Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine of Top Line. I’m really happy to have you with us today because we’re going to be talking about something that I think is really important not only for us here at Top Line but I want you to kind of think about what we’re talking about and how it might pertain to your practice as well. Because, we don’t want to just work with everybody in anybody, right? I mean sometimes you might get somebody through the door that you’re thinking, “Oh boy, I’m not sure this is the right person for us to work on”. You can kind of see that it’s not how to go well no matter how great of a job you do.

Determine who you want to work with to help stabilize and grow your practice.So, when you’ve got a system in place or some concept of how you want to determine who you work with, I think it can really help stabilize and grow your practice. So, I thought let me kind of walk you through some of the basics of the five steps for working with us here at Top Line to do your practice marketing. We’ve kind of been developing this process and there’s a few key things but it’s going to sound really simple at first. I want you to to kind of think through this process with us because it really does have a nice solid impact on who we end up connecting with and working with and how we can we can best serve the community that we’ve decided to serve which is your practice.

Okay, so the five steps: #1) Is that you have to have some kind of a problem that you want a solution for. Now, that might sound really kind of simple but it does happen where we have people that are like, “Hey, this sounds great what can you do for me? What are we trying to accomplish? What’s the goal? What are we trying to achieve?” So, we have questions that we’re going to ask and we’re going to find out what is the problem. We need to get to the core of the issue in order to know if we’re going to be able to solve it which brings us to; Step

#2) That through this process of really determining exactly what challenge you’re having and what we can solve for you that we can solve it. We might find that there’s some other issue going on that you know what? Hey, we’re not the right person for you we can’t fit here but here’s some ideas. Here’s some things to get done and fixed. Then, come back to us and we’d love to work with you. That’s why it might sound silly to say that you have to have a problem and that you have to have a problem. We can fix but it is important that when we first start talking with you that we determine this that. We go through the process to find out that we’re on the same page. Now, that leads us to;

Step #3) You will let us help you. That might sound so so crazy because you’ve probably reached out to us and you’ve said, “Hey, I need your help. I’ve got this problem. I want you to help me.” However, it does happen where we have the solution. We know what’s going to work. We know exactly what to put in place and what has to happen on your side in order for it to work. We get resistance and when that happens it’s just all going to fall apart and it’s not going to matter how great our campaigns are, how beautiful your website might be and how amazing and perfect. We’ve set up all the technology. If you’re not willing to just let us help you with solving that problem, we’re just not going to get anywhere and you won’t be happy. We won’t be happy and we don’t want to do that. Again, it might sound a little strange to think that we’re going to make sure that you’re going to let us solve it. To give you an example, we run into situations where we know okay, this is going to be the solution and we get pushback from either the doctor or the staff. Or there’s somebody on the team that is saying, “No, that’s not going to work. That’s not how it works. We don’t want to do that.” At that point, it’s not going to work. It really only takes one person to completely sabotage an entire campaign, especially, one that we know will work because there’s all these little touch points. All these little pieces of the puzzle that somebody can just kind of throw the wrench in and it’s not going to work. At least not as well as we know that it couldn’t that should. So, that’s number three, is that you will let us help you solve that problem.

#4) Is we need to develop a relationship between the two. You know, myself, our company, your practice, the people on your team that we’re going to be in acting with, when you develop that relationship. In a way, that we have a mutual trust and appreciation. That means that not only do we appreciate all of the work that you do in your practice and all the wonderful things you do for your patients but that you appreciate the work we’re doing for you at the same time. Because, when we have that mutual appreciation and trust. Then, when we say, “Hey, you know what? We we need this from you and we need it now in order to get this going. That you appreciate that all of those work that we’re doing can get stopped. If there’s just one thing from your practice that we don’t have or we haven’t been able to get and so when we have this mutual trust and appreciation. Then, when you ask me for something, we’re going to get to just as quickly as possible. When we ask for something, you’re going to get it to us just as quickly as possible. Because, we understand that it’s this communication and this back-and-forth that’s going to get us the results that we absolutely know we can get for you and then you deserve which leads us to;

#5) and that is that: We have consistent communication and that we have a very specific set time every month where we are going to have a conversation about how things are going. Making sure that you understand everything that we’re working on and all the wheels that are turning. But also that, we understand what you’re feeling, what you are seeing, what’s happening in your practice. Because, if we’re looking at the numbers and we’re just, “Man, we couldn’t possibly do better. This is so exciting. You must be thrilled.” The, you’re going to “How I’m not getting new patients?” Whoa! Okay, well all of our stats say that you must be just doing great. We need to have that conversation. You need to tell us that so we can start working on solutions. Because, we’ve just obviously found a new problem that we need to solve. We’ve got ways to solve that but we won’t know that. We need to solve that if we’re not communicating, okay?

So, those are the five. I want to run through them again real quick.
It’s #1, that you have a clear problem. You have a challenge that you want solved.
#2, that particular problem or challenge is something that we can solve for you.
#3, that you are willing to let us work with you to solve that problem. You’re really going to have that engagement, so, that we can solve the problem.
Of course, #4, that we develop that mutual trust and respect and, of course, appreciation as we go through the process. So, that we’re all getting at everything that we need out of this relationship.
Then, #5, monthly communication at least. So, that you get to ask all the questions you need of us and then we get to ask all the questions we need of you and that we continue this great relationship as we move forward to build your practice and give you that freedom and that lifestyle that, you know, that you want and allow you to help even more people in your community and give you everything that you deserve.

Okay, that’s it for me for the five things that we need in order to be able to work with you. Hopefully, it resonates with you and if you have any questions or anything that we can do to support you, please reach out and let us know and we look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five! Bye for now!

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