Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody toTop Line Live at Five. My name is Brian Devine here with Top Line. Today we’re going to be talking about your digital marketing foundation.

The reason that we need to talk about this is I run into this more often than I care to admit. It’s that there are so many tactics, so many things that we can do when it comes to online marketing to drive patients through the door. Some are going to work better than others in different areas and for different types of offices, different offers and different areas work better. So, there’s all these sort of moving parts and most people want to just jump right into the exciting stuff which is to get those ads going. What we find is that if we don’t have the foundation in place if we’re not rock-solid with that underpinning with what holds that all up. Then, we tend not to do as well as we could or certainly not as well as I want to.

Make sure your website, Facebook page and reputation are well-managed.It’s a difficult situation where I have people that want to do all this fun stuff but their foundation isn’t in place. It’s not solid and I have to backtrack them. If they’re not willing to do it, I really don’t feel comfortable moving forward. I’ve had to make those choices where I just don’t take on the client and it’s frustrating. I think for all sides, so, I wanted to put this video out there. So, we can talk about it. So, that if you are considering working with us here at Top Line, that you know that we have to know that your foundation is in place and it’s solid, it doesn’t mean that we have to be the ones that have done it or that are doing it. We just need to know that those things are in place. So, that you’re going to get the highest absolute best return on investment with everything else that we can do for you.

The easiest way to show you what this is all about them and I can talk about it and till the cows come home but I’m going to show you this image that I’ve got for you. Okay, I’m gonna transition over here and what this is? This is our stage one. The foundation and these are the three things that really have to be in place and have to be rock-solid before we can start doing any of the other things to get your phone to ring.

Number one is your website. Think of that as the digital version of your front office. It has to look great, has to be inviting. It gives people that basic information that they’re looking for. It doesn’t have to be 300 pages. You can get away with five to seven pages, believe it or not. You don’t even have to have the 30 pages that a lot of the big companies are trying to push you into. As long as you answer the very main concepts and then give people a reason to contact you.

Now, you’ve got a decent website and obviously you want to look professional. So, if it’s not looking nice and clean, then, you aren’t creating that presence that online – front office that you want. It means that the other things that we do that people. Then, check out your website. They’re not going to do very well. In fact, sometimes they’ll just fall flat if your website is par if it’s not holding up.

Now, the next thing is your Facebook page. What happens is, if your Facebook page it doesn’t look very good or it has not been updated in weeks or months, people immediately assume, now, this is not like something that they’ve written down and they just decide. No! What happens is they start to think that you’re not busy, that you’re not active, that you’re not engaged in your community. That’s a mistake you don’t want people thinking that way. So, the first thing you want to do with your Facebook page is just make sure it’s being updated. I would recommend somewhere between at the very least two or three times a week and that is how you know that you are not going to be seen as not engaged in with your community.

If you can, two to three times a day is ideal. I know that sounds like a lot which is why we are here, which is why we do what we do so that we can just take that over for you. So, that when you some or someone in your practice actually does make that post, you’re the third post for the day and it’s going to have good traction. Three is kind of that weird magic number where as long as we’re not over three, we’re not kind of causing any problems with Facebook’s algorithms. If we are under, let’s say you know if we go really low. We’re only at once a week, then pretty much no one’s ever going to see what you post.So, we’ve got to kind of play around with that.

Then, finally your reputation. This is so important today and I’m glad that we decided just really a couple of years ago to dive into this wholeheartedly. Because, we started to see the shift where people were looking at reviews before almost anything else when they’re making a decision to choose an office. If your reputation, even if it’s great, but it hasn’t been updated recently, you’re in trouble. Because, somebody else is going to have updated current reviews and they’re going to see more relevant than you.

So, this is some crazy stuff. We can go deep into reputation and what it all means and how important it is and all the statistics that we have but I just want you to get this major message here that you have to have your foundation in place. It needs to be rock-solid because it’s going to be what everything else we do rests upon and if it’s weak and it crumbles then everything else starts to fall apart. You don’t get the return on investment that you deserve and I want you thinking about this when people are getting an ad for me, whether, it is online or offline, if they were given a referral, it doesn’t matter, if they’ve been given your name or they’ve seen your name or they’ve seen your alpha as your ads.

They’re going to do these three things. They’re going to : #1 They’re going to check your website. #2 They’re going to check out your Facebook page. #3 They’re going to look at your reputation online. So, those are the first three things that everyone does. So, we have to make sure that they are rock-solid.

Okay, that’s what I wanted to cover today. We’ll go over stage two and stage three here over the next couple of days but please let me know what questions you have, what can we do to support you and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me! Bye for now!

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