Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line’s Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine and we’re going to talk about something that is really not particularly exciting but it’s really important and that’s newsletters.

Newsletter is the foundation of reaching out to your clients on a regular basis.The reason that I’m bringing up newsletters is because we’re in the process of working on one for ourselves. This is, what’s so funny about, you know, the old saying of, you know, “Don’t judge a cobbler by his shoes.” The same thing goes for marketing firms where we spend all of our time and effort working on our client stuff and making sure that they have everything they need and really thinking through the strategies. In return, the tactics to get new pages to the door. Obviously, newsletters are a part of that. So, we have put that in place. We’re making sure that it’s working and everything is going really well. Of course, we don’t have one for ourselves. So, we are in the process of making that happen.

So, the reason that we’re talking about newsletters today is because we are not only working on one for ourselves. We can, if you think of it. But, I wanted to make sure that we talked a little bit about that because when we when we work with a new client, especially, a new client or a new office that’s, you know, five years or newer, we want to make sure there is a sort of a basis of a basic underpinning for all of the marketing that we do. Because we know that there are certain things are going to happen if you get a referral. We know that there are certain things aren’t going to happened if you run an ad we know certain things are going to happen. Those same things happen whether it is a referral, an ad, a post, it doesn’t matter how somebody finds a reason to engage with you.

They’re going to do three things. They’re going to check out your website so that better be solid. They’re going to check out your reputation. Make sure that is rock-solid and that you’re consistently getting new reviews because when they’re too old people, don’t trust them or they don’t think that you’re busy. Then, finally, that they’re going to be making, you want to make sure you have some kind of a foundation where you’re contacting your patient database on a regular basis. So, that’s kind of the basis. Oh and then, of course, there’s making sure your social media is active. Your Facebook page is active. So, those are the things that we need to have in place.

So, the reason that we’re talking about newsletters is it’s that foundation. It’s making sure that you have a reason to reach out to your patients on a regular basis. If you do it in a way that’s fun, that’s entertaining then you are likely to get new patients. Because, you stay top of mind.

Now, in the marketing world it’s called ‘top of mind awareness’. The idea here is if you are contacting and reaching out to and speaking with your patients on a more regular basis, when the conversation comes up that they might refer you. They’ll think about you. They’ll actually do that rather than not. The other thing that I think is so important that most companies that do, newsletters for the medical industry, they forget that the idea is to bring people in. It’s not just an outreach. We know that top of mind awareness is valuable.

We also know that hoping that someone is going to think about you in the moment when they might be able to refer you is not a good marketing practice long term. It’s just something that you want and that you should nurture and encourage but you don’t count on it. So, you know if you have to make sure that when you’re reaching out on a regular basis to your patient database, you give them something that they can do. An action they can take and all that. Does not mean that every time they get an email from you that they get a newsletter from you. It is a pitchfest. You don’t want to say here’s offer one, offer two, offer three. Come in! Give me money! Give me money! Give me money! That’s not at all.

What I’m saying saying is that a reminder that you are running a special for that month is certainly a good idea. A reminder that you would love to serve their friends and family. As well, as you are serving them. It’s a good idea. Mixing up that message between specials. Reminding them that you would love to do, you know, this wonderful work for their friends and family as that you do for them. At some kind of an event. But there’s all kinds of reasons in ways to include that in your newsletter.

I just want to make sure that you don’t forget that if you need help with newsletters, we can help you with that. We can not only write them for you. We can also make sure that they go out every single month. So, whether we use your tools or use our own tools. But, we can make sure they go out. One of the advantages of using one of the tools that we like to use is that we’ll know who actually opens the email and took a look at the newsletter that you wrote.So, that if someone hasn’t read that email, hasn’t opened the email in a week. We’ll send it out again just to those people. So, it won’t go to an entire database. It’ll just go to those people. That gives them a second chance to see the email. We don’t do that over and over again. We just do that what, you know, two times. So, they have two opportunities. Then, that’s it!

So, if you need some help, have some questions, let me know what we can do to serve you. I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line’s Live at Five! That’s it for me! Bye for now!

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