Welcome! Welcome! Welcome everybody! It is Brian Devine here, with your Top Line Live at Five. Thanks for joining us again today. We’re going to be talking about landing pages and why you should be considering using them for your practice.

Now, the first thing that we need to start off with is what is a landing page. So that even we would be able to have a discussion of what they might do for you. Why you even want them now?

You can drop what's called a little cookie or a pixel on to your landing pageA landing page is a very simple one-page website or web page that has your offer and almost nothing else. So a very straightforward way to get your offer in front of somebody. Without any distractions whatsoever and that means that you don’t have lots of navigation. So there’s no way to start you know. Looking at all of your other services and everything else that you might offer. It is a very simple and clear way to present your offer to the person that has found your ad and ended up on your offer. So that said, that is what a landing page is and it is. It can be built on your current website. It can be built separately. There’s no little right or wrong one of the advantages of having landing pages like this. That are just simple one page. Like you know, do this to get back to simple stuff.

One of the advantages can be that if it’s on your current domain. When you have a lot of traffic coming to it that you’re paying for. Well, if it’s going to your domain that can help a little bit with your search engine optimization. If people are coming to your domain and staying there. We’ll now what I want to make sure.  I also include here is that on my good landing page, not only as you offer crystal clear. But there is a very clear call to action and a call to action. All we’re doing is, we’re putting like maybe a button that says “Do this to get that” and that’s all that we’re talking about. So call to action again. It’s just saying I want you to take this action. So that you can get this thing that you’re interested in.

Now the key here is that there’s no distraction and you’re only making one decision on the page and if you look at some really good landing pages. You’ll notice that they’re not asking you to make a decision here. This is from there. I can’t think about this Nick. No. It is kind of handling as many objections as they think. That you’re going to be thinking of answering those objections right there on that landing page and then saying, “Now do this and you only have to decide yes or no.” Now the cool thing is that and once you have somebody on a landing page, you can also drop what’s called a little cookie or a pixel on to that browser and if they don’t say yes you can then start vomiting them all over the internet with a what I call “Are you still type of an ad?”

The concept there is that they came to your landing Page. Which means that they put on an ad or for some reason had an interest in what wasn’t your offering. But didn’t take that next step to throw up the form or call or whatever it might be. So you have an opportunity now to follow them around saying “Are you still interested?” and you can do that. I usually do that about 90 days and once they land on the second page. So there’s a lander crater, then there’s page two which is the Thank You page. Once they land on map and you can turn off that retargeting so you stop following them with the are you still campaign. Because they’ve already raised their hand and say “Yes I am Interested!”

Now that’s what the landing page is all about and it’s the way that we really like doing it. Super simple to step and step. Number one is here’s the offer, here’s what you get, here’s what I want you to do to get it and then once they take that step. Then they go to a thank you page. Now the Thank You page is where you say “Congratulations! You’ve made a wonderful decision”, “You’re so terrific and we can’t wait to talk to you!” all that kind of good stuff. You also have the opportunity to do what we call a bump offer and that is just a way of saying, “Hey! if you call now (or the in the certain time frame), will also give you X Y Z.” and what you’re doing there is trying to get them to take that extra step and call your office.

Because all of the systems that we have in place that will follow up. Start emails, text messages all these ways to get them to come to your office and get them give you an opportunity to call. The scheduling the best thing possible is for them to just calling you. That’s why I did this little bump off here. Where it’s a big kid that are sort of a high perceived value. But very little cost for you and it gets them over that hump and it’s more likely to get them to say “Yeah, I’m going to call right now.” rather than, you having to call them and chasing down and that’s pretty much what that’s all about. Now who needs this? Who needs a landing page? Who needs a two-step campaign like this? Anyone that is running any offer anywhere.

Okay, so if you are running any further than offer. Whether it’s online or even if it’s offline and you’re sending them to a web page in order to get that particular offer. The worst thing in the world you can do whether it’s online or offline. So if you do an evil crack or anything along those lines. Or online. That the worst thing you do is just send it to your home page now. There is a caveat. If your home page has the offer right on it if it’s just big, bold and here’s the special over the month. Then it’s okay obviously to send them to your home page.

But I would still recommend having a landing page where they don’t get distracted there. I only have to make one decision and we just lie you know. Just dive into making that decision and obviously having the pixel where we know exactly. What they came to that page. For so, let me do a follow or a retarget them. That ad can be specific to what it was that they were interested in, rather than homepage pixel. Which we’re not sure exactly why they might have come. There could be a lot of reasons and that’s kind of why I still recommend a landing page now. I see this all the time. Where we have really good Google AdWords that are running and you’re getting a good click-through rate. You’re you know cost per click is. Hopefully, coming down. But they’re sending to a home page that doesn’t have an offer. There’s no call to action and you’re just only money out the window.

Especially your ad says you know hundred dollars off or free this, get this you know, do this to get that and they click on it. Then they end up on page that does not tell how to get that specific offer. Don’t make of buying a domain and look for it. Don’t put like, well you know the specials. You know make it super crazy easy for them. Because you only have a very small amount of their attention anyway and you’ve got a very small amount of their time so make it as easy as possible. Then, if I’m trying to think what else we can do. Oh, if one of the things that works really well with the landing page is. If you are posting on Facebook or on any social media and you post there a lot.

Because you want people to know that you’re active, that you’re involved in your community and that people are going to interact on Facebook. If you are doing that and every once in a while you put a link to your homepage which is good for search engine optimization. So I recommend Jean at once model. Don’t do it every time. Every once in a while certainly good. Also consider “Hey we’re running this offer this month.” if you know, you’d like to say and I don’t know anyone would like to take advantage. Here it is, send them to your landing page now. Don’t do this every day. Don’t do it all the time. But every once in a while. It certainly can be helpful to do that.

So I’m going to throw a bunch of different ideas on ways to use a landing page and then, make sure it’s really clear what landing pages and if any of you are out there and you know running ads of any type and they are not going to a landing page. Please consider getting a landing page created for anything we can do to support you, I’m here to help anything we can do and that’s it for me. All right! Thank you very much for your time today. Bye for now.

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