Welcome, welcome, welcome, everybody Top Live Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine with Top Line. We’re going to be talking about something that goes real hand-in-hand with what we’re doing here with the Top Line Live at Five. I’ve had a few people asked me how I am able to seemingly be everywhere online all the time. It’s really a matter of putting just a really simple system in place that does all the heavy lifting for us.

So, what I want you to be thinking about is what can you be doing on at least a weekly basis to create some form of content that can be then turned into hundreds of other versions of that same content and it’s really not that hard. Now for me, video is just sort of my medium of choice. But, if you’re more of a writer, if you’d rather write things down, then, go that route. But, what I’m going to walk you through here is sort of the step by step of how we go about what we call our “omnipresence campaign”. We do have the ability to do this for clients. The trick is that the initial piece of content really should come from you – from the client, from the doctor, from the office manager. If you’re looking at this video and you’re thinking I don’t have time to create videos, I don’t have time to write articles. I get it. I completely understand and so please know that the content doesn’t always have to come from the doctor. The content can come from an office manager.

Once you have your process in place, right tools to use and people to help you, it'll be easy to spread your content online.If you have somebody that does more of the marketing in your practice, if you have somebody that everybody just loves in your practice, they’re the person that you should put in front of a video camera to create this type of a campaign.

Now, I call the campaign because there are steps that are involved. I’m going to kind of walk you through them really quick. Because, we don’t, I don’t want this to get to be a really long video. If you want the details, just reach out give me a call or shoot me a text message here through Facebook or whatever works best for you and email and let me know that you’d like to get it and I will send you the step by step process if you’d like to try and do it all by yourself because you really can’t and I’m I’m going to walk you through that.

But, essentially the first step for me is to create a video like this. It’s because there’s so much information that is in my head and I love to get it out and share with people that doing it on, video is really the easiest fastest most convenient way for me to do it. In your case, you might want to write it. You might want to just speak it. But, we’ve got to first get that initial five to eight minutes of content. It does not have to be longer than that. If it’s only three minutes, that’s fine too.

So, what do we do next then? We’re going to go along the lines of a video and if your content is somewhere in the middle, we’re just going to move things up and down. So, let’s say, you’re going to write an article. Well, all you do is, you then have somebody create a video from the article and it’s really not that hard. There are all kinds of tools out there that will create videos for you quite easily. What I would recommend is you take your content. Put it into a slide deck and pay some honeyed five dollars on Fiverr or get a virtual assistant that’s something that can be done just consistently. We take the content, put it into a keynote presentation or a PowerPoint presentation and then you just record that. Now, you have a video.

If you record it with audio, now, you have an audio file that you can use. If you just did audio instead of video or instead of writing, you can turn that audio into an article. That article, then, turn into video so I think you can get the point. But, what do we do well we get that video on Facebook? We will then download the video and then we could put that video on to YouTube.

Now, there’s lots of steps to download the video. Once you get the hang of it, it’s really not that difficult. But key here is that you have two options for loading your video to YouTube. You can just load it directly or what we’re actually looking at doing right now is loading it through software that creates an event – creates a live YouTube event and Google is still giving heavier weight to the live events versus just an uploaded video. We can automate that. So, we set up a schedule. Put your videos in there. Load them up to your YouTube channel as live events. Pretty amazing stuff but that’s what we’re going to be moving towards so they can get more attraction than we already have.

So, what do you do then? Well, once that video is on YouTube, it will automatically create a transcription of the video for you and then you load that that file you could have want to edit a little bit. It won’t be perfect. You load that file back up into your Facebook video. Now, you have your captions for your video on both YouTube and on Facebook.

Now, you can then load the video onto DailyMotion and lots of other places. We’re going to just focus on these two at first. I’m looking at my list. I want to make sure I cover everything. Obviously, you’re going to do the title, the description and there’s all kinds of keywords that you could put in there so that it can get found when somebody wants the information that you’re providing.

Then, because of the fact that we’re talking about a practice here, make sure you include your location and when you include the location it means that you are going to be found easier for people that are in your location looking for that information. So, hopefully that makes sense.

So, we’ve got to transcribe. We load that file back up to your Facebook video. I like to turn on cross posting so that if you have a fan page and a event page, you have all kinds of different pages, well you can do cross posting. Then, your video will get shared amongst all of those other locations. So, you can again multiply your content. So, then you can publish the video and your transcription to a place called “Medium” and it’s another free place kind of like DailyMotion, YouTube, all these places that like video and it’s kind of a new upcoming place that we’re testing out. Looks pretty good, right now. So, why not right? It’s free.Use that. So, you load it up there.

Then, you publish the video and your transcription to your website. Hopefully, you have a block. Well, now you have content for your blog. So, you take the transcription. The video, put that onto your blog and now you’ve got new content going onto your website which is really good for search engine optimization for time on site, for getting people, just you know, just to find you. So, there’s a real value there. Then, we’re going to take a couple of quotes from the the video, from your transcription and we’re going to create an image, I mean from that quote. So, now you have an image with your words and your byline to really help create that sense of authority and create maybe, you know, anywhere from one to three. You don’t have to go too crazy. If you come in find one’s good, I’ll try to get two. If you can three, it’s fantastic.

So, then what do you do? Well, then you create that mean and then you post that image with your quote and your byline, post it on to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn, Instagram, any place where you have an account that you can show your authority. You link it back to your YouTube video or your Facebook for that matter. I like to link it back to YouTube, so, I can kind of, you know, build authority over all these different different locations.

So, now you’ve got that done right and you can do that through different tools like HootSuite. There’s all kinds of ways that you can you can simplify that process. Now, the thing that we’re doing, that’s really new, that we’ve just started doing is we can click a button and create a beautiful eBook PDF of your blog post that has the video in it. So, you’ll link to the video on YouTube and then you can put that onto social media. You can allow people to download it. So, that they can get that information off the Internet and then there are places where you can share PDFs. So, now you have more places where you can be found and get your content out there.

So, that’s what I covered 15 different steps. I know it sounds like a lot but here’s the thing is that once you have your process in place, once you know the tools that you can use, it’s not all that difficult. Again, don’t try to do it all yourself. You’re the one who creates the content and then you let other people help you along the way.

So, if you have questions about it you want to find out more about how you can make this happen, how you can make it work for you and your practice, give me a call. Let me know how we can support you and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five. That’s it for me! Bye for now!

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