Welcome! Welcome! Welcome everyone to Top Line Live Five! My name is Brian Devine and today we are talking about tracking your marketing efforts but with a twist.

So today in what we’re able to do when it comes to online marketing especially we can track just about everything when it comes to the practice marketing that you’re putting in place.

We have things like dynamic call tracking and what that means is when somebody comes to your website based on how they found you, we can display a different phone number. So if they found you on Google search and then came to your website, we can show them phone number A and if they found you on Facebook, then we can show them phone number B. If they found you on YouTube, they see phone number C and then obviously if they go directly to your website we can show phone number D.

Make sure your name shows up everywhere so that you'll be the patient's top choice

We can go on and often like that so that gives us a real opportunity to track an amazing amount of the work that’s being done on your behalf.

There’s also pixels, so when we talk about pixels what we’re doing is we’re saying every time somebody lands on your website or on your landing page or an offer, that we drop this little piece of code onto their browser that then puts them on a list and says “Hey, these people are interested in what you have to offer so let’s make sure that we follow them around the internet and show them what it is that they were originally interested in” until they decide to take whatever action is that you want them to take which obviously would be to take advantage of your offer.


We can now track landing pages and the offers so each landing page can have its own tracking pixel. We can have coupons with different redemption options. I mean, it’s just goes on and on. There is an amazing amount that can be done to market your practice and an amazing amount that can be tracked.

Now, obviously in the office itself there is some work that has to be done to make sure that everything is lined up and you are tracking things properly but what’s amazing is that really, a lot of this can be automated.There is one thing that can’t be tracked but it still has a huge a tremendous value to your practice and to the marketing efforts that you’re putting in place and that is awareness.

Okay, what we’re talking about with awareness is making you just show up everywhere so that when somebody is finally like “You know what, I think I think I’m looking for a dentist or I need orthodontics, or I am, you know, my back hurts and I need a chiropractor.”

Whatever that case may be, they have seen you, your ad, your offer, your logo, your brand, so many times in so many places so often that you’re the only choice that they make.

So when it comes to awareness, we’re also talking about when they see you everywhere, then your ads , the offers that you do place that we can track will actually convert better. Meaning, they will turn into more patients when you are seeing everywhere your referrals trust you more and it’s a phenomenon that has been proven.

It’s just this what we call “Top of Mind Awareness.” When they get a referral they’re like “Oh yeah, I’ve seen him or her so many different places and they don’t even know where they’re seeing you but they know they’ve seen you in that name. Their name recognition is there then those referrals are easier to turn into patients.

When you’re seen everywhere, you are seen as the obvious choice in your market. Now the question of course is how can you be seen everywhere? Well, there are lots of ways to do that. There are free ways, there are ways that you know, just getting your content out there.

Well, this one, I wrote this down and you would not forget. You can do webinars and I know lots of practices and practice owners. Doctors think webinars, you know, that’s sort of reminding people that’s not for the practice.

Actually, the practices that do the webinars tend to do extremely well. Now you’ve probably seen chiropractors tend to do this on a regular basis. They will have an informational event at their practice or at a local restaurant or a place where they can gather people and talk to them about their practice and what it is they do? And that to work very well but there are people that can’t attend or whatever reason, it’s just not going to work well. You can do webinars and if you are a dentist that wants to do more implants.

Well, a lot of people don’t know what implants are all about and how it all works. Why not offer webinar? You’re an orthodontist and people are curious about invisalign or what, ortho excel or propell, whatever it is that’s new in your practice. You can do a webinar to explain the advantages and the benefits and there’s really very little cost.

Okay, so I can go on about how this is about webinars but I want to make sure you knew that yes, webinars do work very well at practice. You could put your videos on YouTube videos like the ones I’m doing here. You can have them created for you. You can do referral videos, review videos.

There’s all kinds of ways that you can get videos. Put them on your website, on to YouTube, Facebook, get them all over the place; Twitter Google Plus, you name it. And yes, you should absolutely take advantage of video marketing. It is absolutely powerful and you don’t want to miss out on that opportunity because if somebody comes into your market and they understand the power of video marketing and you’ve missed it, I would hate for that to happen to you.

So take advantage of that then of course you can have your articles, your thoughts, your ideas all that can be put on your website and your social media. So that is a pretty big broad way of making you found and seen everywhere.

There is one more way that you can do that and it’s very cool. It is something that we call “Practice Fuel” but essentially what it is, is called “real-time bidding” or display ads and you might hear people say “RTB.” That’s short for real-time bidding.

Now in order to do this just about a year ago, it would cost you a fortune probably about eight or nine thousand dollars just to stick your foot in the door and then, you haven’t even displayed your ads anywhere. You’ve just paid for the ads and then you’re going to have to pay at least a thousand dollars. Usually it’s going to be more like two to three thousand dollars a month just to get your ads showing up in your market.

That is no longer the case. We can do  these ads now and lots of people can do them. That doesn’t have to just be with Top Line and lots of people can do them and you can create these ads a massive discount because when you work with someone like us, we already know which ads have been proven successful so we’re just going to take those ads stick it in to fit specifically for your practice.

So we have your logo and your information, your offers, what have you, and we can create them very quickly so we’re not starting from scratch. We’re not having to charge you ten thousand dollars to do that to create a 90-day campaign that follows people around the internet.

So we can do this at a very, that’s kind of great. Again, it is very exciting to be a part of this right now because the doors have opened and you can you can be the absolute obvious choice because not only can you be found on YouTube, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Google+ but we could also follow anyone that finds you in any of these places.

Now you can be displayed on any website that shows an ad not talking Forbes, CNN, Fox News NBC, CBM all of them. All of those websites show display ads and then we do what’s called real-time bidding and that software is no longer costing us tens of thousands of dollars. It’s very inexpensive and we can get your ads to show up and display so that no matter where somebody is, they see you.

They see your practice and they know that you are the obvious choice. Okay, that’s it for today. If you have any questions or you’d like to learn more, please let us know. I’d be happy to talk about it in further detail but thank you again for joining us today. That’s it! Bye for now!

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