Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line’s Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine. Let’s talk about two-way text messaging in your practice.

Use Google Voice if you want to reach out to your patients via text message and have a two-way conversation. IT'S FREE!Now, this is something that has come up quite a bit in the last, I say six months or so, for whatever reason, there must be a bunch of companies. They’re out there pushing their capability of having this two-way text messaging conversation with your patients. It’s actually a really good idea and so we started just, you know, to look into it. Thank you to one of my clients and he’ll remain nameless for now. Unless, he like we had mentioned his name. But, he came up with this brilliant idea of using Google Voice to do these two-way text messaging. It’s free and it works beautifully.

Now, does it tie in with your current patient management software? Absolutely not. It does not. It won’t. It never will. However, if the key, if the point of what you’re trying to achieve here, is to have somebody on your team who can regularly reach out to patients via text message and have a two-way conversation, Google Voice is a great way to do it. It works really well. We’ve been playing around with it, just to make sure that it’ll do what we thought it would. It really does and it’s funny because we’ve been using Google Voice in the business.

Now, for years, just never thought to use their two-way text messaging because it works on your computer. So, you don’t need to have your phone. If your plan is to have somebody in your front office that can have the text messaging system up on their desktop and have a conversation via text, then, Google Voice is a great way to go.

Now, I know there are lots of tools out there that can connect with your current patient database. So, if there’s some reason for you that that is going to be a massive advantage, then, certainly do that. I’m not sure that you know the ranges of price are pretty dramatic. I mean, it can be anywhere from less than a hundred dollars all the way up to three hundred dollars. So, if this has huge impact for you and it’s a time saver, please go look at all those solutions. I just wanted to bring this to you because like I said, my client had, I don’t know what he heard it from. Someone got this idea. It brought it to me and we put it together. Made it work for him and it’s just a really cool way to go.

So, let me let me jump over here and change screens. I’m going to show you what this looks like. So, this is a voice that google.com. Hopefully, you can see that up there. You don’t have to put the ‘About’ in there. It’ll come up automatically and it will show you pretty much what you have to do. You simply click on ‘Get Voice’. Now, if you want to do it for your phone. You can slowly do that. I recommend that you just do the web. It will then ask you to connect to your phone later. You don’t have to, have it take over your phone or anything like that but I would just select web. Then, sorry, you don’t want to show all my hair, but the thing that you’re going to do, is you’re going to just find a phone number.

I wanted you to see this. It’s just my account and ,you know, you’ll see that we’ve got the two-way text messaging. It is big. It’s convenient. You’ve got your picture. If you’re connected to this person, you’ll have their picture in there. It’s going be color-coded. I mean, it is really nice.

The fact that you get to do this absolutely free is just outstanding. It can’t be beat. My recommendation for you is to go ahead get a free Google Voice number. Again, that is google.voice.com and if you can’t remember that just go to google and type in Google Voice and it will take you to to that page. If you already have a Gmail account, you can just use that Gmail to sign in and it will then take care of it. It will ask you to set up your phone numbers and it will walk you through it. It is so easy.

It’s fantastic and then once you’re set up, what I would like to do is to just start using it. Have somebody on your team whose job it is to have these tool a text message conversations, some of that you trust is going to say the right things at the right time. If it is working for you and you decide that you want to take it to another level, there’s other options out there where they can connect to your patient database but up until then I didn’t give it a try.

See how it works. Let me know how it works for you I’d love to hear back from you. This is not something that weren’t necessarily, you know, offering I just thought, “Hey, what a great thing to be able to tell you about.” Because, it was something that my client brought to me, I wanted to share it with you. Let me know what questions you have. Let me know what we can do to support you and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line’s Live at Five. That’s it for me! Bye for now!

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