Welcome, welcome, welcome everybody to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian and I am really happy to have you over here again for another conversation around Facebook ads and how you can fix one that maybe not performing the way that you would expect and there’s a whole checklist that we go through but I’m going to kind of break things down.

Now, yesterday we talked about a few things that you can do. Especially, when it comes to targeting. The second thing that we’re going to cover today that we’re going to do very quickly because, hopefully, the concept just clicks for you. Just makes a lot of sense. Because, it’s what we call your ad to landing page match. In a nutshell, what that means is that whatever you have as your headline for your ad, your ad copy your, ad image you better make sure that when somebody clicks on it and they get to your landing page. Then, it has the same text, the same ad, the same offer, the same image somewhere. So that, they know immediately they’re in the right place. Because, everyone is still a little bit of clicking on an ad and then ending up where they don’t want to be.

Always have definite match between your headline on your ad and on your landing page.So, if you have, let’s say on your ad, a headline that says “Do this to get that” Then, when they land on your page, the headlines different. You’re going to lose them. So, your conversion rates of it go way way down. So, you have to fix that.

Now, I’m going to just jump over real quick here to just my Facebook page. I want you to kind of see. So, these are just some of the ads that I’m getting over here. Obviously, we’re getting ads in here as well. But, this is actually, here’s a good one. Okay. So, “Dentistry, A Top 5 Down Marketing Trends of 2018” from Unbounce Unbounce – is a great marketing company. I’m willing to bet that they’ve got a good match. They don’t. That happens a lot, okay? Because, Patient Pop. We didn’t see that “The Ultimate Dental Guide Marketing Guide” is not what they’re offering. So, you better lose people, right? Five marketing trends is what I want to see. What’s this? Oh, here it is “Five Digital Marketing Trends”. But here you see, what?

Here’s a huge company that is marketing for their services and they do not have a match between the image. This image is nowhere to be found. So, I don’t think I’m in the right place. The “Top Five Dental Marketing Trends” is barely found and you know it. You know, at least the unbalancedpages.com is where you go because Facebook fix that, where you can’t mess around with that anymore. So, that is going to cause an issue.

Now, let’s see another one. This Tony Robbins. Who doesn’t like Tony Robbins? So, here we go. We click on this. Then, clearly, we’re in the right place. This is one heck of an ending page. I’m going to steal this. I’m going to leave that up because I’m going to steal this. I’m going to do some videos this way. That’s really powerful. Really well done landing page. But, you get the, you hopefully, you get the idea. Here is National Achievers Congress Denver Colorado and National Achievers Congress, National Achievers Congress.You can’t miss it. You immediately see these faces in there. So, that’s what I’m talking about with making sure that your message and your image and you know, your headline and everything match.

Okay, so hopefully, I’ve covered that pretty well for you today. Let me know what questions you have. But, that’s one of the other things that you could really look into. If your Facebook ads or any ads for that matter aren’t performing, as well as you think, they should make sure there’s a definite match between your headline on your ad and then on your landing page. Of course, if you’re sending people to your homepage on your website. Stop right now! Turn off all those ads, just stop because that is going to give you the absolute worst click-through rates. It’s going cost you the most per click. You need to go to a page that’s specific to the offer that you’re making.

Alright, I think that covers everything. Let me know what question you have. I look forward to talking to you next time on Top Line Live at Five. Bye for now!

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