Welcome, welcome, welcome to Top Line’s Live at Five. My name is Brian Devine and I am very excited to have you with us today to talk about something that I recently realized. Most people don’t even know it’s possible and it’s sort of an extension on something that a lot of people forget even exists but it’s extremely powerful when it comes to marketing your practice.

Make sure to retarget your ad so you are the first person they think of because they've seen you everywhere.Now, what we are talking about is retargeting but not just any old retargeting. I’m talking about being able to rotate your ads while you are retargeting. What does that mean? Essentially, what we’re talking about is; First, when somebody comes to your website, they land on there and then we drop what’s called a ‘pixel’ on to their browser, so that we now know that they came to your website and based on how long they spend on your site or how many pages they visit. We can then determine that “Hey, they’re a good candidate for now showing ads too. What you are able to do, normally, with just basic retargeting is something that I always like to call an “Are you still campaign?” That means that when they’ve come to your website and maybe they looked at a very specific page you know that they have an interest in that particular service that you offer – that means that you can then follow them all over the internet and I mean everywhere that they go. So, every website that has a banner ad, you can then show them an offer. Show them an ad and because you know that they landed on a specific page, you can say, “Are you still interested in ___?” Then, whatever that service was that you know that they were on their page for.

Now, the thing gets what gets a little bit exciting here is that you can go a step further today. Rather than just have one ad, follow them around for, you know, 30, 60, 90 days, you can have a series of ads and that means that because they landed on your website, you can guess that they have an interest in a service that you’re offering. But you don’t know exactly what it is that they were looking for or why it was that they didn’t pick up the phone and call you or fill out a form in thank you page because if they do fill out a form and land on a fake page, we can then say, “Hey, this one. We don’t want to show any ads too because they’ve already said yes.” We’re going to go ahead and move forward with you. What we then do is say; Well, we know that they might be looking for an offer. Maybe we didn’t have the offer they were looking for on the website. Number two : Maybe they were just looking to find out what your reputation was and they left your website and start to do some of their own research on your reputation. Of course from there, they’ve forgot entirely what they were doing. Because it’s the internet. We all tend to get a little distracted. Then, number four is maybe they’re looking for a specific brand or something that’s been popular right now. They might have just been looking to get that information so that means that we now have the opportunity to send them an offer ad, to send them a reputation ad, where it just says, “Hey, you know here’s a great review that we’ve gotten.” You can do the branding ad where you’re branding yourself or a particular service.

What’s amazing is that instead of spending thousands of dollars to have these campaigns set up and even more money to get them displayed, we have the ability to rotate these ads, rotate from offer branding and reputation ads, automatically over the course of 90 days. What’s really amazing is that we are able to look right at each ad and see which ad is getting the most activity, getting the most clicks. From there, we can start showing that ad more. It’s just an amazing thing. It used to cost tens of thousands of dollars, just to get started and in this particular game. Now, we can do it for less than a thousand dollars.

It’s just absolutely amazing. I want to make sure that you knew that it existed. If you’ve ever just thought about running any sort of retargeting because if you’re going to pay good money on an ad on Google or Facebook and you’re going take them to your website, take the opportunity to then retarget those people. So, if they don’t take you up on the offer from the ad, make sure you follow them all around the internet as long as possible. So that, if they are at any point in time in the market for what you offer, you are the first person they think of because they’ve seen you everywhere. I mentioned that, I mean everywhere because any website like Forbes, CNN, Fox News, Oprah – any of those sites that have those ads across the top or along the side your ad will show up there and only for the people that landed on your website.

Okay, I think I’ve covered enough. I just want to make sure you knew just how powerful this was. If this is something that you’d like to see more of, I can actually walk you through exactly how it works. Show you all the stats. How this all kind of comes together and even even show you kind of how to make this all work through Facebook. So, let me know what your questions are. I’ve been happy to answer anything that I can for you.

I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line’s Live in Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now!

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