Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine. with Top Line and we’re going to be talking about getting your digital house in order.

Now, what I’m talking about here is simply thinking through not just the experience you create in your practice but the experience you are creating outside of your practice and especially digital because that is forever. It is seen by more people more frequently so it is arguably more important than how your office looks. Now, arguably I probably say it’s about the same and the reason is you already know the value of creating an amazing experience when somebody first walks into your office and that means that all the little details are taken care of and when all those little details are not taken care of in the practice itself, you know that can start having a compounding effect where people, they’re more likely to say, you know, what I’m going to get a second opinion and they’re not even sure why they’re less likely to get started right away. They’re not sure why it’s because of all these little things, making sure that magazines are all nice and neatly organized, that they’re not two years old, that they’re recent, that everything is clean and orderly, that when they walked in they were greeted with a smile and hopefully they’re named.

All of these things are vitally important to the success of any medical practice. It’s amazing how that actually doesn’t happen more often than I care to admit. But even in some of the places that especially we take our children, where we need it to be a fun, happy, you know, bright place. It’s not! I find that I only go to the places, for me, personally, where I can go anywhere I want whereas my kids where we really have to be very specific. I’m only looking for a place where they make me feel good, welcome and happy. When I get there and I’m not the only one.

Your social media, website and reputation are the foundation of your digital house.Now, let’s translate that to your digital office, your digital sort of foyer, so to speak. The front room where people walk in digitally. There’s three places where that is the most important. It’s your website. It’s your social media. As far as how you are presenting yourself. Then, it’s your reputation. Those three things together build that entire foundation for your practice, your digital house. If you will, now, I’m going to jump over to a page here because I want you to get a feel for sort of the the digital house, so to speak. This is just a website that I grabbed randomly and it was on the first page of search engines. So, this is someone that is obviously taking their their digital marketing seriously. Because, getting on the first page for Denver in chiropractic, that’s not easy. They’re there but here’s the thing. It’s not this does not look like a site that is being updated regularly. They’ve got these two images here providing chiropractic and acupuncture for these two. Okay, that’s great. If somebody knows that they aren’t great that is going to go a long way. However, it doesn’t fill the page. This is kind of small. It could be huge, if you really want to call attention to it. You can create something in the background to create interest but it’s just sort of this white space with these two legs and let me, I haven’t clicked on them. At least, it opens to a new page but again you’re now sending people to the Roadrunners and I don’t know why you would do that. So, I would probably maybe not put the link.

But, again, this is just kind of pointing out that they have things in place but they could be making that first impression better, that clear first impression. Now, they also are using what we consider kind of an old style layout where the image doesn’t stretch all the way across the page. It got these sort of blocked services. This isn’t bad. It just looks a little dated kind of like having the old magazines instead of the new ones so and I wanted to show this to you because this is not something that’s like, “Oh my god. This is terrible!” It’s, hey, you know what? Spend a little extra time once at every, you know, four to six months. Clean up the website and you’re being good shape. Keep in mind too that this is pretty small. This is all. This is a lot of text and it’s a lot. It’s pretty small, so, you know, make it bigger.

Alright, we have an aging population. Make it bigger. Putting Google reviews on there, that’s good. But, it suggests that there’s a scroll option but there’s not. So, it’s scrolling automatically, it’s what it looks like. This looks like it’s in some basic code so you can make it big enough that this won’t show up. So, these are just all like, the little things, that if you just fix them up, they would have that better first impression. Here, it is copyright 2014. Okay, so, they haven’t even updated their copyright.

Now, I will be the first to tell you that this is one of the things that all of us who create websites have forget to do. So, if you have a website and you haven’t looked at in a while, please go down to the copyright. Even if you are my client and you look and it says 2017 tell me, we will get that updated and we will make some adjustments on the site. We’ll refresh it because that is important. So, having it say 2014. So, that we know that this is a four year old website. It tells us everything we need to know.

Now, let’s take a look at another one. This one is, obviously, they are spending some time on this one, as well. You’ll notice it’s got this top rated. This little thing that floats, it’s kind of cool. It’s a little distracting. So, maybe at some point had it stops. Oh, it doesn’t overlay everything and get kind of annoying where I want to click on something but I can’t. But, this is a really nice. I, mean look at, that’s a gorgeous picture. It loaded fast. They’ve got video in the background. Me, this is not my site. I’m hoping that that’s clear but I want you to see what even when you’re not working with a company like ours, you can get great websites and and this looks really professional. They’ve got nice photos here. They’ve got this nice, what’s called parallax effect where the image stays straight everything moves around. It’s nice big text. See how big that text is. Same thing here, all over the place. This is just doing a really nice job. Trusted reviews, they’re showing that they’re coming from Google. That is important, as well. The scrolling works. I’d like to see, it’s a more than just, there we go. Facebook, good. So, this is actually done very well. Then again, that parallax where there’s nice photos in there. ‘Get the care you deserve.’ This is, I’m very pleased to see that somebody’s really taking the time. This is what I would consider to have your digital house in order when it comes to your website.

Let me show you just a couple more. This is a dental one. This one I think, if I look down here, 2017. But, it actually looks quite a bit older than that it. It’s got this weird block style that we cache. We did this probably five or six years ago. We don’t do this anymore. The left-hand navigation, we never do that anymore. Yeah good news, is it got your phone number high bright into the right. Love to see that. It’s a nice job. But, then it’s all these boxes and again these are things we just don’t do anymore. Make an appointment is great to have. That testimonials, I highly recommend that if you have testimonials on your website, don’t call them that. That is a marketing term that tells people you’re about to tell everyone how great you are. So, just don’t call it testimonials. You know, rating, reviews what patients are saying. Things like that can really go a long way. The calling of testimonials, I would recommend not doing that. Okay, so this is another one where digital house, it looks clean but it looks dated. So, you’re not creating the best possible experience.

Here’s another one that I ran into and again this is really old. Like, we just don’t do this kind of thing where it’s got this, you know, long image. You know, the face is cut off. We’ve got this weird text under here that you’re not going to be able to read. Really small text. It’s just sort of all over the place. These little you know, links here that, you know, spacing is weird. Look at all this tiny little text. Latest four columns, dental news. So, this one I think, 2016 was the last time it was updated or at least somebody thought about it. So, all these little things really add up.

Let me show you one that I obviously like. Because, we created it. So, it’s got your phone number. High bright in to the right. It’s got a beautiful smile here. These are actual patients. So, it was really fun to create this site. So, we could make them just huge. It does scroll. So, you can see more than just the one image. They wanted to focus on being a top dentist and there you have it. Then, we’ve got nice navigation. That’s really simple, right? We don’t want distractions. We want things simple. So, lead them down the path. A little bit of text. Nice big photo and then some, you know, basic links to high-value websites and then contact information. Of course, we’ve got, ‘You can contact us.’ Then, you can get your map. Get directions. All that good stuff. So, this is, oh, there it is. Look at that. See? We all do it. So, I’m going to update that one today. So, this one says 2017 which is the last time that I got a chance to update it and needs to be updated. So, that we can say 2018 on there. Okay, but I wanted you to get a feel for what I’m talking about.

Now, let’s go back because we talked about three things, right? Website and social media and of course, reputation. So, let’s take a peek and see if things kind of go according to plan. If we look at this website. This is the website that recently, it wasn’t all that up-to-date and now here’s their Facebook page and same thing, it’s really not up to date. It doesn’t match their website. It doesn’t match any logo that I could find. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense. We’ve got a blank space here. So, they didn’t upload anything there. Nice photo but it’s cut off, right? These faces are cut off so they’re just not quite paying attention. This is because things have changed at Facebook recently. This is probably, because, they have something there that no longer fits and Facebook removed it. So, they just haven’t been keeping up with it. This little pop-up is good. So, you can have a conversation and hopefully somebody’s manning that. My experience is that Facebook has been doing this automatically. You probably have no idea that they’re doing that. So, please check. Then, let’s take a look here. Last time, they posted June 4th. Not terrible, right? We should be posting a couple times a day but the last time was May 25th, March 11th. So, they’re not paying attention to their their social media footprint and that doesn’t create the experience that you want.

Now, here I’m guessing that this one. Because, this is such a nice clean site and I really like this but if we go to Facebook. I’m betting they’re going to be on top of it. This is not a client. So, I’m going to make sure I tell you that I’m not trying to toot my own horn here. I thought. Let’s take a look at some that I’m not actual. So, they have their the pop-up again. I think you know Facebook has been doing this a lot lately. So, make sure if you have this that you have somebody manning that. Then, we’ve got a nice photo, right? It matches. So, it looks good. Got a nice photo there. Forty-seven minutes ago, they posted something. That is unique and fun. They had seven hours ago and we’ve got photos, videos, yesterday. So, they are posting consistently. June 19th. June 19th. Good. Good. Good. This is so, this is exactly what I was hoping for that they are paying attention to their digital footprint. No matter where you go so that it’s huge. That’s why I want to make sure that you see that there is a lot that goes into it and then of course your reputation. Are you getting reviews? Are you actively asking for reviews? Now, they have 20 reviews that are five-star here on Facebook. So, that is great. I’m not going to pick on the last one. But, this is important to make sure that you have a system in place to get these reviews.

Now, here’s the thing. It doesn’t look like they’ve gotten a review recently so they’ve had 20 reviews but they’re not getting them consistently. So, that’s going to kind of make things a little harder when you start to run any other marketing. This is what we call the foundation, your reputation, your social media and your website. You have those three things in place then whenever you run a campaign. It will work better.

Okay, so, that’s pretty much it. I want to make sure that I kind of walk you through that. I know, you all know, how important your front desk area is, how it’s important to have everything clean, to have a good, not even good anymore. It has to be an exceptional experience for your patients. To make sure that they come back or that they refer other people. Stay, pay and refer. You probably heard that. So, let’s make sure that not only. Do you have it in the practice itself physically? But, that you’ve taken the time to do that digitally?

Alright, that’s pretty much what I want to cover for you today. Let me know what questions you have and how we can be of service and look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me! Bye for now!

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