Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five. My name is Brian and I am here to talk about stage two or phase two of your online marketing system.

Last time that I was here, we were talking about phase one and that is where you have your foundation, where you have all of the necessary pieces in place for some real fun, heavy, marketing to actually have an impact to work. What we talked about was that you needed to have a rock-solid website. We can always go through what that means and in detail but I just want you to know that think of it like you’re your digital front office. That if it is not up to date and it’s not clean, it doesn’t look new and fresh, then, it’s going to have not quite the impact that you wanted to have.

Then we also talked about that you needed to have your Facebook, especially, but your social media. But more importantly, your Facebook profile constantly being updated So, that it doesn’t look like a digital ghost town that you maybe put something up there once every month or a couple of times a month. That’s about it or it’s been three months or more since you’ve posted because that can hurt you, especially, if you’re running a lot of ads and offers and people are checking you out. They’re not finding that you’re active, so, that can be a problem. So, we don’t want that to happen. Then, last is your reputation.

Because we know they’re going to check your Facebook. We know that they’re going to check your website. We also know that they are going to check your online reputation. So, if that’s not in place, even if you think, well, I don’t have any negative reviews. But, if you don’t have any current reviews, that’s almost as bad. Because, what happens is people move on and this is all about creating that foundation. It also means that when you get a referral and they check all those things out, you look great and they call and that way you don’t lose those potential referrals. So, sort of that basic foundation that you need in place.

Business drivers means bringing new patients to the practice.Stage two! Let me need to switch my screen here for you. Stage two is about the business drivers. That means, we’re going to talking about actually bringing in new patients to the practice. The way that you can do that and what we really like to do are two very effective ways. #1. Email newsletters. If you already have this in place, Congratulations! Keep it up! This can be extremely effective. It is about staying top of mind. It’s about having people continue to hear from you and to have have you provide some level of value. These newsletters don’t have to be just tons and tons of information. You don’t have to overwhelm them. You want to make sure that whenever they open your email newsletter, they get some little bit of information that adds value. Then, they can move on and that way it keeps you at the top of their minds. So, they have what we call top of mind awareness when it comes to your practice.

Then, the really fun stuff, the Facebook ads. This is where things really get fun because you can start running very specific and clear offers to extremely targeted groups of people. That means that if your best patient is a mother of two and those two are a preschool age. They have a very specific income level and they are within a very specific radius of your office, you can actually make that specific target on Facebook. Then, only show your ad to those people and go from there. It’s a really powerful way to go.

Now, the reason that I’m breaking this up into stages is because if you try to jump too far, too fast, things don’t work as well or they get so slow down. Because, if we’re running Facebook ads but you haven’t posted to your Facebook page in two months, well, those ads aren’t going to produce as well as they could have. If you’re running all these ads but you don’t have a newsletter where you’re consistently staying top of mind, it’s not going to be quite as effective as it might have otherwise.

So, I just want to make sure that you’re thinking about this. That, as you are hearing from all of these companies and you’re hearing about tactics and different things, that you could be doing to bring in new patients. That you always think about that foundation and that you build in stages.

Alright! I just wanted to cover that for you today! Tomorrow, we’ll cover phase three which is the really fun, exciting stuff that could be done once you have Phase 1 and 2 in place. Then, Phase 3 is kind of the direction that you go alright.

That’s it for me! Let me know what questions you have, what we can do to be of service and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five! That’s it for me. Bye for now!

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