Welcome, welcome, welcome, everybody to Top Line Live at Five! My name is Brian Devine and we’re going to be talking about something a little bit different today. Because, we’re going to talk about the unique factor.

Basically, what it is that makes one dental practice or one orthodontic practice or even one chiropractic practice more successful than another. The reason that I decided to talk about this today is I was just working with a colleague. A friend who is also a business owner and we’re talking about some ways that we can work together. I can help him, he can help me vice versa. The goals that he’s setting are incredible. In fact, to the point where he’s looking to create a billion dollars in sales. I love having the opportunity to work with me like that.

Shift your team energy to a positive one and it'll attract more patients.What occurred to me is that when we work with dental offices, orthodontic offices, chiropractic offices, I have a unique insight. I have actually worked with or been inside of about 500, actually more than 500 different orthodontic and dental practices chiropractor, not as many but dental practices, orthodontic practices, about 500. Over that time, there is something that I kept seeing as a trend. When I would see the ones that were struggling and the ones that were just wildly successful. It was something that happened over and over again.

It didn’t matter how great your marketing was because I would love to believe that. I am the answer to all your problems. I can make a wildly successful practice just because of our marketing. Unfortunately, it’s not. That’s not the only piece. That’s not enough.

We need more than just great marketing. It’s not having this beautiful practice that, believe me, I’ve seen some really amazing gorgeous practices. It really relied on one thing. It was the way that the doctor would interact, with not only the staff, the team, but with the patients. It was pervasive.

When I talk about this, what I mean is that the doctors were fun they came into work to have fun to engage with people so that the staff was having a good time. The patients were feeling good and comforted. I mean it was just without a doubt that was the single most common trend that I saw. The thread of the doctor being the driving force of fun and I know it sounds like that can’t possibly be it. No, it’s not everything.

When we would see an office that had great marketing, a beautiful practice everything was lined up but they were still struggling. There was a piece missing and it was that the doctor just wasn’t really having fun anymore. So, find a way to get back to that because we saw offices that the marketing was just okay and they didn’t really need a whole lot from us. The practice was really old. In other words, it didn’t match up even close to what some of these new practices are doing but they were busy and people were having fun and there was this energy there and to think that the way that you interact with your patients, with your team doesn’t affect that is a mistake. Again, after seeing so many offices and seeing this happen over and over again where even in an area that was depressed, where they weren’t, that just things were slow. There’s that one office that’s not slow. That’s just really doing well and it’s because of the energy of what that doctor brings to the office.

Now, in some cases not as many but there were cases where there was an office manager, a treatment coordinator, someone in the practice who had that ability, who was just so vibrant, so engaging that it made up for the doctor who maybe wasn’t.

So, if you’re that doctor who just, you know, you just want to get to work, do what you’re great at and then go home and that’s really what you’re there for. Find somebody to hire. Put them in front of your patients. Get them involved in the team. So, that you can have that energy. It will be amazing what changes in your practice.

I don’t even know how to begin to talk about it.But, it absolutely does happen and when you shift that energy in the practice, everything starts to change. The marketing that we do for you is more effective and I hate to admit it. It really is true because you’re letting all that in and it sounds kind of woohoo and all that stuff just take my word for it. Maybe even just every morning. Try this. This is actually really fun exercise.

I got this from Mark Joyner. He’s a brilliant marketer so if you ever want to look him up, he’s fantastic. But, what he suggested was that when you wake up in the morning, smile. Force it. Even if you don’t feel good. You’re tired. You can’t believe that your alarms going off. Force yourself to smile. Just start with that. Just a big fake smile and it will actually change your day.

Tell me if you do this and it doesn’t change your day after, I say, after about a week. Maybe two weeks of doing it you will see a difference. The other thing is find some things to be grateful for. So, if you’re happy, things aren’t going well, the act of searching in your mind for things to be grateful for five, three every morning. Just find three and it could be as as simple as you know. Woke up on the right side of the dirt today.

But, that’s what I want you to do. Just do that little exercise and you will see a change. I hope you take advantage of this. This is one of those things that it’s been so clear in just the last few years when we start to really look at what was making something work perfectly in one office and we were struggling to get it to work in another office and it came down to that one thing. It was about the energy that either the doctor or one of the staff would bring to the practice.

Now, I’ll throw this out there too. If you have got a staff member that is just sort of the downer and just everything is terrible and is always complaining, you got to get rid of them or put them in the lab. Maybe, if you have a lab where you can make sure they never see anybody or talk to anybody that’s where they belong. But, you can’t put them in front of a patient ever. That is costing you a fortune.

Alright! I think that’s it. Let me know what your thoughts are, your questions, how do you feel about this? Do you think I’m crazy? I want to hear it. So, thanks again for your time today. I look forward to seeing you next time on Top Line Live at Five! That’s it for me! Bye!

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