Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian here at Top Line. Today we’re going to be talking about newsletters.

Now, I know that newsletters are not the sexy, hot, exciting, new thing to be talking about but I’ve got to tell you, it’s just one of those staples that if you keep it in your practice marketing mix, it can do a whole lot of good for your practice. There are lots of ways to do newsletters. There are services that you might already use. I used to work with Sesame and I know they’ve got a newsletter that’s built into their whole system telebox were it’s called west now. Most of these companies, they have email newsletters built right in and you can kind of drag and drop and and create a great newsletter and send that out. Now, I understand the reason that most people don’t actually do this is because it’s confusing. It’s a pain. Someone has to remember to go do it. You have to figure out how to connect to the data. I mean there are steps involved and they’ve done a lot to try to make it as easy as possible but it’s still work. I still required as somebody to go in there and do that but it is worth doing and it does a few things.

Email newsletters are the easiest to do because it's inexpensive and you just have to set up a few things.Number one is that if it’s done right, you stay what’s called top of mind. You are reminding people that, hey, you exist. If you send out newsletters that are constantly promoting meaning, “Buy my stuff. Buy my Stuff. Buy my stuff.” That’s not going to do very well for you because people are just going to tune you out. They’re going to stop opening it but if you provide something that’s quick and easy to read that gives some information, that has some value to them, that is relevant ,not only to what you do, but to how they interact with you. Then, that will get consumed. Meaning, they will open it and read it. Now, probably look forward to the next one.

As long as you do that consistently on a monthly basis, then, you are building that value between you and your patients or prospective patients because you can have people sign up for newsletters that might not be patients yet know. By doing this process, you also have the opportunity at the end of each of these news.

I’m talking about email newsletters because those are the easiest to do. They’re so expensive because there’s no printing cost or anything like that. However, when you do this you can just put a quick little call-to-action at the bottom. By call-to-action, I mean tell them to do this to get that. Now, this isn’t again not by my staff. This big promotion. It’s just “Hey, if you have anything that that we can help you with, give us a call. If you haven’t been in a while, make sure you give us a call.” Anything like that. Then, every third or fourth time make them an offer. Say, “Hey, we’re running a special and if you thought about getting your teeth whitened or you thought about having a massage or you thought about you know something along the lines.” If you’re an orthodontist, “If you are if you’ve been thinking maybe you want to get your teeth straightened and you’ve been bringing in your kids, we’ve got a special for parents.” I mean, that’s how you can just keep on building and building by providing some good value valuable information quickly. Then, give them maybe a reason to contact you every once in a while and that’s the value there of the newsletter.

Now, I mentioned that we’re talking about email newsletters as opposed to the mail out ones. Now, mailed newsletters are extremely important. They’re very valuable but they’re also expensive and you’re going to spend a lot of money without being able to really tell that you’ve got to direct return on investment from that effort. It doesn’t mean that they’re bad. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them. It just means that it’s harder to justify. I understand when you have a limited budget, especially, for your marketing that to spend all of it. Essentially what happens to most offices. They spend all of it on newsletters. It’s a scary proposition because it could be six months before you see a single new patient from that effort or longer. But, it can build. That’s why we like to start with email newsletters because you might not see anything really significant happen for four to six months but it is very inexpensive. You can do it very quickly, so, that’s what I want to cover today.

I want to make sure that you are thinking about what are the things that you can be doing to stay top of mind in front of your patients. Give them value. Have them look forward to hearing from you and seeing your information and doing it in a very cost-effective manner. Alright! That’s what I want to cover today. I hope you found this useful. Let me know what question you have and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me! Bye for now!

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