Hey everybody! Welcome, welcome, welcome! It’s Brian Devine here with your Top Line Live at Five and we’re going to do this really fast today because this is something that I want to make sure is just short and sweet because this is so important and that is to track everything that you possibly can and use your pixels. Because here’s the thing, there are three things that you want to track all the time even if you’re not running ads and that’s your social media list because social media is Bible right now; your email list.

So all of your patients, you should have emails that you can communicate and then of course your website pixel list and that means that you’re dropping what we call pixels– these little images onto your websites so that you know what’s happening, what pages people are going to and then you can retarget and follow these people that have come to your website.

Now the reason that I want to make sure this is clear is because a lot of people are thinking “Well, I’m not running any ads. Why would I put these, you know, Google tag manager? Why would I put a Facebook pixel why would I do that if I’m not running these campaigns?” Because, you never know, you might find yourself six months a year down the road going “You know what, let’s give that a try.” If you had started today tracking all of that you would have a huge list of pixels that you’ll be able to retarget and start sending ads to. So don’t wait. Go ahead and start doing it now.

I’ve thought just real quick. I’m going to switch over here to my other screen. Hopefully you can see that and I want you to see I’m into my ads manager and you just click over here near little hamburger menu. Click on pixels and then it’s going to take you through the process. It’s going to, you know, for me I’ve got lots of pixels so it’s going to, you know, show you a whole lot of stuff. But the idea is that you just follow the process to create your pixel. Put that on to your website and you’re good to go. What’s nice is that the way Facebook and Google do it is that it’s one pixel sort of to rule them all so you can have one pixel Facebook and it will track everything you need to track so just get it on there.

And then, for Google tag manager it’s going to give you one pixel that you’re going to track and it will track everything that you possibly could imagine and need. I think that covers everything; probably one of the fastest ones that I’ve done so far.

Have yourself a wonderful weekend! Thanks for joining me today. Bye for now!



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