Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line. My name is Brian here with Top Line. And today, we are going to be talking about how we can make you the obvious authority, not only in the eyes of your patients but in the eyes of Google, so that your website gets seen and found faster and above everybody else’s. And this is just one of the things that you’re going to need to do and we’re going to make that happen. But I thought let’s kind of go through it. And I’ll show you kind of some of the tricks of the trade and I’m going to show you this secret little ingredient that is going to make your life a whole lot easier when you go down this path.

Now, when we talk about becoming the authority in the eyes of Google and in the eyes of your patients, it basically means that you have a lot of content not only on your website but all over the internet and it’s all coming back to you as the authority. And what Google’s looking for is that you have all of this content all over the place. And then you have content on your website, so as it is all coming back to this one hub, your website, that it’s not just like a four page website without very much content. Even if it’s just a four or five page website with lots of posts, lots of blog posts that can be seen as an authoritative website in the eyes of Google. And then of course, if your patients are seeing you or your perspective, patients are seeing you everywhere and no matter what the topic is, you have some comment on once you have said something about it. Then you become that authority.

Now, here’s the cool thing. You don’t have to personally write every bit of that content or create every one of those videos. You can use other people’s content to support your authority. Now, I want you to think of a Huffington post just as an example that pops into my head because they don’t necessarily write the content, what’s called curated. So they find it and then they bring it to their main website. So what they’re doing is saying we have the authority on these topics and we’re going to show you where to get this information and because they are so good at it, because people know that they can go to that place to get all the information they want. Google will show their site above the actual content that was written. That is a powerful thing and that works across the board.

What we’re now going to be talking about is how can you do that? Well, there are lots of tools for what’s called curating content, finding content around the web that is relevant to you, to your services and of course, to your patients. This is a tool that’s called content studio. Now, the reason that I’m recommending it is only because this is the one that I have tested and I enjoy using and I find that it’s fairly effective and what this does and you can feel free to come to contest. Did you adopt? I don’t have any relationship with them. They don’t pay me to talk about them or anything like that. And the reason for that is because we might find another tool that we like better next week and I want to be locked into any one tool.

So, content studio. What it does is it allows you to have to find all this content automatically. You just fill out their little form, their tool and it goes and scours the Internet for information about your topic and what’s really great is that you can connect it directly to your website and to your social media so that it just starts posting this content. Now, the thing that I don’t recommend is to just automate it because you can do that with this tool. You can just click on all this stuff and automatically posted to my social media, put it onto my website and I don’t want to look at it. I don’t want you to do that. What I want you to do is maybe once a week or twice a week or if you don’t have the time, maybe even just every two weeks you go into this tool and say, okay, I liked this article.

Then, you make a little comment on that article and away you go. You now have what’s considered unique content on your website that it is useful. It is interesting, but you become the authority as opposed to where you got the content and that’s what I think is probably the most amazing thing is that you don’t lose authority by sharing other people’s content. You hang onto it, you keep it. It’s a very powerful thing. So that’s what I wanted to share with you today. I hope you found this useful. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, if you would like to know more about the tool that I was showing, let me know. Be happy to talk to you about it. And I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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