Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line’s Live at Five. My name is Brian Devine. We’re going to do something a little bit different today. Because, I’ve been playing with this new tool. It really struck me, not only how powerful and useful is going to be for us, as an agency. But, that if you want to use it personally in your practice. There’s a lot of ways that you can take advantage of it and the reason.

"Go to designrr.io to create an ebook in seconds by importing your content from your website or Facebook."I’m saying we’re doing something a little different is because this is not a tool that I’ve been using for years. It’s not something that we are doing on a regular basis for clients. But, it was just it has come so far in the last few months that I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted to show you how it works.

Now, the reason I say it’s come so far is because probably a year ago, I had looked at this particular tool and it seemed okay. The end result didn’t seem that great. I wasn’t all that impressed. It seemed rather expensive for what she got and so I passed. Just recently, in fact, today, I was asked to take another look at it and I was really impressed this time. They have done so many good things with it that I just couldn’t pass it up. Of course, I got a screaming deal but if this is not an affiliate thing, I don’t get paid by this company to tell you about it. I just was so excited and it dawned on me just how well this can be used in an average practice to really take full advantage of any content marketing that you’re doing now.

Before I jump into showing you this page and showing you how this works, I really want you thinking about content marketing and how powerful it can be in your practice. Now, one of the things that we talked about when we build websites for clients is where can we put the sort of the contact form, right? We always want to have a contact form, a way for people to get in touch. However, it’s really important that you take people who are sort of interested or curious. You get them into some type of an email list or text messaging list so that you can contact them over and over again. Let them know what’s going on with specials, all of these things. Having a contact page doesn’t do that. All it does is to get them in touch with you which is great. We’re not saying don’t do. They absolutely have to do that. So, though don’t look like that. However, to be able to put content on your website that is valuable to the reader and then give them a way to get that information in another format in a way that’s easy for them to read and then say, “Hey, by the way we can put you on a list and let you know anytime.” This new information comes well. You can start generating more leads, more new potential patients through your website in a way that really hasn’t been been available. At least not cost-effective for the average practice.

Alright, so I’m going to jump right on over here. I think we’ve got the link into the Facebook feed. Here. So, hopefully, you’re seeing the link. This is the company that I recently have just really been impressed with. It’s designrr.io and designrr.io. I don’t know why they’re into that but that’s what they’ve got. Now, feel free to go through this page. If you want to play around and look at it. The reason that I got excited about it, wasn’t just that it helps you with creating these PDFs to these ebooks but it does it in a way that really makes them look extremely impressive. So, rather than kind of go through all this. I thought, “Hey, let’s just, I’ll take you right into my account.” So, you can kind of see what I’m talking about.

Obviously, this is a brand new account I only have one project in here and so I ran it. I ran this project as a test and I was so impressed. I purchased because it just worked beautifully. Alright, so let me let me dive in. I’m going to show you here. I’m just gonna click on this. What is this? It’s a PDF. This is now an e-book for one of these Facebook live feeds. So, what happens is after we post on Facebook. We download it. We throw it up into YouTube.

Now, what we’re going to be doing is we’re then going to take all that content. Because, once we’re in YouTube then we transcribe it. Then, we put it on the website. Now, we can not only put on the website but we can then create this amazing looking book. You know, this is the title for the actual video. So, “Practice Marketing, Split Testing – What, How and Why?” and I can kind of play around this and and you know a designer would probably be losing their mind with me right now. Because, you know, it’s not you know the layout, isn’t perfect but, you know, maybe we want to do something like that. So, that we that little space makes more sense but that’s how easy it is to edit. Then, for the background you simply click on it. You’ve got your cover, content right here.

Let’s say you want to change the background and you want an image. Now, in this particular case, I clicked on media. I did a search and I just said split because I were talking about split testing. So, I put that in there and then they use this source that’s called Unsplash. It’s all open source media where you can use it for anything that you need. You won’t there’s, you know, there’s no copyright issues that you have to worry about. So, there was and so I tried a couple and I wasn’t crazy but this one just kind of struck me and I liked it and it looked fun. So, there you go! Then, it just pops it here into the background.

So, now I have this great image and then it does all this for you. You can edit this just this change this. But this is the heading and then it just takes all the content from my website. I literally put the URL into this software and it creates this page. I picked a little template and there you go. I mean, that’s how fast and easy was. I changed the color here. I changed the, you know, the background here because this was sort of a color background. I wanted a white background with black text. It’s just easier to read and that’s it. Away you go. Now, I have this this ebook.

It’s just, I was so shocked at that. It worked as well as it did and that you have so much control over how that it look, how it looks and then based on the system that I purchased, I’m actually able to save this as a template. So, let’s say you are going to be posting a blog on your website on weekly basis or at the very least monthly and you want it to have a very same look and feel over and over again. So, what you do is you create this template. So, you like this, is the look I want this, is how I want it to go every time and then you just say, that’s okay. So, now every time that you put the URL in here to create a page like this, it is ready to go. Sorry. Let me go save that and by that what I what I want to show you here. I’ll just do this real quick. I’ll create a new project and these are all the different ways you can do it. Import from URL, a Word document another PDF, manually. You know, put the text in, import from Facebook, oh my goodness, I’m going to show you this in a second. Then, create an empty project where you can just create a new book. If that’s what you want to do but what’s amazing is you just put import from URL and you paste your page in here. Click import and it will then create book. That’s how fast and easy it is.

So, obviously I was impressed I’m really surprised at how far they’ve come. But, what I wanted to also show you is that based on what service you you decide to get you can get a 3D cover generated. So, let’s say you want to really work on getting people to opt-in to say, “Yes, I would like to receive these ebooks from you on a regular basis.” or “Yes, I would like to download this particular ebook.” You can make it look fantastic using this little generator and rather than having to do any fancy hardware, excuse me, software. All you do is click on whether you want hardback or paperback and you see how it changes here or if you want it to just to be flat, so you could just do a flat. You can see it creates that shadow effect so it looks like a book.

Now, you know that’s probably small. So, let me show you a bigger version or here’s how it looks. It’s very professionally done. So, no matter what you put into this particular eBook header. Whatever text you put, it will then create this amazing looking 3D image. So, that’s what is just so shocking to me that it works not only that well.

Here’s the thing, that really got my attention. Import from Facebook. Now, you’re probably, if you’ve made it this far in the video, and I know I’ve been talking for awhile. But, if you’ve made it this far, you’re going to be shocked by this. Because, here’s what happens. Let’s say you were thinking, I’m not going to be posting a lot of content to my pages, my website but we do put a lot of content on Facebook and we get a lot of patient interaction. Well, imagine that you can create this ebook. Maybe twice a year and send it out to your patients showing everything that’s been going on at Facebook. So, what do I mean right here, what now, this is connected to my personal Facebook profile.

Let’s say, I want to put a Facebook page in here. I was hoping to a safe, hold on. Let me find one. I’m just going to grab a page here that I know will work. So, we paste that in there. Click confirm and then it says Yes. Now, you get to decide when do you want.

So, let’s say you want do this twice a year. So, you just set a schedule and you say, “Okay, we’re going to do six months at a time,” It’s going to go back six months and then you can say, you know, only show things that have at least one comment or maybe I just only want five comments or just all of my content and it doesn’t have to have contents and then reactions. You can say what you want there. Then, there’s this little advance button. You can say I want to actually show the comments and the number of maximum number of comments will show. It’s maybe five. I’m only four but look at that you can go up to five hundred. You can show as many of those as you want. So, let’s say we just want to do five. We can import albums. If you have an image albums. You can import all posts or above average top posts. So, basically, what facebook considers your top posts you can pull just those in. Let’s say, you just want to do all and you click import and it will go to work and it will now create an e-book with all of your posts are you seeing this. Are you getting what the power is here because I think I’m hoping that you’re seeing just how excited I am and how powerful this can be because I just, in that that much time, you just saw happen. In a minute, I just created this ebook that I can now give away or that you can create and giveaway. It has all of this content everything built-in ready to go. If you’re happy with it you just simply click Next. You say, well let’s see. I want to have my logo in there. I’ve got all these templates. Let’s do that one. That one’s pretty good. You know what, I can’t. I want a little more interest. I want some, oh that was fun. I like that. Click Next. All of that looks good. Click Next. Oh sorry. Project name, that was bad, was the problem. So FB test and you can put a foot or URL. So, if you want this to be able to link to your website. So, now if anyone clicks on a footer throughout that it is going to link to my website. So, you could do the same. Click Next and there we go. So, there’s your title. There’s the image that I picked and then here’s all my content.

So, it just created this book that fast that easy and you can shake, you know, what I don’t like this color. So, you change the color you didn’t like. The text, you can change that. So, you could say, oh you know, I want the text style to be a little bit different but here’s the thing let’s say I want to be that. Now, I’ll notice it’s changed it on every section so I don’t have to do it more than once and here we go same thing I want this one to be. I don’t like that. Let’s do simple. Alright! But now, it is updated everywhere throughout the page.

It’s that easy. Okay, so obviously I’m getting a little bit character way. I hope that you found this useful, that you you will find a way to use this particular tool. If you’re thinking, you know, what this looks great, Brian. Can you please just do it for me? Reach out and let’s talk because this is something that we just looked at doing we don’t have any services around it just yet. But, if you are thinking I would rather just have you do it. Then, let’s talk because in order for its work, you obviously need contents on your Facebook page. You need content on your website. Somewhere where we can pull it into this PDF, into this ebook. Then, create that super cool 3D image that you can then use as a way to get people to opt in and say yes send me your information on a regular basis. Yeah, now you’re building an asset through your website. A real list and it’s just such a powerful way to go.

Alright. I think I’ve covered enough. Let me know what questions you have. How we can support you and be of help. If you ever need to reach out, it’s 720-989-1932 and I look forward to talking with you again real soon on Top Line’s Live at Five. That’s it for me! Bye for now!

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