Welcome, welcome, welcome to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine with Top Line and I am really excited to talk to you today about video marketing.

Now, you’ve heard me talk about video marketing before but nothing like this. The reason that, I am just, I was shocked at and what this system is able to do because we’ve been playing with it and we’ve been looking at ways to get video marketing to more of our clients and then to more dentists, orthodontists and chiropractors like you out there and doing the way that’s not only effective but cost effective and efficient. You know, we found some pretty cool things along the way and we’ve been doing nice stuff.

Video as ads will attract more customers especially when retargeted.Oh my goodness! What we are able to do today is really exciting because we’ve talked about how powerful video marketing is and it does a lot of things that’s good for your website, right? It’s you get time on site, Google wants to see videos on your website so it’s better for your authority for the value of what they see on your website. People like to engage with video. They watch videos. So, that’s just a small part but then when it comes to how do you get people that aren’t already looking at your website to see it. We’ve always had ways to do that especially, you know, you could pay for ads on YouTube. You can put them on your social media.Then, you can you know pay for ads to get people to watch the videos on your social media. There’s all kinds of things.

However, when we figured out how to get a really solid good video to be, you know, created in a way that the office does not have to be at all engaged. All we need from you is maybe a couple of photos and your logo and we need to know what kind of an offer you might like to make. Once we have that, when we take it from there and we create these videos.

Now, I’ll give you a little sneak peek here. But, these videos, yes, they can go on your website. Yes, they can go on YouTube and we can run ads on YouTube. Yes, we can, you know, get great time on site, on your website. So, all of the same things can be done.

Here’s what really got us going is that we can actually put these videos in our mass communication software which means that we can do retargeting with video. We can do cold marketing with video and when I say cold marketing and be targeted. Let me explain that because you haven’t seen what his videos before.

Cold marketing will display ads. It it used to be extremely expensive and you can now do that at a very low rate. So, we can get a massive amount of exposure for you all within a very specific radius of your office or zip. Those I mean we can be very very targeted with these these ads and get people to notice you. Who would not have noticed you, otherwise. We can also target specific websites and when I talk about this, what I’m talking about is those as if you see sort of at the top at the bottom of the side of websites that you see frequent, a lot that. Means, you know if you go to open, you know, to check what I was over doing your ad can be there. If you’re on CNN, ABC, CBS, Times, Fox News, whatever it is. When they have those ads to display, their software that decides what ads to show and we have full control over that. Now, we were able to do that.

Here’s what’s really amazing is now we can not only show those static display ads but we can show up video and then it’s so powerful to have a an offer video that we can create very quickly and get it working for you fast. So, it doesn’t take months to create this video. We could do it really quickly for you and then start pushing that out all over the internet. All within a very specific target.

Then, when I talk about retargeting that means that somebody clicked on the ad. Let’s say it’s a cold ad. They clicked on it.They saw your video. They went to your website but somehow they have found you. Now, we can then what’s called retarget. Then, we can follow them everywhere that they go on the internet with a new video.

Let’s say it was a branding video that we got their attention with. In the first place and that would be something where I’d just sort of talked about your practice and had your logo on it. But generally, it won’t have an offer. We’ll just have maybe some type of a service that is what got their attention. Then, we can follow them with a reputation video. So, it shows them how great your reputation is, then we can show them an offer. So, it’s something specific to what you were offering in the practice. We can rotate those just like we do with displays. I’m getting ahead of myself. It’s very exciting.

So, let me just show you this real quick. I want to switch my screens here. I want you to see, the this one here, because we are just in the process of putting together this little landing page. Because, we want to give a few of these away and we’re not going to do this forever but we are going to, we’re going to start getting a few of these away. Since, you can really see the power of it. So, if you’re watching this video you know hit me up, you know, comment or text message or you know however you want to get a hold of me. Please do that and we’ll talk about or we’ll do our best to get this up and we’ll put a link here so that it won’t happen today.

This is all very brand new but hopefully in the very near couple of days or weeks we will have a link for you but otherwise just reach out to me and say, “Hey, I want that free video.” We’ll get that going for you.

What you’re seeing here is what we’re talking about which is that free video. It’s all very high quality. It’s using all kinds of solid research so these designs are designed to convert meaning. They will turn people interest into hopefully a phone call. That’s what they’re designed to do. What we’ve essentially done is we have taken everything that we’ve learned about these display ads. What makes them so effective and then turn them into video. So, it’s the same same concept, same idea of what’s working in these display ads and moving that over to video to increase engagement and then increase acceptance awareness. All that amazing stuff. It’s so powerful. So, how it works you, basically, you come here. You click. Give me the free ad. Then, you customize your details. It’s going to ask you some basic questions that you fill out. You get your video ad concepts.

So, we’re going to get that done for you, right away and that’s pretty much it! We say, “Hey, we got it for you. Do you like it?” Yes or no? If you do, great! Here you go! And then, we’ll show you all the different cool things you can do with it. If you don’t we’ll fix it up until you do.

Alright! I think that covers everything. Obviously, I’m excited about it but I’ll give you a little peek here. This is sort of the back end where we are able to take these, you know, think of this as the reputation style images. We put different images in the background but then actual reviews from your practice. We put those in there and we’ve got just all of these proven ads that we then load up into these videos and the videos create motion, movement, sound. We can do narration. Okay, I think I’ve covered enough. I don’t want to give away everything but hopefully you’re kind of seeing why I’m excited. This is pretty amazing stuff and I really want to make sure that you know that we’re here to support you. We want you to take advantage of what we’re doing. So, again my name is Brian Devin. Here at Top Line. Let me know how we can support you and I want you to take advantage of this. This free offer for as long as we have it and I think that’s it! So, let me know how we can support you and I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five! Bye for now!

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