Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five. My name is Brian Devine here with your Top Lineand I’m excited to be talking to you today about what a quality lead meanswhen it comes to online marketing.

Now, there are lots of ways to get new patients to online marketing and we call it a lead when somebody fills a form for calls or phone number, leaves an information. So, it’s a lead and at that point, it’s not a new patient. Now, when we run all of these campaigns and as much as I would love to say that we actually run a campaign. The next thing you know you had a patient seen on the office and fortunately you’ve done work that way. It’s a lead, a person that has been qualified to some extent to come to a point that you would contact them and then schedule an appointment. Now, this change had been going kind of last year or so and has been really really interesting because the world is changing and what’s considered a high quality lead has changed along with it.

Having automation has changed how we interact with the world especially online.

The reason the things has changed are what we call automation. Having ways always done automatically has changed how we interact with the world especially online because we expect things and most of the bigger company are making that possible and their doing it in a unique way. We will talk a little bit about that but I want you to think about social media where we now don’t just hope that we can find somebody that might have a good reputation online.We just go on our social media account and then say “Hey anybody know a good dentist, good chiropractic, pediatric dentist and then we wait for feedback and its usually pretty damn instant. So again, we are changing this process.

The only thing that I want to consider is Amazon.Amazon is kind of taking in the world of Chrome right now and we need to be aware of what is happening because people right now expecting things that are so fast, so cheap,so automatic that we have to be aware of them.The conversation has changed to the point where people are expecting things to be so instant that a good, qualified lead is now someone that has had a conversation and in order to do that we have to automate so we have automation tools like big companies that are no longer huge about some money and time in order for this to set up.It can all be done fairly simply and fairly efficiently and you can use Facebook to do it now so combining the automation with the social media and the speed and immediacy is what people are wanting and expecting.Now something that I heard early in this morning that really struck me was a marker that was named in 9 days and he said that”a conversation is the new lead”.I really like that concept.

Because what it is going to saying that a good qualified lead for your practice is someone that already had a conversation with your practice yet you didn’t have to actually be a part of that conversation and it’s really an amazing thing that we can now have a conversation on the social media thinking that we are speaking to the live person and we are not. It is a “but”.

Now this is what had really changed the world when it comes to this whole process or bots and being able to set this whole process up before it ever had engagement with a potential patient. Now, what happens is they go to a website or to Facebook because we can have this interaction in either way and ask a question.

Now you can even post the question,you can ran an adand say are you “interested in””have you been considered at,” or”are you new to the area?”You can actually ran a new campaign and say,”Hey seems like you just moved in, would you be interested in finding out about what are deal practice can do for you and your family?”and the bot will have this conversation with your prospective patientmove them down the path to the point that the bot say”Hey it is time for you to talk to an actual life person”and it will essentially pass it up.

That is what we come in this world. This world is pretty amazing. If you like to know more about bots, if you like to find out what we’re putting in place, what we are actually building on some right now and the testing amount, if you like to be part of that, please let me know. I’ll be happy to talk to you about it. I want to make sure that you’re thinking this way: “Now, I qualified the need of that someone that had a conversation over you and your practice and you haven’t had to spend any time to do that and it hasn’t changed your practice at all and you haven’t had to hire somebody full time sitting in front of Facebook and waiting for somebody to ask a question or kind of find people. It’s just automatically done for you.

That’s it! I want to make sure you are hitting this way. Please let me know what question you have if you agree or disagree, I want to hear it from you. Thank you so much for your time. That’s it for me. Bye for now

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