthday. Okay. No, it says happy birthday from Top Line. Now, this is all editable. So, these kinds of videos are super easy to make. We can put whatever you want here. We can put whatever we’d like here. But now, here’s the key is that I left this blank. So, that I can personalize this. So, I just put, ‘Hey Brian!’ But, we don’t have to do that. Here’s the thing, let’s say we are sending this to Larry on his birthday. I’m going to let that render. Now, it says ‘Hey Larry!’ It’s just that easy. I’ll know if you’re noticing all I’m doing is changing this up here. Let’s send one to Sally. There it is! Now, you might be thinking. Okay, well I guess every time that we want to say happy birthday to somebody with video that we can do this.

Now, just keep in mind, this is just a simple quick little video that I created but you can use any kind of video. So, if you have your team, your staff, all get together and do some kind of a birthday video. Well, that can be used over and over again for anyone in your practice who’s having a birthday.

The reason that I’m using this particular style is that you can see that, essentially, if you have a list of names, all you have to do is pop this into a spreadsheet and throw the names in there. You’re good to go.

Now, if you’re using a specific type of marketing tool that sends out emails automatically. We might be able to just tie right into that and have it automatically update the name. So, you can send this out automatically through our software, through your software and have it always say the right person’s name. You can make sure this goes out all year long Then, obviously, change the video. So, that they’re not getting the same video every year. So, you kind of just make sure that if you start in January of 2019 that you have a new video for January 2020.

Okay, but that’s what I wanted to get out to you. I want you to see that this is just that amazing. It’s just that simple. Now, this is just one way to do it. We can do it through Facebook. So, if you send this link through Facebook, anyone who clicks, they’re going to see their name. It’s going to automatically pull the information from their Facebook page. It’s really amazing. So, I just wanted you to see how how powerful this can be, that you really can do this kind of personalized marketing. Now, all I did was put their name in. Now, you could have more information as long as you have it.

Now, if you are on Facebook, doing it. Well, any information that Facebook has, we can pull right into that. Otherwise, as long as you have the information that we can pull in there. Hey, sky’s the limit. So, be creative. Think about this I just wanted to see just in a quick minute. I had a five. Hey, let me just create this video real fast. Let me throw in the personalization and boom! I am done. This could be run all year long.

Okay, so that was the idea for today. I want you to know that we’re here to support you. Let me know what question you have. I think that’s it for today. I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five! That’s it for me! Bye for now!

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