Welcome everyone! This is Brian and you are here at Top Line Live at Five. Thanks for joining us today. We’re going to talk about something really cool today and I’m trying to keep it short. It’s Friday and I appreciate that you’re here.

So what we’re going to talk about is kind of blowing my mind right now. Because the playing of this lately, it’s just really amazing. So we’re going to talk about 360-degree video and how you can use it in your practice. So, I want to make sure that you know what it is and why you want it. Because this thing, I’m convinced is going to be the future of video and YouTube, I think, agrees. Because YouTube is making its player work with these 360 degree videos. So let me see my king cams move this a little bit.

I want to show you what one of these cameras look like. So, this is a quick little version of a 360-degree video. You notice there is a unique video camera and there is a camera on both sides.  A little microphone on this got a little stand here so you can put it onto a tripod. So you can have it nice and stable or you can move around with it and put that on a stick and use it that way.

360 degree video is the future in marketingSo the concept here is that, those two cameras are taking. Between the two of them are taking 360 degrees all around. And you know, up down everywhere, and that means that if somebody wants to, let’s say to visit your office. They’re no longer limited to where you point a camera and shoot. You can actually just put one of these right in the middle of room and it will take the full view of everything and people can start looking around about it and really have full control over so where they get to go and look in your practice.

This is pretty amazing stuff. Now, this used to be completely out of the range of reality. Because there’s no reason to do it. A camera would cost at least $6,000. Well today, I actually found one who’s the old one not this one. I found all. What if you just want to play with it $68 and it works. It’s not great that image qualities aren’t perfect. The lighting is not as good as it could be. But for $68, if you want to play around with it, why not? Now you can still go as high you can go $6,000 up. And you know this guy’s limit if you really want to. But I tell you, you can get a really nice camera around four or five hundred dollars. That’s kind of probably fit all of your needs now. If you have a professional come in and take sort of a 360-degree video of your practice. It’s going to cost couple thousand dollars and that’s kind of why I got involved. Because I’ve had enough clients say, “Hey you know what’s going on. Can I want to have this, you know, really cool way of showing my office?” I started researching the 360-degree video and it just blew my mind on what’s possible and it allows you to really stand out from the crowd.

So there’s a lot of options now when it comes to these cameras and if you don’t want to do it yourself, there are professionals that can come out and do it for you. And do a beautiful job. They even now have 3D audio so this particular camera, I think it’s called the theta V this particular camera. There’s another little piece you can put down here and it will do 360-degree immersive sound. Meaning, if I was speaking as I was taking the film and you started moving the camera around so to speak. When you’re watching the video then the sound is going to move. As if you’re moving as well and it will change where your human sound is really critical. So I think that’s you know, like the geek side of me comes out and like excited about that stuff.

Probably the most important thing for practice, but what really is cool is that you now have an opportunity to completely stand out and let people have a full view of your office. One of the things that most people back is not really what to expect. Not knowing what that person is going to be like. So you have an opportunity to just show them exactly what it’s going to be like in may feel like when they’re coming there, they are ready to go prepared and they already know what’s going to happen in your office. It is a huge advantage. Great!

Now these videos can be shared on Facebook they can be shared on YouTube. There’s not a whole lot of other places where you can share 3D video. Is also another place where they will display 3D, excuse me 360-degree video for you. The challenge has been that these videos, you can’t tell you can’t put them onto your website. However, they won’t play on a mobile phone. So, if you don’t know how to sort of turn on and off different content on your website based on the device they used to get there. And I’d probably stay away from it. Then we’ll hit me, we can do that for you absolutely. Know, how to be that essentially there are ways where if somebody came to your web page and they’re on a mobile phone. We would know it and then we can turn off content that we don’t want to display on level phone and maybe it’s just because it’s going a little too slowly. They don’t really need it on a mobile phone. There’s all kinds of reasons to do that. But there are ways to make that happen.

Well today, they now have player software that will run on your website. It will work beautifully on a mobile phone. So no matter where somebody comes to find you, whether it’s on their phone or on their desktop, laptop, tablet what you have, they will be able to see that 3D video and I hope that I’ve made this clear. But the 3D video, the idea is that it takes this 360-degree image and then the viewer gets to move it around and essentially as they’re watching the video, they get to move and see everything going on around the video.

Now this software is actually pretty amazing and that’s one of the reasons that I got very excited about it. It was not only allowing you to display the video, put nice overlays on your video and make it very clear. You know what, each section of the video is going to be about and telling people they can book around which is all nice. What blew me away was that, it also allows the ability of personalizing the video so we can literally say “Hey Brian, take a look at the office feel free to search around, look around using your mouse or your theater and hopefully you like what you see and give us a call.” Something along those lines but it will literally say Brian and then for someone else it will say Jim or Jack or whoever is showing up at your website.

What it does is, it pulls the data directly from Facebook and most people especially on their phones are logged into Facebook all the time. And if they’re not logged into Facebook and they find you on a website. Just go ask them to connect and if they don’t want to, the video still works. It’s just you know, put a little placeholder you know. Just say “Hey friend, there’s something along those lines”.

Anyway, it’s pretty amazing stuff so I got pretty excited about it and I wanted to share that with you. That was really there, the creativity around, what can be done with this. It’s only held back by what you can think of. So I kind of put a little list together here. What type of videos that you can create really. The sky’s the limit, so get creative office tours. The first one that I thought of and it really helps you stand down. Now you’ve probably seen those office words. That photographers can take they take a lot of still pictures. They stitch it all together. They put it into Google and then Google will display it so that you kind of move around. This is gone light-years beyond that so you really get to stand out. And an office tour, what you can do is you can put it on a stick and you can walk around and have you or a team member. But somebody gets to basically walk through the practice and talk about every different room and what goes here and what goes on there. And essentially, you’re giving them a virtual office tour while talking to them. And they get to kind of look around as if they were following you through the office pretty amazing stuff.

The other way to do is just put it onto a tripod and just leave the office empty. So that way it’s not yeah too confusing. Because you’ll have to start and stop as you move it to different rooms. However, this is also a really powerful way to kind of show a lobby. Show the front desk showing operatory. Show you know individual rooms. Show a you know where you’re going to talk about treatment options all that we just put it right there on a tripod, let it go for 10 to 20 seconds and then turn it off. Move it into another room and know at all. Re actually can stitch it all together, so that essentially they get this walk through.

It’s really an amazing thing that you can do. So um, how about special events? You ever do a special event? Why not take a 360-degree vision of it? So that people are immersed in your event rather than just a still camera that takes pictures. And they can only see one angle. You put that in the middle of the room and they get to see the entire event. Absolutely amazing.

Some of these video cameras and actually the one that I got is, it will allow you to do live streaming. So you can do a Facebook live, like this and stream 360-degrees so that people can really get immersed. So if you ever do like a big event for your practice I highly recommend you give it a try. It will really let people get getting right into the event feel. Like they’re a part of it. I don’t know if the patient has a great result and you want to take a video. Well now, rather than just a flat video you’re able to put a video together. Where the patient is talking about their experience and how much they appreciate what you’ve done and you get to be there at the same time. If people can keep moving the image around to see your reaction. To see the conversation, there’s so many ways that you can use that.

Let me know what your thoughts are. Let me know what your ideas are, get creative with it! I’d love to hear what you come up with for this and if you need any help along the way or have some questions, please feel free to get in touch. Hit us up here on Facebook or go to our website. Give us a call. Whatever works best for you and I look forward to serving you in the future. That’s it for me! Have a great weekend. Bye for now.

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