Welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five with Brian Devine here and I am excited to do this one today because you probably noticed, the screen looks a little different, we are doing screen share because I want to do something a little bit more in-depth than what we’ve been covering with some of the other videos.

Now, one of the things that I’m asked a lot about is the best way to set up a mobile campaign and when it comes to Facebook, there are some quick little tips that I can give you that can kind of help make sure that you get off on the right foot and that you don’t find yourself pulling your hair out, wondering why this stuff just doesn’t work for you.

So let’s jump in because I want to actually go right in and show you what to do when you are setting up one of these campaigns.

Be clear with your marketing objective. Knowing your custom audience is a must.Now the screen that you’re seeing is the Facebook Ads manager. Now, I was a big fan of the Power Editor and it allowed me to do all kinds of really fun stuff and I never had to worry about it when glide by an accident and it looks to me like Facebook has got rid of it so now it’s just the ads manager and because I used to find it right over here so the Google tool that I always loved is now gone but what they’ve done is they made it so that if you’re working within the ads manager you don’t have to go mine.

It used to be with the ads manager you know you create a campaign and then it goes live or you start over so that’s pretty nice. You don’t have to wear anything new or you need. You just have to be able to get to your ads manager and go from there. Now, what are the tips that we’re going to cover? The very first thing that you’re going to see when you’re setting up campaign is you can do a new campaign and then you have this option you do a quick creation. I am not familiar with the quick creation only because I prefer to have more control and I don’t want Facebook deciding what I’m going to be doing. I want to tell it exactly how I want to go through it so I would not recommend this just yet. I’m going to keep playing with it and if I change my mind, I’ll decide that this is something that could save time, effort and money. I will certainly let you know but for now I would stick with the full creation.

The first thing that you are going to see is what is your marketing objective? I know a lot of people think “Well, I want conversions. I want new patients” but that’s not what you want.You also don’t want lead generation.

Now this is something that’s actually really slick but it’s still really challenging to make this work in a way that is beneficial to a practice. So we are looking at ways to take advantage of this but we’re really not there yet and we don’t recommend that you try this because of integration issues and being up with you follow-ups properly. So we can do lead generation video news if you’ve got a great video that gets attention and will get people to click through it and video views can be a good way to go so it’s very inexpensive right now but what you want… Nine points nine times out of ten is traffic.

You just want traffic and the reason you want to just stick with traffic for now is because you have to. Not only do you need to kind of figure out where how things are going to work what ads are working but Facebook needs to start getting used to your audience and types of people are going to be interested what you are offering. The best way to do that is to click on the track. So when you click that, then it’s going to ask you to name it and let’s just call it a demo one for now. And then, you click continue. Pretty straightforward so we know we’ve got traffic. What do you want to send traffic to an app, to messenger ads or to website? Again, 99% of the time I’m going to suggest that you just stick with web sites. The messenger ad stuff that we’re going to do these days is amazing. It’s fun, it’s exciting. However, you really need to know exactly how it works.

You need some chase on coding in order to get images and any little stuff in there. So don’t stay away from this for now. Just make your life easy and start with website. Now, when you’re creating an ad set, I will explain each little step for you. But actually when I name it, I like to name it something that’s going to make sense to me based on my target area. So let’s say Denver, and I like to do ages and generally speaking for most practices, we’re going to be looking at probably twenty five to maybe sixty five-plus, just depending.  Now these numbers are going to change and women and 99% of the time we’re going to be targeting women and the reason for that is that they’re usually the ones that are making the decisions for the family. So we want to make it specific to women we want to be thinking about what is going to get women’s attention as opposed to men.

Now if you’re going to do both I recommend you create one for women one for men and it’s slightly different ad. Hopefully that makes sense. Now this is where it gets it’s kind of interesting because of the way this is set up. If you know, custom audience is a fun long conversation that we can’t get into right now but once you’ve been doing this for a while you can have custom audiences you can choose from. It just means that based on a previous campaigning you want to run to the same audience or based on a previous campaign. You want to exclude that audience. Don’t forget that is an option. You can say “I have this great audience that has come through and I don’t want to run my ads of them.” I only want people that are not. Then that’s when you get excluded this is the one that catches most people this is the one I want to make sure it’s crystal clear: it says everyone in this location.

Most people then put their office right in here and slap that in there and then maybe do you know somewhere around it so let’s just throw away or anything in there. What I want, Egypt starting?

Let’s try what would be good. There’s no look for that. Let’s do sport, all right. Jordan Colorado and, let’s say we don’t want it to be 25 miles. Let’s say you want to be 15 miles it’s not a John and I circle there. Here’s the thing, if you leave it as everyone in this location, it’s going to be people that might be visiting from other states, other countries, it can be people that are driving into work. So based on the fact that it is a practice and you’re running it ad specific to your practice, you want to click on and put people who live in this location and that is a very different target so make sure that you don’t miss that. That is something that we actually go back through with our checklists and we make sure that that is clicked every single time because it is easy to miss because things like soccer moms so you can target Sagara and speak to them specifically about things that you

think are going to make the most sense to them in in their lives. So really, this is where you start to get into the nitty-gritty and we can spend a lot of time. I don’t want to do that too much. You know, we’ve already gone seven minutes here. Then, we have our connections so you can say “I want a Facebook page, I don’t exclude people whoe like my page.” And then, you put your link to your page in here and then you can click Save that audience so that the next time you don’t have to put that on anything again. You can just put them in with you before you save that audience. All right, I’m gonna do this real quick. I want to make sure this is really important. Don’t leave automatic. You want to edit your placements. This is really important until you know what you’re doing. You want to stay away from Instagram. I would recommend because I want to make Instagram work. I would highly recommend video. Video is doing well on Instagram.

Otherwise, I would stay away. So if you’re not getting video, turn it off. Your audience network, I would turn that up because you have no idea what’s going on there. Messenger, you definitely don’t want messenger. Now, instant articles, I would stay away from that. I want feed. That’s where it shows up in your feed. It is the big streaming ads and then the right column I would turn that off as well because the right column are things that are really more for retargeting is. Really, if you want to just get your logo out in front of people, then write columns; good minute do it because people generally aren’t going to click on it but it gets them to see it. So right column can work there but otherwise you want feed. That’s pretty much it. So you notice everything else’s turned off. So that’s… we just went from everything selected to one thing selected. That makes a huge difference in how your ads convert. How they, how your ads get clicks and how it works.

I would recommend all mobile devices and then if you’re going to run any big images or videos on your website or on the landing page that your sending people to, check this only when Wi-Fi when when clicked to WI-Fi. So they’re going to be looking at a video on a landing page that you’re setting them to so they click on your ad and they go to a page that has a video or TV image or something. You don’t want to do that on their phones when they’re not connected to Wi-Fi because it’s not going to work as well so I would select that and that will make people happier with you.

And then, daily budget. I generally start with between $5 and $7 per day and then scale it up accordingly nice. Scale up slowly so let it go for three to five days sometimes seven days and see what’s going on based on that then you can jump up by about 20 to 30% maybe 40% but I wouldn’t double I wouldn’t go from 7 to 14, 14 to 28 and I’d go to 7 to 10, 10 to 12 you know 12 to 16 so smaller jumps like that and I tend to like to just continuously starting today if possible or as so to start. Maybe if that’s something that you do. And then there’s a couple other last little things: link clicks. Okay, so you want to pay for the link click and it’s going to do the lowest cost. Can you see where it says impressions? You want to click on that and link click.

Now you think, then they were, since they’re optimizing for Link clicks, you think “Okay, well then I’m going to pay for click. Nope, you have to come down here because they’re going to have you pay for every time someone sees your ad when they click on or not. You have to come here, click on link click. At that point, you are in good shape. All right, those are the main tips I want to make sure I cover today because that really gives you a solid foundation of what to do, what to look for and to get this all up and running. All right, I think that’s everything. Let me know what questions you have, what we can cover for you next time. Thank you so much for joining us today. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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