Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine with Top Line and I am really happy to have you with us today to talk about landing pages, offers and targets. Sorry, I’ve been having one of those days where it like, seems like, everything that could go wrong. But, hey, I wanted to make sure that we had a chance to talk with you today about something that is so important.

This is pretty much what all I did today was run different campaigns, We were running AdWords, burning Facebook. So, we were going through a bunch of different campaigns for lots of different clients. We were taking over campaigns from other companies. Now, what happens over and over again is that when we see campaigns that are successful, that are working well is because they’ve got those three things in place. They have a really good offer. They’ve got an excellent landing page that ties in with the offer and; They’re targeting who is seeing the offer is lined up with the with the offer and the landing page. So, those are the three things that have to be in place in order to have a really good successful campaign.

Offers should be in front of their faces once they visited your landing page.When we take over campaigns, when we work with especially with clients that have done it themselves, we, inevitably, we find the campaigns that didn’t work very well. It was because they’re missing one of those three things or they’re missing all three. Even when we see a campaign that was actually giving a pretty fair return on investment, it’d be because it didn’t have one of those three things. It could have done even better. Just because you can get your name in front of lots and lots of people with AdWords, doesn’t mean that you’re going to get lots and lots of phone calls. You can end up spending a lot of money in ways that you really don’t need to.

That’s a big part of what we do is we want to optimize as much as possible, so, that you’re getting the best out of your ad spend. That’s what we’re going to make sure, that we cover today and that’s when you go through this process of building out a campaign especially AdWords. Because with AdWords, you can find yourself spending a lot of money really fast and not getting anything out of it. You can get a lot of activity. You get lots of people to your website. You see your ads everywhere but you’re not getting new patients. That’s really the important part is that we get new patients.

Now, the way that we do that is by making sure that we have some kind of an offer and the offer doesn’t have to be giving away the farm. It just has to be a “Hey, here’s what we’re going to do for you. Click here to get that.” That’s how you get someone to click on your ad instead of someone else’s. Keep in mind that with AdWords, it’s just a money game really. As long as you’re willing to spend more than the next guy or a gal, your ads going to show up first. We know that you know the top three positions are going to be the most important. In fact, the top four then. Now, we’re just showing ads now in the map listing. Then, there’s ads on the bottom. Now, we want to be in the top. Those may get the most activity.

However, if you’re the one that’s kind of in that top space and there’s some really good offers and yours is generic give us a call because we’re great. You’re not going to get nearly as many clicks and if you do get the clicks and then they go to a page that is your home page that doesn’t tell them what you’re going to do and what you’re going to offer and it’s clear. Now, keep in mind that when I say that your home page has to be clear what you’re offering, it means that you can’t have people try to find it. It can’t be that will if you scroll down a little bit then you’ll see that the offers there. It has to be right in front of their face. It’s not because these are not intelligent people. They are. It’s because you have a very small fraction of their attention and that is the keys – that you don’t have much of their attention.

Do not make them work for it. Don’t expect them to figure it out because they’re probably not you. Just have a little bit of their attention. They might have been on their phone. They tapped on your ad. They’re looking there like I don’t know. They move on. We don’t want that. We want them to tap on your ad. Go! Yes! That’s exactly what I want. Or no that’s not what I want. And they move on. But I wanted to say yes or no and take an action.

So, that means that we have to have the right targeting. That means that when somebody types in a keyword and we show them your offer that has to be relevant to the keyword, they just searched for.

Then, the last thing, obviously, is the offer has to be specific to the actual keywords and all of the targeting. So, those are the three things that have to kind of work together in order to make this whole thing work. I’m going to switch my screen over here so that you can kind of get an idea. This is just a really simple landing page that has worked consistently. It just has a logo. We give this the basic offer. Book your appointment. A little bit ‘About You.’ Some basic information and then some logos that tie you in to make, you know, look like you are one of the bigger logos to go along with it. That’s really that what that’s all about.

Here’s just another one. This one. This is one of my favorites. Got a nice video, background, logo. Again, this one the targeting. You know, you’ll see that this is about a big day. So, wedding. That works really well. So, this targeting and then we have to make sure the image matches. So, that the targeting works, right. Then, we’ve got, if you want to just give away content, so, how about a 15 minute, you know, routine for improving a little back pain. So, if we’re going to run a campaign to give away content, make sure that again that you’re targeting makes sense and your landing page is clear. You’re not just sending them to your homepage.

Here’s just another one. You know, headache and neck pain. So, we’re going to give them some more information. How about this one? I like this one a lot. This is, you know, ‘Top 10 Tricks for Crafting the Perfect Selfie Smile’. Now again, this is going to be the landing page. But, we’ve got to make sure that we were retargeting the right people and that the offer makes sense to those people.

Alright! I think I’ve covered enough but I really want to hammer home this concept of don’t just run an ad and throw it against the wall and hope it sticks. Think through that process of what is the offer, what does my landing page look like relative to the offer and then is my targeting correct for the offer and the landing page too to actually connect with the person that clicks on the ad. Alright, that’s it for me. I hope you found this valuable today. If so, leave a comment. Share this with other people. Love to hear!

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